Willie007 63

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

First off an unfortunate message; if you are here to just extract money from guys then am not interested, unfortunately I have found that a very large portion of the women on here are 'Free Loaders' trying to sell naked photo's of themselves in return for money, am not interested in playing those games so please move on. Also if you have a fake photo on your profile (yes have experienced this) then you will be found out and believe me it won't end well. Now onto what I am really here for Am a retired Electrical Engineer looking for someone to settle down with a woman, a woman who will be my soal mate, my confidant my and my lover, someone who I can amicably discuss both minor and major decisions with, a woman who is as relaxed in jeans or a bikini as being dressed up for a nite out, someone who loves to snuggle down in the evening with a glass of wine and loves hugs and kisses, she must be passionate both in bed and out and must enjoy sex. She must have a great sense of humor, be adventurous, a lover of the sea and the beach, but most of all am looking for a partner NOT a compliant woman to be my housekeeper Have been to the Philippines many times and love the friendly people, relaxed life style and the beautiful sexy women, would now like to meet one to perhaps settle down with. When I go to the Philippines I usually initially go to Cebu City and from there travel to remote islands or some resort hence I would prefer to meet someone who lives in Cebu however if you don't live in Cebu and feel you like what I have written above then please drop me a msg, I will always respond

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