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My name is John

I am only here still because I want to have an option to communicate with the woman I have found - Rosalina. She is my love - and we enjoy having the option to come to this website to chat. Good luck to all of you!

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If you’re a single guy wanting to meet Filipino women or you are a filipina girl looking for a loving man to fulfil your dreams, we want to help you connect.

Asian Women in the Philippines

Ahh the Philippines!

This beautiful country has long been the destination for international single guys looking for their ideal pinay lady.

beauty of filipino women

As you can see, filipino women bring beauty, youth and a cultural dedication for being a great Asian girlfriend (or wife which is their hope). We have thousands of real single matches for you to browse and contact with.

Gone are the days of having to wander in and out of bars and clubs.

Filipino women will be interested in you & love you, despite your age.

You just need to start your search and find compatibility with the right girl. This can take a little time. Don't rush things like you might be used to, back home. We have huge listings of pinay women, wherever you might be thinking to holiday and visit.

Filipino Dating Start Here

Main destinations for first time travelers are Manilla or Cebu.

We've plenty of likely filipino partners here but you might like more exotic locations such as Quezon City, Caloocan, Davao City, Zamboanga, Antipolo, Pasig, Taguig, Cagayan de Oro.

The girls here are gorgeous. They're also less travelled which means more opportunity and more girls, for you to choose from.

Join for free, add some clear photos of yourself and get started today.

Being successful with online meeting = don't do anything you wouldn't normally do if you physically walk into a bar or club.

What's So Good About Filipina Girls Anyway?

Most traveling foreign guys want to start a friendship with a South-East Asian woman.

The Philippines has been a well travelled location for decades, particularly popular with Americans and Australian guys, during those years.

The popularity is now global.

Do check out a recent blog post on a friendship with a filipino woman but here's a breakdown:

  • A central core of filipino culture is family.
    • Any girl you contact in the Philippines will be young, beautiful, feminine AND family oriented.
    • If you're a single dad or looking to start a family, these ladies are spot-on for you.
  • You won't find Western gender confusion in South-East Asia thankfully
    • The culture in the Philippines is traditional as far as men and women go.
    • Filipinas want and expect guys to provide relationship security as well as taking the lead
  • New Adventures await you
    • You're in for the time of your life if this is your first time with a filipina women

Why Do Filipino Women like International Guys?

Asian countries have their own set of problems when it comes to relationships.

In the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia, men dominate their girls and they can be very tough. Women there eventually wonder if guys from other cultures will treat them differently?

Thousands of Americans settled in the Philippines after World War 2. With more US Christian missionaries also taking part, the Philippines has a high English speaking population. This English influence makes for an ideal holiday destination for single guys looking to experience Asian / Filipino culture. There is an estimated 600,000 US citizens living in the Philippines.

What's the Why?

  • It's a status symbol to a girls' friends having a boyfriend from a foreign country.
  • Being able to up their game in the English language also helps pinay girls earn higher salaries, when they have better fluency.
  • Boyfriends or relationship partners from outside the Philippines allow for a better quality of life, for these girls.
  • With a filipino based family culture, being able to better provide for any offspring is high on their list.
  • Having a foreigner friend opens up a whole other dimension for filipinos to travel. International travel is expensive, let alone living in another country.
    • You will see many profile descriptions explaining many of girls here are very open to living with you in your country. Getting a fresh start in life and hopefully a solid relationship.

The Philippines is a poor country.

It continues to struggle with natural disasters that impact it's citizens.

Filipina girls are simply looking for a better way of life. Online sites provides an easy and quick solution to find single guys.

What's our Advantage for You?

  • Unlike other 'Cupid-like' dating websites, scammers are virtually unknown with us.
    • We're continually developing and evolving our proprietary anti-scammer technologies
    • We also tell you if one ever contacts you to keep you safe from harm
  • Pre-canned quick messages while you browse profiles
    • See someone you like when browsing the Dating lists? Send them a Like or Quick Message and keep browsing.
    • This is a dating innovation to save you time.
  • No confusion whatever device you use. Use a any smartphone, tablet or desktop browser and the experience is the same. NO need for confusing dating apps.


Why is PinayRomances the Best Filipino Dating Site?

  • 100% Advertisement Free
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  • Messaging is easy
  • Anti-Scammer Protection that beats ANY other dating site
  • Exclusive Direct Admin support
  • Preloaded messages to send
  • 23 language options

How can I meet girls in Philippines?

  • Join a good dating website like ours first
  • Filipino women are joining to meet you too
  • Safeguard yourself and do messaging online first
  • Move to Whatsapp or Viber when you feel comfortable
  • Get to know here with video calls

Tips for Better Success with Filipino Women

  • Add clear good 'head shot' photos (your success skyrockets when you add them)
  • Start with a simple message
    • we have many messaging templates designed just for this.
    • You just need to click the Send button - no typing required.
  • Don't start with talking about sex (you'll get blocked by many girls)
  • Don't assume all girls in the Philippines are prostitutes and whores
  • Don't assume filipinos understand, comprehend or speak good english (take it slow and you'll be ok)
  • Don't think they're going to jump at your first message though.
    • You aren't the only guy looking.
    • There's other guys looking at the same women.

Remember, dating agencies in the Philippines can only offer you a small number of girls for introduction. We offer you many more.

There's multi-language options including Tagalog language, making your experience incredibly easy.

We hope you will enjoy the site.

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