About The People at PinayRomances.com

Our mission is to create a safe and secure meeting place between Filipino women and Western men who want the joys of life that each other can give.

That is a pretty basic mission statement with most meeting and dating sites.

Stephane and Martin the founders, are also more in touch with giving back to the community.

Here's what we are going to do, for those that decide to support PinayRomances.com with a paid membership level.

Yes, the majority of PinayRomances.com will always be free too.

Feeding Children in the Philippines

We have strong ties to the Philippines

  • We love the country deeply
  • Happy westerners living with the beautiful people of the Philippines

Providing meals to filipino children through dating memberships

Our give back to the community is this:

  • Provide 15 meals to Children - for every 60 day membership
  • Provide 25 meals to Children - for every 180 day membership

We are using the well established micro-transaction charity conduit of B1G1 which both founders have been associated with since 2007.

100% Giving Feeds Filipino Kids

100% of all our giving gets to feeding kids in the Philippines - that is powerful stuff and we are incredibly humbled you have chosen Pinay Romances, for your support and dating platform.

Now really make an impact in your own Filipino Dating experience and through what you would normally do on another site, make significant differences in the lives and growth of Filipino children.

Let us do this thing!

Start Now!

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