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Filipino Girls - Date Smarter Using 10 Best Statistics

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Updated: April 11, 2022
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It pays to be aware of your surroundings, which is never more true than when you're a single man traveling alone.

Using the right information provides better relationships and personal protection.

One-third of the Philippine population is under the age of 15 years. Filipinos love family culture. Filipino women are well-educated in child-rearing. 9% of Filipino women age 15-19 have already begun childbearing. Use care since only 4% of Filipino women have never been tested for HIV.

But let's show you an example where you can make informed decisions from statistics.

Statistics Example:-

First-time single Philippines mothers consist of Filipino girls in the 17 to 19 years old age bracket. More than half of the children born every year in the Philippines are illegitimate. The percentage of illegitimate children is rising by 2% per year.

Between 2010 and 2014, 54% of all pregnancies in the Philippines (1.9 million pregnancies) were unintended.

What conclusions can you make from this one statistic?:-

  • Young Filipina women are very sexually active.
  • Local men are indifferent to taking care of the young Pinay girl's pregnancy situation.
  • Contraception is an after-thought.
  • Young Filipinas will be seeking stability, security, and financial support for their young family.

How should you use this one statistic?

  • Young Pinay girls are definitely on your dating menu.
  • Always insist on using a condom.
  • Double-check a girl's family situation. You don't need any local Filipino ex-boyfriends causing problems.
  • You can use her financial needs as a bargaining chip to leverage a holiday girlfriend. Or you may want a ready-made family for a longer-term relationship with a sexually agile young Filipina.
Two young Filipina women dancing.
How old are these young Pinay girls? Take care of yourself.

Population Statistics (Census 2010)

Age groupMaleFemaleTotal%
0 - 45,293,2114,940,57310,233,78411.08
5 - 95,332,2874,989,25610,321,54311.18
10 - 145,237,0064,942,60410,179,61011.02
15 - 194,931,5064,773,8489,705,35410.51
20 - 244,256,9994,151,6578,408,6569.11
25 - 293,746,3113,677,4127,423,7238.04
30 - 343,443,5823,329,3476,772,9297.34
35 - 393,057,3232,956,6306,013,9536.51
40 - 442,778,6612,692,9275,471,5885.93
45 - 492,367,8092,312,8404,680,6495.07
50 - 541,953,9521,940,8983,894,8504.22
55 - 591,475,8611,511,2872,987,1483.24
60 - 641,064,1161,164,2832,228,3992.41
65 - 69680,227817,3301,497,5571.62
70 - 74492,152650,4101,142,5621.24
75 - 79286,079421,036707,1150.77
80 - 84145,937248,251394,1880.43
85 - 8964,125124,386188,5110.2
90 - 9419,59840,50460,1020.07
95 - 995,68412,41518,0990.02

Population statistics reveal some interesting figures concerning Filipino women.

The age of consent in most Western countries is 18 years old. In the Philippines, the age of consent is 12 years old and has been this way since 1930. However, a government congress bill will soon raise the legal sex age to 16 years of age.

There are approximately 5,335,610 females in the Philippines between the ages of 12 and 17 who are of legal sexual age; a disturbing number of young children, by Western thinking.

It Is Better To Stay Away From Underage Filipino Girls

There are 18,717,512 Pinay women between 18 and 44 years of age in the Philippines.

This number is more than enough available talent for any visiting single foreign guy. Keep yourself safe, date sensibly, and keep within an acceptable dating age range.

If you have any doubts whatsoever, please ask the girl for her proof of identification.

Foreigners Are Rare To See

As of the 2010 census, there are a staggering 92 billion Filipinos in the country.

But only 177,365 immigrants and ex-pats live in the Philippines, from the same census, with Americans representing the largest number of 29,972.

Being a tourist (or looking to live permanently in the Philippines), you will be in the lowest minority. This low number makes you highly desirable amongst the local population and attractive to the local Filipinas.

A young Filipina woman waiting.
She finds you more attractive than you find her.

81% Roman Catholics But Filipinas Are Naughty

Roman Catholic, including Catholic Charismatic80.5874211896
Iglesia Ni Cristo2.452251941
Seventh-day Adventist0.74681216

You would be wrong thinking strongly religious Catholic girls don't love to 'bang for the boys.'

You need to respect and accept the strong beliefs held widely amongst the Filipino people.

Respect and acceptance are desirable qualities if you want to get good girls who will be very naughty in the bedroom.

Since eighteen percent of Filipino women begin sexual activity before their 18th birthday, religion doesn't have any bearing on a women's sexual appetite and urges.

Filipinos Love Family Culture

The typical Filipino household consists of an average of 4.2 people.

Pinay girls you'll contact, and eventually, dating will expect you to be family orientated. She'll want to introduce you to her parents and siblings.

With one-third of the Philippine population under the age of 15, Filipino women are well-versed in child-raising, be it their child or a sibling. The ability to raise a child is good news if you're looking to the Philippines to start your own family.

The Best of Local Food & Dating

50% of land in the Philippines is agricultural.

The farming, fisheries, livestock, and forestry industries employ 39.8 percent of the labor force and contribute 20 percent of the Philippines' GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

You will experience a vast and diverse array of locally grown foods when traveling the Philippines.

Filipinas are proud women. When you are with local girls, always insist on eating local food when available and on the menu.

Why should you only eat and support the locals?

Your Pinay girlfriend will gain instant respect for your beliefs. She will connect with you on a better and more intimate level. Those are bonus points for you.

Dating, Relationships, and Sex in the Philippines

You will be fortunate to be a foreigner in the Philippines as the traditional Filipino courtship takes a subdued and indirect approach.

Filipino girls you'll meet on our dating site will adopt a more Western approach to hooking up and getting together.

The Filipino girls' parents view you as affluent and take a back seat and allow the dating situation to unfold.

Contraception Use Is Low in the Philippines

Contraception classes being taught to Filipino girls.
She finds you more attractive than you find her.

Among sexually active Filipino unmarried women aged 15- 49, 17% use a modern family planning method, and 15% use a traditional approach.

The most popular contraceptive methods among sexually active unmarried women are withdrawal (14%), the pill (11%), and male condom (3%).

Huh, really? Is withdrawal still considered a viable form of contraception?

Please take contraception seriously when you're traveling. It is no laughing matter to impregnate the local girls and then leave the country with the girl holding the baby.

It is common for South-East Asian women to become pregnant - thus trapping the man into a relationship; and providing her financial support.

Don't be that guy!

89% of Filipino households own a mobile phone, but only 22% of households own a computer.

Online dating remains the most popular form for a Filipino woman to find a foreign man. High mobile phone ownership allows Philippines women easy access to online dating sites.

Pinay Girls Want Foreigners For Addition Financial Support

It is not easy to raise a family.

Filipino women with no schooling have an average of 4.6 children, compared to 2.0 children for women with a college education.

What's the take-away from this single statistic?

  • Lower educated Filipino girls are more likely to engage in unprotected sex.
    • These women are more sexually active, with less awareness of the consequences.
    • Fertility is highest in Zamboanga Peninsula (3.6 children) and Soccsksargen (3.4 children)
  • Be careful Filipino girls aren't contacting you merely as a means to provide financial family assistance.
  • If you're looking to start a big family, refine your online search to the poorer Philippines provinces and low educated Filipino girls.

Prostitution in the Philippines is Rampant

Filipina prostitutes waiting for customers.
Enjoy prostitution in the Philippines if that is what you are looking for.

Women face an uphill battle against a Filipino patriarchal society. Females earn half as much as men do at work. In more impoverished families, girls give up their education, favoring their brothers.

An estimated 800,000 prostitutes are living and working in the Philippines. Half of them are underage.

The Philippines sex industry is the fourth largest contributor to the country's gross national product.

Head to Davao's infamous red-light district to witness the razzmatazz and plethora of prostitute high-heels.

The Philippines Does Not Recognise Same-Sex Couples

Generally, Filipino society tolerates gays and lesbians, but discrimination remains.

Male gays in the Philippines are known as 'bakla,' and Filipino lesbians are known as 'alfa.'

The Philippines ranked as the 10th most gay-friendly nation covering 34 countries in a 2020 global survey conducted by the Pew Research Center.

Eleven percent of sexually active Filipino girls (between the ages of 15 and 24) have had sex with someone of the same sex.

Up to 80% of young Filipino girls hold the view that society should accept homosexuality.

Are you looking online for a male-to-male relationship or interested in Filipino ladyboys? If you are, these statistics will reassure you that the Philippines is a 'must stop shop' for a worry-free holiday destination.

HIV / AIDS Knowledge Is Still a Danger in the Philippines

Only 62% of Filipino women know that using condoms will lower their HIV risk. Along with sex with one monogamous, uninfected partner.

Misconceptions (and a lack of knowledge) about HIV transmission are still common in the Philippines.

Only 4% of Filipino women have ever been tested for HIV and received their results. Plus, 95% of Filipino women have never had an HIV test.

You can see where I'm going here with rampant prostitution and the predominance for unprotected sex (amongst low educated girls).

Condoms are not only essential but a necessity when you're abroad in the Philippines.

Plus, if you're looking for a long term relationship, you should have your Pinay girl tested for HIV. Test yourself with her - give her additional confidence in why the testing is vital.


The right statistical information will help you hone your search criteria in finding the right lover, new friend, or Filipina holiday girlfriend.

Stay safe and protect yourself (and her) since HIV and sexual disease information is limited.

You will have more fun in the Philippines with factual information. Choose wisely and date smarter.


What are the essential statistics about the Philippines?

  • One-third of the Philippine population is under age 15
  • 89% of Filipino households own a mobile phone
  • 22% of households own a computer
  • 36% of households own a motorcycle or scooter

What sexual statistics about Filipino women should I know?

  • 9% of Filipino women age 15-19 have begun childbearing
  • Young Filipinas from Davao are most likely to be mothers or pregnant (18% have begun childbearing)
  • The most popular contraceptive methods among sexually active unmarried women are withdrawal (14%), the pill (11%), and male condom (3%)
  • Eighteen percent of Filipino women begin sexual activity before age 18

Last updated: April 11, 2022

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