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How To Impress & Talk to a Filipino Woman?

Martin Cooney
February 18, 2020 • 14 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
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A good friend traveling soon to the Philippines called me worried he was going to have trouble even getting to meeting a pinay girl, let alone communicating with her. Not every guy is a charismatic power talker. Most guys are basically shy when it comes to women. Especially a filipino woman who you have nothing in common with. What are the simplest ways you can improve to not only talk to them but to impress a filipino woman?

This is a common problem for many guys. Thankfully, impressing a pinay girl is easier than you might think. The majority of pinoy men treat the girls poorly. Upping your game in the areas of listening to her, asking basic questions and letting her talk as well as dress to impress gets you 80% of the way there already.

Watch Your Language

We talk so much about mutual respect here. The reason for this is most foreign men act like they've just crawled out of bar when they start messaging filipino women.

It's a mix of false bravado and not giving any thought to what they can talk about.

So many guys immediately and mistakenly jump into the sex talk.

I can't stress enough just how much of a turn-off this is to all women, no matter where they live in the world.

But especially filipino women.

These girls come to our dating site searching for a good honest foreign guy who'll treat them with a level of respect.

They are not wanting to be treated the same as they get from the local guys.

Let's all say out loud: "I will not talk about sex. I will not use bad or rude language when I message or speak to filipino women".

Learn Some Language

Impress by learning some Tagalog
Impress the pinay girl by learning some Tagalog

Learn a few Tagalog sentences like Kamusta Ka? (How are you), Ingat (Take care) or Magandang umaga (Good morning).

Even better is installing any number of free language learning apps to your smartphone. Do this a month or so before you're expected to land in the Philippines.

Just do a Google search for 'Learn Tagalog Filipino Free' and start expanding your understanding of their native language. Learn as basic or as much as you feel comfortable with.

While those first 3 basic sentences are a start, surprising any potential filipina girlfriend with even more vocabulary will give her a beaming smile.

After she's pleasantly surprised, you have the ideal opportunity to respectfully ask her to help you with some of the more difficult words that you've encountered.

She will not miss this chance to spend more time with you which is what you want to happen. Get it?

A Compliment Goes a Long Way

You can never give someone enough compliments. Most people rarely get any. That goes double for filipino women, sadly.

Most of these girls work hard for their money. Many use this money to not only support themselves but also their families. Unemployment is high in the Philippines.

Filipino women are low on the pecking order.

Complimenting her on real areas will elevate you, in her eyes. She'll start seeing you as the 'Knight in Shining Armour'.

Don't over-complicate it either.

Keep them simple so you can gauge her reactions to whether you're being perceived as genuine or not. You can change things as you go.

You can start with:-

  • how cute her laugh is
  • wow, you've got gorgeous hair. "How do you keep your hair looking so beautiful?"
  • if she cracks a joke, tell her she makes you feel good inside
  • she'll undoubtedly cook you a meal at some stage since all filipino women love to eat.
    • What are you going to do?
    • yes, that's right, pay her a real compliment on how delicious the food is and she's such a skilled cook.

Don't go overboard though! Keep it humble, gentle and real.

Dress For Success

Dress simple, smart and casual to impress
Dress simple, smart and casual to impress the girl. It is not expensive either

Filipinos are impressed by someone who values education and has confidence in themselves.

The first step in advertising yourself when you're out and about is dressing for success.

We're not talking parading yourself around in the heat of the Philippines sun dressed in an Armani business suit.

What we do want you to avoid is getting around town in sloppy sweatpants, singlet and grubby sandals.

You need to up the ante.

There are many other foreign guys who you are competing with.

Equip yourself with cool smart casual gear.

Look the part.

Play the part.

Be the man every filipino girl is looking at and wants.

Smell Good

Men sweat and smell bad. There I said it!

Women perspire and smell delicious.

The Philippines is a hot country, like much of South East Asia.

Once you're geared up with your smart casual outfit/s, you want to make sure you aren't ending up with sweat stains. Those just look terrible, in anyone's eyes.

Know your limits with the heat.

Use a good underarm deodorizer and spray some subtle cologne when you venture out to meet your pinay girl.

She wants to be near you when you're both together. Make it a pleasant experience for her nose.

Can You Cook?

Your attractiveness with a pinay girl will skyrocket to new heights if you have even the slightest cooking skills.

Filipinos love to eat.

They love to try new foods too.

It never hurts to try to learn a new skill in life. If you can toast bread then you're capable of learning to cook simple Filipino cuisine.

Here's a few great and simple filipino meals anyone can quickly prepare to impress your girl:


Impress a filipina women with a dish of Pancit
Impress a filipina women with this dish of Pancit

Pancit is simply filipino noodles that's made with variations of meat and vegetables.

They are noodle dishes and usually fried noodles.

As a side note, noodles were introduced into the Philippines early on by Chinese settlers in the archipelago.

Over the centuries, noodles have been integrated into local cuisine.

Since there are numerous variants and types, you can experiment with your own ingredient combinations too - that's something else to impress a filipina girl with :)

Here's an easy and quick recipe for Pancit over at All recipes that will get you started. There's only 9 ingredients, serves 6 people and will only take you around 40 minutes from start to finish.

Filipino Spaghetti

Filipino spaghetti or sweet spaghetti
Now that Filipino spaghetti or sweet spaghetti looks damn delicious

Some say you can't have a Filipino party without Filipino spaghetti.

And everyone around the world loves a good tasty bowl of the stuff. You don't need to be Italian these days.

So it's got to be popular and likely to be an extra favourite for any filipino woman when you add your own special western zing into the mix.

It's a little more complicated than Pancit and you might need to go hunting for the Banana Ketchup. Simply another way to impress your pinay woman that you've made an extra effort to learn more about her culture.

This handy recipe for Filipino Spaghetti will give you an idea what you're up for. It makes up to 12 servings so more than enough for a few meals too.


Filipino Pork Sinigang
Filipino Pork Sinigang is yet another tasty dish from the Philippines

Sinigang usually consists of pork, white radish, greens, and other specific ingredients.

If you've ever been to Thailand, it's has similarities to Thai Tom Yum soups. It's a tasty mix of vegetables and pork.

A bit more cooking time so this might be your 3rd dish to work up to. Check out this easy-to-follow recipe if you'd like to give it a try.

There is so much more to Filipino food and cuisine though. The above simple dishes are just to get your started.

When you're chatting to your girl/s, this is a great conversation starter - since they love to cook and love to eat.

Find out more about their culinary delights and do a bit of research of your own.

Be prepared to try new foods in a new country.

Don't stick to food from your home country - you'll come across as just another tourist who isn't interested in the Philippines or it's people.

Don't be a stereotype.

Impress filipino women with some knowledge of their foods.

Get to Know Her Family

You'll quickly discover that Filipino girls value their families more than anything else in the world. Filipinos are a very family based people.

You'll impress her by talking about your family as well as hers.

Think of it this way - by making connections with and having interest in her family, you're unconsciously building subtle bonds with her.

Most men focus entirely on the filipino woman and fail to understand her family is important to her life..

Integrating your interest to involve her family impresses upon the girl that there's more than just 1 thing on your mind.

Be Polite & Don't Rush

Asian cultures are all steeped in being respectful to others.

Part of respect is also being polite and not appearing to rush another person.

You being polite, in general, impresses on the girl that you also have a gentle nature.

And that's important.

Many filipina girls often complain of the harsh nature they receive from Filipino men. You don't want to be the same as them.

Most women don't like being rushed. It's okay to express some concern if you're running late for dinner or something similar.

It could also be time to reframe your thinking to adopt a more casual and easy-going nature.

Adopting the cultural respect of the Philippines will most certainly impress your girl.

Humour Goes a Long Way

Use some Arnold Schwarznegger humour
Use some Arnold Schwarznegger humour to impress your filipino girlfriend

Not everyone can be a Jerry Seinfeld, cracking jokes every other minute. It's a natural skill few of us possess. If you're not a standup comedian, forcing jokes just comes off as fake.

Subtle humour is far easier to understand and add into everyday use. It holds instant attraction to women all over the world, including impressing a Philippines woman.

Most friendly people love to smile. Being genuine during the encounter gives you this attraction. You become someone that other people (especially your filipino girlfriend) want to be with. That's what you want when you are in the Philippines.

As an example, most Asian women including filipinas love action movies. Which is great since most guys prefer them to soapy love stories. Double bonus points to South East Asian women, if you ask me.

One of my favorite action actors, with a string of funny one-liners, is the big man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I was with one filipino girl and she asked whether I'd like to go to eat filipino food and this one particular place she liked. I answered in a deep Arnie voice of 'Let's Do It, let's do it now'. It was an instant giggle from her as she pulled me close to her and off we went.

From then on, 'Do It' was something we both said especially when we heard it said in movies and we'd both smile widely. Subtle humour.

Others I've used from him are:

  • ‘Hasta la vista, baby’
  • ‘Come with me if you want to live’ - if you decide to go somewhere with her, for example
  • ‘I’ll be back’

It all depends on the situation, obviously. Be one-liners, done in character voice, always seems to be funny to girls.

Try this tip out for yourself. Practice first with some friends til you get them right.

Hide the Shyness & Pretend

We're all a little shy when it comes to trying out new things.

But you also need to remember that while you're chatting online, it's basically anonymous.

And when you do get to travel to the Philippines to meet up with some filipino women, no-one in the entire country is likely to know who you are or that you even exist.

You can be as crazy and adventurous as you care to be. It's just you, your pinay girlfriend and maybe some GoPro memories. Capture the fun and frivolity so you can have a good laugh.

So what's one thing filipinos love to do, to let their hair down and one you're probably shit-scared to do?

Rock the Karaoke!

Yep, your girl will be very impressed if you suggest trying it with her (and maybe some of her friends).

Pro Tip: Karaoke is better and you'll be less shy if there's a group of you. You won't feel as isolated and can see that there are so many more people with crappy voices than just you lol.

Both Filipino men and women find karaoke to also be romantic.

There will be some action for you afterwards.

Share Your Ambitions & Goals

The majority of filipinos are hard workers.

They value seeing this trait in others.

As a foreigner, you'll obviously be scrutinized by any filipino woman that you're hooking with. They will be eyeing you up and down as to the qualities you have that aligns with theirs and their culture.

Share what your work ambitions are with her / them.

Do you have future work goals?

Do those goals include living and working in the Philippines?

If they do, you'll get extra points with her - all women including filipina girls are looking for a stable life and security.

That's just how women are wired, from a millennia of evolution.

Impress a filipino woman with your ambitions, skills, education and future goals. You'll be glad you did.

Stay Humble

Be Humble image
Remaining humble will always impress your filipina girl. Do it.

Sound advice when traveling to any new country - Be nice and humble to everyone.

It is important that you stay nice all the time if you want to impress a Pinay girl.

The majority of Philippines people are polite and respectful to others.

Displaying a temper is a big no-no. It will be a big turn-off for her!

Life in the Philippines is generally a much slower pace than you are probably accustomed to.

Most live and work in much poorer conditions than first world countries.

Filipinos are very family orientated.

They live a simple lifestyle yet are blessed with bountiful enjoyment of life.

This all leads to being a humble people. They're grateful for what they have and are grateful for a better future if they can grasp it.

Don't :-

  • Brag about better conditions and opportunities
    • they're already fully aware
  • 'lord it over' them how much better you are than them
    • That's entirely disrespect to anyone
  • Be over-confident you can do things better.
    • Self-confidence is a good trait. Over-confidence isn't

Do :-

  • Offer snippets of guidance if you're asked
  • Appreciate what you're given and be grateful
    • Remember to say 'Thank You'
  • Stay calm and level-headed
    • There will be situations that you won't understand. Impress the girl with a calm demeanor.

Some filipina girls will just date you because of your status and money but many value commitment, loyalty, love, respect and honesty.

While you're in the process of impressing a particular pinay, also be on the lookout that she is impressed by the right things. You don't want to be impressing a gold-digging filipino woman.

What you really want (and need) is to find a fun-loving, happy and loyal woman.


What should you NOT say to a filipino woman?

  • Avoid saying something in a blunt fashion.
  • Opt for subtle and gentle speech and tones.
  • Do not criticize 'Filipino pride'.
  • Don't ask if they eat their pets.
  • Don't stereotype them or anyone else in the Philippines.

How do you get a filipino girl to like you?

  • Listen to them and allow their free expression.
  • Be honest, always.
  • Learn to give her realistic and true compliments.
  • Smell good for her.
  • Get to know her family and treat them as friends.

How do you win the heart of a filipino woman?

  • Small romantic actions and gestures will always melt a Pinay girls' heart.
  • Respect her beliefs
  • Don't criticize her. Instead, teach her how you do certain things and learn how she prefers others.
  • All Filipino women love to eat. Cook something for her.

Are filipina girls jealous?

  • Filipino women are polite and very respectful people BUT they're also VERY jealous.
  • You will certainly break their heart if you are caught looking at other women.


All these tips are relatively easy to implement too. OK, maybe the cooking will require some of you to up your game lol.

All filipino women have other foreigner men eyeing them over.

Your job is to come out the winner and get the pinay girl/s that you want.

To do that, you've got to think and act differently.

Up your game and learn to impress.

Last updated: November 02, 2021

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