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Online Filipino Dating Secrets - From 0 To Hero

Martin Cooney
March 24, 2021 • 16 min read • Click for comments
Updated: April 08, 2022
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Quote: Never be afraid to start over; it's a new chance to rebuild what you want. You're fortunate to get a second chance.

  • Malika E Nura

Finding a new Filipino woman can be significantly more straightforward than you might have imagined. It all starts with getting online with a Filipino dating site.

We will provide you with opportunities to connect with some of the most beautiful and amazing women in the Philippines.

What are the most significant areas to pay attention to with an online Filipino dating site?

Join a respected Filipino dating site to provide you with a quality user experience. Once joined, take your time in completing your online profile. Pay particular attention to quality photos as well as a short, truthful but concise profile description. Online messaging must follow respect and align with your dating goals.

Deciding to start over with a devoted Filipino woman is the first step to something extraordinary. A Filipinas' qualities are sought after by many discerning men, which is why you need to follow several proven ground-rules to succeed.

1. Join a Quality Filipino Dating Site

You will know instantly whether a Filipino dating website has quality - they will be using the latest web technologies. The site will invest in itself to provide you with a quality user experience.

You need a dating web partner you can trust, yes?

We've been providing South-East Asian dating opportunities to foreign tourists and ex-pats since 2013. Our infrastructure is in ongoing development to provide you with remarkable speed, security, and the best Filipino girls you'll find anywhere on the Internet.

The Goal - Don't settle for less - join us for the best!

2. Complete Your Profile

Joining our site is the easy part as it only takes a few seconds.

Completing your dating profile is essential and vital to improve your dating opportunities.

You wouldn't apply for a job without a complete resume, would you? Think of your online dating profile with the same mindset.

How does a completed dating profile help you?

The whole idea of a Filipino dating site is to contact Filipino women who match your ideal criteria. You want these Philippines girls to search you out since they are looking for a good guy like you.

Philippines women will have broader criteria than you, in most cases. Their basics are love and security.

Photo of Anonymous

You Must Get Your Photos Sorted Out

Your profile photos are the first area another member will view when determining whether you suit her requirements.

Having no photos at all severely drops your success rate. You essentially are a faceless entity floating on the Internet. Plus, people initially think you may have something to hide.

Men and women judge another person within seconds of seeing them. Sadly, this is how human beings are physiologically wired.

The photos that you add aim to present yourself in as best a light as possible. But without coming across as egotistical or better than the other person. Yes, it's a balancing act, but you should reference this handy guide on 'faking it until you make it.'

Guidelines to recommended profile profiles are:-

  • All photos must be in-focus and of good quality
  • You should include two 'head shot' photos and clearly show your eyes
    • Ideally, your eyes should be looking at the other person since this action makes a connection
  • Your additional photographs can include some travel photos and, again, show yourself involved in the activity

Avoid these typical profile photo mistakes:-

  • Don't show your habits such as smoking or alcohol consumption.
    • These are turn-offs. Introduce your addictions at a later stage once you've established rapport
  • Avoid photos with you laying in bed as if you've just woken up.
    • There is little need to display an unshaven, sleepy-eyed guy.
    • Most times, these photos also depict the wrong angle, so you come across as having an inflated fat chin area.
  • People don't appreciate blurry photos as you can't see anything of interest.

A Solid Profile Description Is Important

After you've got the visuals sorted, the next phase is the words that people will read.

Please remember many Filipino women speak English at a low level even though English is the second language in the Philippines.

Formatting your profile description in a dot-point format is a sensible approach. Short single information lines are easy to copy and paste into an online translator such as Google Translate.

You must avoid writing a long-winded rant about you and your exploits. You don't want to come across as pompous. Plus, having to read a few hundred words in a Filipino dating profile turns people off - they'll quickly browse the next guy.

Ideally, you'll be writing a short, concise paragraph that promotes yourself as a good guy that a Philippines woman would love to get to know more.

Complete the Matching Criteria Starts The Refining Process

All Filipino dating sites provide you a means to be selective about who you'll match.

It's a solid approach to refine the age range for the women you want to meet. You have a myriad of selection criteria at your disposal too.

But a word of warning is to be careful how restrictive you get when starting:-

  • When starting, have a wide age range or none at all. Some men think they want a Filipino woman near their age. It turns out most ex-pats eventually settle on a much younger Filipino girl. Younger girls have less emotional baggage and are more obliging in every way imaginable.
  • If you're a tourist looking for a good time, does it matter to you if the girl is an occasional smoker or drinker?
  • Use selection criteria sparingly and only after you've started with a broad approach.

The Goal - Set yourself up for success. Start with a wide net and refine slowly is the best option.

3. Before You Start Messaging, Think About These Things

No guy walks into a bar without first thinking about who he is looking for and the short-term activity he wants.

A Filipino dating site is the same thought processes, except you have the opportunity to do so with multiple women at the same time.

You want to be viewed as authoritative, whether you're looking for a Filipino holiday girlfriend or a longer-term lover or wife. You don't need to be mindlessly spraying out nonsense messages before you're ready. Girls (or ladyboys) will steer clear of you if you do.

What preparation do you need in place before messaging?

  • What are your short and long-term goals for a Filipino woman and the Philippines as a country?
    • Think about short as well as long-term. It's OK if there is no long-term, but at least you can speak with authority when a Filipino woman raises the topic.
  • Are you looking for a holiday Filipino girl, a Filipino dating relationship, or a wife?
    • Any of these will be initially acceptable to a Philippines girl as long as she knows her starting point.
    • And any of your choices can lead to another stage too.
  • Does the Philippines as a country appeal to you as a place to live? And can you live there?

The Goal - These initial points create your online chats' foundation and how they will flow when contacting Filipino girls or ladyboys.

Your goals help shape the messaging flow.

Filipino woman on deserted Philippines beach

4. Finally, Some Good Messaging

Every guy's messaging approach is different.

But you should follow some tried and tested guidelines. You will win more Filipino girls than the lazy guys who haven't invested the time and effort as you have.

What are the solid and tested messaging contexts?

  • Be sensible but inject some light-hearted amusement.
    • Don't use vulgar, crude humor, as this is an instant turn-off to women.
    • Humor needs to be easy to understand since Filipino women won't understand complex English language contexts.
    • If you aren't witty naturally, don't force it. Let your natural character shine through instead.
  • Start slow, simple, and casual.
    • Always start with a Hi message as doing so invokes a reply from all women.
    • Using questions in your messages keeps the conversation flowing. Avoid asking questions that will bring a yes/no response.
  • Ask the Filipino woman or ladyboy what she is looking for on our Filipino dating website.
    • It's a valuable question for you to ask as it starts gathering information from the Filipino dating candidates you're choosing.
    • Many will reply by asking you the same question as some girls are shy to relay their real intentions. Tell her honestly and see how she responds. Does her eventual answer suit you?
    • More importantly, take care she isn't just parroting what she thinks you want to hear.
      • Ask the girl more questions if you do think she's unsure.
  • Gather background information to understand better what you're getting yourself in to
    • How long has she been on the site?
    • Get some family details. Are they working? How big is her family? Does she have children, and are they living with her?
    • Does she have a job?

Pro Tip

Your on-site messaging is the 'getting to know you' phase. The message tone should always be friendly, inviting, and warm. But the sole purpose is to break the ice and gather details on the other person.

You don't know them, and visa-versa. Are the girls honest and trustworthy?

The Goal - Are your chosen Filipino women good candidates for what you want from a Filipino woman?

5. Get Comfortable - Get Video

By now, you have a clear definition of the Philippines women you want. Plus, you have several Filipino women on your candidates' list, i.e., Filipino girls who broadly fit your matching criteria.

You never really know a person until you look them in the eye. Video chat is the next critical phase. Plus, it's easy to do and a lot of fun.

While you can quickly get up to video hijinks, the real aim is knowing the girl's personality.

Does her character traits suit yours? You need to unravel the natural person who lay beneath the facade of her Filipino dating profile.

Pro Tip Video chat allows you to know her language skill level quickly. Is video with her challenging? Will being with her something you can cope with long-term? It can be amusing working your way through language misunderstanding, but some men eventually grow tired of the drama. Will you?

Special Note: The Filipino women will be fact-checking your intentions too. Ensure you convey these goals from Section 3.

The Goal - Face time gives you a more precise portrait of the Filipino woman and a deeper visual insight into her goals and aspirations. Make sure they align with what you have in mind.

6. Philippines Travel

"You don't know a person until you've lived with them for at least 12 months."

  • A wise man once said.

If all you're looking for is online chat, then you can skip this step. But most men on a Filipino dating site eventually desire to meet the Philippines women in the flesh. This step means traveling.

Even with the 2020/2021 worldwide travel restrictions, you will still need to get yourself to the Philippines. Start your travel plans with dates unknown - fill your departure in later.

If you're looking for a Filipino holiday girlfriend, by all means, continue building your list of potential girls as some girls will become unavailable.

What does going to the Philippines involve?

  • You will always need to start a comprehensive travel itinerary.
    • Always plan to meet several Filipino women even if that plan changes.
    • What tourist destinations do you want to experience? The girls can help you with this, and it makes for great conversation too.
  • Filipino culture
    • Culture and traditions are integral to a Pinay's personality and behavior. You are wise to understand Filipino culture when traveling.
    • Always ask her questions if you're unsure.
  • Filipino food can be weird but always full of flavor.
    • I've always avoided Filipino Balut (a fertilized developing egg embryo boiled and eaten from the shell). Still, it is a delicacy in the Philippines. Most local foods are delicious. Try them.
    • Filipino women love to cook. Ask your girls what they are willing to home cook for you.
    • Food and culture go hand-in-hand with Filipinos. Familiarise yourself with these are two areas.

The Goal - Knowing a Filipino woman's culture, country, food, and historical background paves the way to a successful relationship - whether that partnership is short or long.

7. Do You Need Visas? What About Your Filipino Girl?

Go Slow With Visas The current worldwide pandemic is causing constant disruption to overseas travel. Plus, visas are in a continual state of change.

Please check the Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs for the current visa situation for your country.

Suppose you have a busy workload and employment schedule. In that case, it may be beneficial to fly your chosen Filipino woman to your country. You will need to foot the bill on her expenses for a visa, flights, and initial accommodation. The bonus to you will be a shorter time-frame. This arrangement can turn into a permanent longer-term situation.

You're wise to limit any money you send overseas until you've 100% satisfied yourself with the Filipino woman's real intentions. Avoid scammers and protect your investment. Book any flights yourself, so you're able to cancel and obtain a refund, if possible.

We recommend traveling to the Philippines yourself, as detailed in Section 6 above. Take time out and learn about the girl in her own country.

The Goal - Initial long-distance relationships require planning and always involve visa complications plus expenses.

8. Having a Job and Money Is Important Too

Everything runs on money in this world. A stable and secure relationship is no different.

How does this apply to finding the right Filipino woman for a holiday, new friend, or love and marriage?

Money and a Filipino Holiday Girlfriend

Finding a Filipino holiday girlfriend is much easier than finding a Filipino wife. Casual holiday relationships are increasingly popular with foreign men as far back as 1940. The roaring 40s had large-scale American immigration to the country.

Filipino women are comfortable with a holiday girlfriend arrangement providing adequate compensation comes her way, i.e., money for sex is required.

You shouldn't think promises of a future arrangement guarantees you free holiday sex. Big things start with small beginnings. You need to demonstrate you have the financial capacity to secure a Philippines female's heart and security.

The typical scenario will have you paying for everything accompanied by a Filipino holiday girlfriend. This arrangement will include all food, accommodation, flights, sightseeing tickets, and incidentals, plus a daily fee.

Her daily fee is mainly dependent on the city and foreign tourists' volume, i.e., is she in high demand or not. Negotiating is perfectly acceptable and recommended.

A base level is 2000 - 3000 pesos per day (US$40 - US$60) for an experienced bar girl. But as I said, haggle for a good affordable deal, and she gets money and a great free holiday.

You'll have the time of your life once you settle on the best Filipino girl.

Money and a Filipino Girlfriend or Filipino Wife

You will begin any relationship with a Filipino woman with some form of financial support.

If you're looking for a long-term relationship, you must lay down the ground rules of how this support will be structured. Bear in mind; you will need to incorporate the girl's family in the financial foundation somehow.

It isn't all doom and gloom, though. The minimum daily wage in the Philippines is 550 pesos, or approx US$11. Do as the majority of ex-pats do and help out. A small degree of family assistance goes a long way.

During your on-site messaging exploration, you should have already discovered your potential girlfriend's employment status as well as her family. If you're uncomfortable with financial aid, avoid these unemployed girls before getting to the video phase.

Having Jobs is Vital

Being intent on living in the Philippines long-term will require you to have an ongoing revenue stream.

Some countries allow pensions paid to overseas countries, and some do not.

Money needs to come from somewhere, and you need to plan around this indisputable fact of life. The Philippines requires a minimum lump sum permanently deposited in a Philippines bank account for a long-term stay visa.

Or is your intention of the Filipino woman relocating back to your home country? If so, what is she going to do there? Can she get a visa? When can she start working? What job will suit her previous skills?

The last thing you need on your hands is an idle and bored woman with nothing to do all day.

The Goal - Jobs and money are essential facets of life and not after-thoughts. Give them serious consideration.

9. Can You Stay Happy?

Wherever you eventually end up, remember the Golden Rule of 12 - 18 months living together. Every person has quirks, and some of those traits can be challenging in an ongoing relationship.

Even Filipino holiday girlfriends can have weird character flaws making a three-week vacation unbearable. If you're in this situation, ensure you have a back plan and a standby Filipino women waiting in the wings.

You can most certainly live a happy and trouble-free life with the right Filipino woman. Many ex-pats have secured this for themselves through careful planning, executing defined ground-rules with a balanced ongoing financial plan.

You must maintain a constant vigil on honesty and trust. This monitoring is a responsibility for yourself and the girl. Don't ever put up with games concerning trustworthiness - it is not worth the heartache.

Meeting for the first time for a relationship means explaining consequences at the first hint of impropriety. Most women in the Philippines are honest and trusting souls, but mistakes can and do happen. She needs to understand mistakes have consequences.

The Goal - Direct and guide the Philippines girl and live a happy life with a loving Filipino woman.


Start Today

You can and will have a successful Filipino dating experience by following these easy-to-follow step-by-step guidelines.

You will go from knowing nothing about online Filipino dating to a true master. Go slow in the beginning and define your outcomes.

Start today and carve out a blissful future with a stunning beautiful Filipino woman.


What are to do's and don'ts of online Filipino dating profile photos?

Successful men know the secret of online photos. Women are attracted to clear headshot photos in which eyes are directly looking at them. These photos are making a human physiological connection. This technique is also commonly used in online marketing for the same reason.

Do I need to travel to the Philippines to meet a girl?

Traveling to the Philippines allows you a real-world experience of another country. Plus, you have the opportunity of seeing and being with the Filipino woman in her native environment. Physically being with a person is not a substitute for a long-distance video call. Take the opportunity for travel, a culturally different woman, diverse local foods, and unique holiday destinations.

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