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Ladyboy, 22 yo, Tarlac, Central Luzon, Philippines

I am
Looking for
My match age
Common interests to share
Desired relationship
I am on this site to find that one man who can make a difference in my future

A few tips first
1.read my profile
2. Don't send a interested if you really not interested
3.if you click interest, that's okay ,but messaging is better ,I am not a mind reader of who you are
4.no picture ,how are you supposed to get interest from a man if no profile picture ,all man are handsome or cute ,be proud of who you are ( unless you are a scammer)
5.instead of hi or hello try opening up with a message ,much better , otherwise we go backwards and forwards,such a waste of time
6,talking of scammers -Fuk off

7.rude and unpleasant man -Fuk off
8. Dont message me if you find sex
9.Because I'm a ladyboy, gay it does not mean I want sex,pictures for money ,so don't ask me , there are decent ladyboy, gay who are here for the right reasons
10.If you hate kids - no problem i understand

I'm Jish villayno from Philippines
Im looking for seriousrelationship and man
I hate fun only
I love sports like volleyball swimming and badminton
I love climbing and hiking
I love cooking and foods lol
My hobies watching movie like horror. Romantic . Adventure. Etc...
And i hope no play no games i font like games okay
If you want games say good bye


Central Luzon

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