Kate213 33

Apalit, Central Luzon, Philippines

ah, i dont want to be boring about telling about myself, so here just expressing my thought, im 32, Cristina is my name, single mom, widowed, just 1 daughter she's 6 years old.. :) i am US citizen but filipino by blood and heart.. always being honest and transparent, thats the best way to find my soulmate who will accept and love me for who i am.. :) im easy to talk with, Love to laugh,a Frustrated Chef,love all about foods and cooking, i work as an assistant cook in a newly build mini restaurant, when it comes to my love ones, i give my all.. as in All, maybe thats my weakness? i look strong woman, but inside im weak.. all i want to do is to love, and to feel loved, dont want to be alone forever, :) will you Join me in my journey of Life?

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