Lovelysarah 30

Koronadal, Soccsksargen, Philippines

i am home body,i want to live a simple life , i dont go out a lot but if i do,? It surely be much important,i may look somewhat liberated but infact im not. Maybe some of my life principles are but my actions are still conservative. Im not into night outs because primarily i dont drink nor smoke. Id rather stay home or got to timezone or ill drop by a certaine coffee shop and have good read. I LOVE COFFEE. I dont dream of being super rich or to be famous or to attain a CEO position in the executive field ..what i dream most is to be married to someone whom God wants for me. And to have a family that i can call MY OWN. I have been deeply praying and patiently waited for the man whom i can treasure forever.. i am true believer of LOVE .i am hopeless romantic ,i live by this principle in loving. "Love is not blind, it sees more but because it sees more is willing to see less . When you care about someone, you make it your business to know your partner inside-out, good and bad. And because of love you see bad as being outweighed by the God. There are no perfect relationship only best effort.! It doesnt how much your partner had failed you, the most important thing is that you love that someone no matter what, I dont go for opportunity comes in a lifetime principle" that i have to grab all the opportunities that has being presented in front of me instead i go for lifetimes comes only once , so i have to choose every opportunity that ill be grabbing, it has to be of my interest and my happiness and it should make me a better person or could enhance my personality more perhaps, so i couldnt waste time.I always confide with my ultimate bestfriend..God.. he could never lead you into something bad instead into something worthwile.

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