Aigelyn 27

Bislig, Caraga, Philippines

First you have to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect partner but like a glove that fits the hand just right. The most important thing about the love of your life is not having to mention or repeat things that are dear to you like not adding sugar instead of honey in your morning cup of tea. Making sure the car is full of gasoline during the winter season. Keeping a little extra money hidden around the house just in case she gets in the mood to go shopping for this or that; most likely for a pair of shoes. Knowing how she acts and reacts during that time of the month and not take it personal. And for the big things that seals a tight bond between the two of you; love is there no matter what the circumstances are at the moment. Telling each other how much you truly care about them and love them on matter who is around you. When you give up something special that you personally hold dear just to make them happy. Promises made are promises kept. And most importantly your wedding vows are as sacred as the blood running through your veins. Cool? Okay cool.