criserica05 29

Bulacan, Central Luzon, Philippines

Hello to all im erica single mom i got ,dougther 9 years old since she is 2 years old i leaved her becouse i decide to find a work here in caloocan i join to.my friend to have work but bad job i got not decent job please dont judge me the truth you are lucky becouse you have a complete family and you got a nice job not like me i need to suffer here to my boss to have small money to help my dougther and family my i have sister who will care to my dougther they are on province and im not see then since my dougther its 2 years old i tell to you my job here im CAMGIRL my job difficult every morning im maid i do many loundries cleans houses but my boss didint pay me for that becouse her reason im sleeping here and every evening im doing camgirl i show my naked body and torture my body to makes happy people who will like to buy my show thats its difficult and i suffer it for almost 7 years i didint go back to my province becouse i have owe to the landlord where we rent house becouse sometimes my boss didint pay me . And all my documents she holding it i cant scape my father of my dougther left me when he know that im pregnant since birth my dougther im.only one who will care to my sister and my dougther im.lucky to have a sister to care my dougther my father died since 2002 he comatoes stroke and 6 months ago my mom died becouse of stress thats why i decide to work in caloocan and leaved my dougther becouse i dont have parents to support me if u judge me its ok sir please dont compare me your life to me why im doing this job just be happy becouse you all dont need to suffer for job im not finnish my study only 2nd high school only i was finnish and even factory no one can get to me becouse they needs my degree atleast high school graduate sorry if i share my situation not to help me not to begging you im here to open what inside my feel

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