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Safe Dating - Read This!

Online dating will be richly rewarding in connecting you with well matched potential life partners.

But the Internet is also a dark place so it’s essential you take some easy to follow precautions, so your information is safe and, most of all, you are safe from potential predators. takes pride in protecting your information from prying eyes, unless you chose to reveal them to continue your online dating experience with us.

Strong Passwords

Website passwords are usually the first things we slip up on. Choosing a good password makes sense so people can’t easily guess a weak password and then make-believe that they are you on any website. Particularly a dating website such as

A good rule of thumb is to chose a password with at least 8 characters and use a mix of upper case and a few numbers. Is that what you’ve done with us?

You can also change your password at any time, using your Account page.

Being Honest

We all would like to see ourselves, usually, than better than who we ‘think’ we are - human nature.

When it comes to dating, you would like to date someone who is being honest with you, right?

You’d prefer to make contact with someone who is portraying the qualities and interests in that special someone who you’re looking for, right?

Makes sense then to be as honest with yourself and your dating profile.

There’s many special potential dates for you. It’s all a matter of exploring, messaging and making contact to take it to the next level.

Be honest with people.

Protect Your Personal Details

There’s a big difference between being honest and protection. suggests you create a new email account just for your online dating experience.

Gmail provides a quick and easy process for this so there’s no excuse in protecting yourself, in the beginning.

We do not allow members to display personal and revealing information publicly. You are free to do this using the messaging system since it is between 2 registered members.

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