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shyl 36
Mabalacat, Central Luzon, Philippines
Love is full of mistery and what is love Hello everyone I'm roshyl 32,from PampangA I'm just a simple girl looking for a simple man I'm a loving person caring understanding most of all I have faith in god..I'm looking for a guy accept me for who I am and too love me.. ........ What is love.. Love is not about sex or asking nude pics n having sex relationship. A true love is about trust honest n respect each other n accept all d status. Love is not about looking for rich n beautiful face. Love come from true heart. Love doesn't see beautiful face or rich poor. Love must b respect n care each other  A true women is one who doesn't show n post her private body part in public. She respect her body n she is honest n respect herself. A real men doesn't impress by women private body n sex chat .. a real man wants a true women kind n honest he doesn't look beautiful n sexy . He wants women heart inside beautiful. A true is not about sex. Its about true love n care n respect each other. Love is respect each other care each other. Stop posting such bad pics in public tats not true love.. I hate sex chat n bad things. I need man Whose really respect women. I need a true man who respect herself n god fearing n religious.  True relationship start with respect honest each other not wth asking nude pics n sex chat.  .. any relationship start with respect . No respect no love.  Today there is no humanity . Mny people doesn't respect women n also cheating women that so shame on today's humanity. I really hate that. Why. Men doesn't think tat he birth from women then hw he hurt women n also he had his mother sister n wife a woman only. I request all guys be respect women n be a true men n stop asking them nude n stop cheating to them.
viel0609 29
Mabalacat, Central Luzon, Philippines
Hello everyone! I am Juvilyn and I am working in a japanese company here in the Philippines. I am working as an English Instructor for chinese, japanese and korean students. I love imparting knowledge to other people that's why I am in this field. I love life. I am very optimistic and friendly girl and maybe that is why life for me is colored. I like to enjoy every day of the week, that makes my life interesting. I have a lot of passion in my soul and a lot of romance in my heart. I am a real woman who loves intrigue, but doesn’t play games. Love to travel, my dream is going to travel around the world, I dream to see the world, get to know the culture of other countries. I have many friends, I love to chat. I think that if the relationship is really happy, strong, and it is based on true love, partners want to start a family then. I see no point in spending a lot of years of just having a good time together and being afraid of responsibility. I want to have a family and in that case I’ll be sure that everything is going in the right direction. That’s why I’m here! I am looking for someone who is serious about starting a family and a life filled with love, happiness and pleasure … I want to live in this world happily, we only have one life so we better make the most of it. I couldn't imagine myself living in loneliness.I want to live with someone at my side who knows how to love God and every people around him. I know it will take time to find the right person for us but love can wait.Each and everyone of us deserves to be completely happy. I am the unusual type of a girl who wants to be organize. I even have a ''wedding theme'' and wedding theme song for my future wedding. Whenever I am telling my friends about this they always reply ''hey girl better search a boyfriend first and this things about me make them laugh. Do you know someone who already have wedding plans in mind but still doesn't have a boyfriend.It's very rare right?I use to be like this because I know in my heart and in my mind that we all have our soulmates and destiny. I may sound hopeless romantic but I believe in that. ''Great love is worth waiting for'' is one of the fastest growing online dating Philippines websites for matching Filipina and western men. We are based in the Philippines. We aren’t a Filipino dating agency. We specialise in online matching for Pinay ladies from many locations in the Philippines.

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