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Lyn96 25
Roxas City, Western Visayas, Philippines
Looking for serious one Trully Messages me ill free to answer it thans Looking for serious one True Hi my name lyn 24 of single never married never have child . im here to look someone my soulmate my forever im not here for your pleasure fun.. Only and game and scam.. Im here for seriously . I know there's a right time to found someone who deserved for you I knew people this site are playful.. Rude.. Not have respect ....but bot are bad there's some good Hello people here .view ing my profiles As i promise d that if u feel uniqueness with my word's here while reading my profile To convince you that im real well u right .... I have badluck for my last bf not bad but sad.. He passed away... I didn't give up him until his last breath we are long distance.... As i said i never leaved But that's life.. Sad and happy but iam i believe there's a,reason fpr everything happened .. I treasured him love that he gave..... To the one who caught my heart that one i will love and the one i will not give up .. Time for me to find a new journey to hope find a someone who will lead forever. I know every one has own attitude and vision ... The way they react the way they judge.. Iam not judgmental person i respect someone.what ever u are .... Is even We have different culture What im looking is i know what' u r looking too . But we have same type too of course loyalty and honesty. Love with all heart but some have taste type depends how u look someone and how u look ur self... Anyway not all is perfect .. But someone only saying you're perfect if someone proudly loved on u and i believed its true. I know we have don't like and likes... Anyway would u wants to live to someone u don't like of courses not... Anyway i know love is what , i know u know too . Everyone had experienced bad or succeed.. Relationship... Love is no limit Love is not forcing Love is exciting and joys Anyway love is healer . medicine for feeling.. But GOD is the highest . Well i am open minded person may be i have bad attitude or GOOd attitudes.. But don't think i have bad attitude.. I think when u in bad mood maybe its make people bad attitude..problem that they can't handle suffering and all that makes people angry and envy ....But attitudt can make people hurts anyway im saying (im not that one ).... Its depends how u observed my self.. I am just serious people funny, joker i can make peoples laughing around.... Anyway i,had one bf my whole life that my last bf i started fall inlove age 23.. I am sporty like sports . There's a lot of interest stuff i love except can harm my self I am bit shy too .... Anyway iam good person looking for good person.... U wil never regrets when u caught up my heart.. .. I hope i will caught your heart too If you're looking someone serious. I might be the one depends how you are looking.. I m simple girl i don't need to be highly professional putting lots of stuff on face ..wearing flirting clothes ........ I think simplicity enough neat and clean self if you're looking for that . Im being part of that world look,,, coz i believe if you loved someone If i can write all my story how i wish i can ..but sorry i struggle more word's but i cab understand you ..... There's alot in my thoughts that i want to right here but i think i wrote some if you're interested to know im willing to answer sensirly.. But my iam here to prove my self Im not for scam or for game . I know you're tired being played by everyone... Im picky too you're picky too Don't be confused about my look that iam young er than my,age im really 24..., Thank you ❤
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