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महिला, 34 yo, General Santos City, Soccsksargen, Philippines

मैं हूँ
के लिए देख
मेरा मैच उम्र
आम हितों के साझा करने के लिए
खरीदारी, पाक कला, बाहर खाने, बागवानी, रात के क्लब, स्पोर्ट्स, यात्रा
वांछित रिश्ते
मित्रता, पत्र मित्र, विवाह, प्यार
I am a sweet loving woman.a hard working single mom..I decided to taking care my son than to stay a man who doesn't have an.ambition in.life with us.I eat here.take a risk of not having a complete than to live a man that without plan to make our family better..I do love chatting friends..I love my family ..I love guys who is gentleman and honest and thoughtful and.generous.as.well and god fearing person.
I do love singing ,cooking,and love some arts..and love pampering myself sometimes..and fun companion because I love talking.and have some laugh.with.friends and family as.well..I am confident beautiful inside and out...hope I can meet my destiny.here that will love me for I am and love me more and my handsome baby boy..he is 2, yrs 5 months old..he is smart and handsome baby of mine ;) love him.and I love you more for the rest of your life for better for worse and till death do us part :-)


राज्य / क्षेत्र
General Santos City

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