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About PinayRomances

PinayRomances is a celebration of the Foreigner / Filipina lifestyle operated by a mature and professional team who live, sleep, and breathe their devotions with the Philippines. We all love South-East Asia and the Filipino people, particularly Filipina women. We're providing a cutting-edge Filipina dating platform and exceptionally researched blog material covering the Philippines' dating, relationships, and cultural activities. This mix provides our customers with full knowledge about Filipinas and their country.

We have Filipina dating well and truly covered!

Our Story

My name is Martin Cooney.

In 2013, I chatted to my long-time friend, Stephane Fillon, about moving to South-East Asia. I'd just ended a rather messy relationship in Australia. Stephane and I had always been interested in creating Online Dating sites, as far back as each of us can remember.

One conversation leads to another. In a few weeks, we agreed to team up on a new radical dating infrastructure that can cater to multiple niche countries. The Philippines was the second dating site we both launched since Stephane and I had many friends and contacts in that country. Those people saw what we had established with ThaiRomances and wanted the same platform in the Philippines.

Why a new revolutionary dating platform? Most online dating sites (even now) look and feel clunky and cumbersome. Every Filipina dating site we'd used had scammers and poor-quality Filipino women. Those sites, even today, have changed little and remain slow and cumbersome to use. Our Philippines friends continually told us they needed something better to find their ideal Filipina partners.

PinayRomances has allowed both of us to create a genuinely unique dating platform. Plus, provide our friends with something much better, and create Philippines-based content that makes us proud.

Our Users Are Amazing!

We have an inbuilt Admin messaging system available to all our users. This feature is another unique, innovative platform addition that you won't find on other online platforms.

We get many messages on a variety of topics every week. Both men and women provide us with feedback, give praise, and ask questions. Our customer base includes:

  • Ex-pats living in the Philippines.
  • Foreign tourists.
  • Men who are living in other countries.
  • Lovely Filipino ladies and ladyboys.

It is quite humbling to help so many other people looking for new friends, love, relationships, marriages, or even just a holiday travel buddy.

It is a pleasure reading and answering messages from International men (and women from the Philippines). It is also important to be helping out with their dating problems, whatever they may be.

Main Author Bios

Our blog post content is researched and written amongst our knowledgeable and talented writers. We entertain guest blog posts, but we require thoroughly researched material for presentation to our customer base. We will never accept low-quality content.

Martin Cooney

Coming from Australia, Martin is an enthusiastic online marketer, manager, and skilled content creator.

Martin previously operated a Forum site dedicated to dating, love, and relationships. This previous site eased his writing content into his current passion, South-East Asia Dating and Filipina Dating. He has many friends and contacts in the Philippines who help provide additional content, facts, and research.

Martin loves to travel and already has plans for the next few years on South-East Asia travel. Watch out, S/E Asia, because Martin is coming your way! Those countries always include the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China (and Japan is now on the horizon).

Stephane Fillon

Born in France, Stephane has a long history in Information Technology, Security, and Web Applications. He's had quite an exciting set of travel and dating adventures too.

Stephane has a passion for South-East Asia, the Pacific Islands, and finding the right woman. He's been to many Pacific islands and first visited South-East Asia in 2010. With his circle of friendships in the Philippines, Stephane is an excellent source of high-quality content.

Judging by the feedback we get from his content posts, our members appreciate Stephane's insights. The content he writes about includes Filipino food, Filipina ladies, Philippines travel, and his dating adventures (or is that 'misadventures' lol).

We Are Here For You

We are always looking to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Let us know if you have a content idea for our blog or a feature request for the dating site!

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