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Dating Filipino Women - 15 Effective Tips for your Filipino Dating

Martin Cooney
May 23, 2022 • 14 min read • Click for comments
5 Filipino women at beach wearing different coloured bikinis.

If Filipino women join an online Filipino dating website then you know they are looking for a man, outside their normal community. That's your first clue they are serious.

It is your turn to tread carefully, take wise actions and convert any encounters into successful results - depending on the results you're looking for.

To help you on your way, here are our Top 15 Tips:-

Many thousands of Philippines women marry foreign men from USA, Australia, Europe and Canada, and for good reason.

Never think it's somehow trendy to have an Asian wife in hand either. These Philippines women make fantastic wives!

They give all they have to give, without question. Filipino women are supportive. They have a deep love of family, borne from their Filipino heritage. So they make exceptional mothers, if you want to have children.

Not only that, they can easily balance the raising of kids, pursuing their own careers, and managing your household. WOW!

Did I mention they are great cooks too? From a base-line, Filipina women will make your life so much easier.

Tip #1

Always explain to Philippines women the type of woman you are looking for, and mention marriage and children, providing these fit your goals.

Doing so will give these ladies a starting point, making the initial dating process clearer, for both parties.

Indoors and Outdoors - all Philippines women are different.
Indoors and Outdoors - all Philippines women are different.

What Are Filipina Girls Like?

Let's first start, briefly, with what these women are like, for the second tip.

  • Filipino women are positive, very cheerful and filled with joy. You'll always find that they will encourage and inspire others, and keep you smiling.
  • Women from the Philippines are humble and grateful for life. There is little need to shower them with gifts but they will cherish your attention and love you all the more for the it.
  • For the most part, a Pinay girl wants a serious relationship. She will obviously start with casual, if she sees a long term opportunity

Tip #2

You must use her positive disposition to your advantage. Mirroring her is important, so she instantly feels a connection.

Avoid initial negativity such as your previous broken relationships. What is better, is to reflect on the learning you got from those previous failures, so she immediately understands you're about growth.

Be humble, yourself. Encourage her in her life. Any Filipino woman will want to be a part of your life!

Take The First Step When Dating Filipino Women

These lovely ladies are a conservative bunch - but not all.

Most women, the world over, expect the man to take the lead in most things, unless the lady is a feminist. Thankfully, most Philippines women are not.

The exception to this rule is if the Filipina is in a desperate state - financially, emotionally and/or relationship-wise. If this is the case you can expect the woman to be blasting out messages to all and sundry, including you.

Tip #3

There's no harm in being bold. You're the man, so take the initiative and start sending out a simple 'Hi' message to all the ladies you find appealing, on our Filipino dating site.

Keep calm, wait for their replies and then continue.

2 striking different Filipino models.
2 striking different Filipino models - who would you choose?

Respect Her Family & Religion

All Filipinos are religious. All have strong family values.

The majority of Filipino people are Catholic Christians, so it is important that you respect their views.

Your aim is to get the 'green light' from her Filipino family & friends.

Tip #4

Focus on the positive side of everything, including her and her family.

Be curious with her Filipino culture, and ask questions. Many questions!

When you're with her Filipino friends and family, always include them in your questions. Ask them directly, even if you need your new Filipino girlfriend to do the translation.

Everyone will be viewing you as an Alpha-male who is friendly, inviting and worthy of their time.

Your Smell

It gets hot in the Philippines. Maintaining consistent personal hygiene needs to always be a priority, for you.

If you wear tight-fitting 'jocks' underwear then start converting to boxer-shorts. Your scrotum will thank me later when they're exposed to the Philippines heat.

Tip #5

Asian women tend to be more discerning about other people's body odour. Filipino women are included, so always be on your guard.

We'd recommend showering at least twice a day, use under-arm deodorants as well as a light spray of a good perfume.

Smell good, feel good, and she'll want you.

All Filipino Women Love Gifts

Giving gifts to Filipino women is a clear sign to them that they are special, to you.

Gift giving also is one of the five 'Love Languages' so this is important for many people.

You will often hear that Filipino women are a bunch of gold-diggers. That is not true in 99% of the case but do please be on your guard for the remaining 1%.

Philippines women are sweet loving girls. Giving a small gift will bring you a wide beaming smile. Plus, she will be open to pleasing you more, as the evening progresses.

Tip #6

Never think you're facing huge costs, with gift giving. The opposite is true, in fact.

During your initial dating questions, ask her about the many things she loves in life. Every Filipino woman I've asked will provide you with a barrage of answers.

Make your gifts simple, and make them connect to what she's already told you. Keep your costs in check.

Seductive Filipino woman in black crop top.
Seductive Filipino woman in black crop top.

Be a Gentleman

Simple things impress women, of all cultures.

Despite the rampant feminism in the world, Filipino women are always impressed by a gentleman.

Women, even Filipino ones, obviously like to think they have their own power. And you should give their space when they need to prove this to you.

Tip #7

Simply maintain a constant gentlemanly manner, when in the Philippines.

  • Open doors for Filipino women, even if the women are not with you.

  • Bring your new Filipino girlfriend a small bouquet of local Philippines flowers.

  • Give her some personal space when you think she needs some - don't be pushy.

  • Ease into sex talk slowly but jump at the chance when she mentions the subject.

It is always easy to be a gentleman when you think to do this. So do it, with Filipino women.

Filipino Women Need Your Honesty

The Philippines has a population of 112 million people (provided by WorldMeter). The median age is 25.7 years so there are more than enough Filipino females to go around.

There is no need for lies. Be honest about yourself and the type of Philippines women you prefer.

Honesty allows you to move to a new potential woman, quickly.

Honesty also then gives the Pinay woman the true picture and the decision making ability to proceed further with you.

There's no need to play games, with Filipino dating.

Tip #8

Quickly move from one online Filipina to the next, when you understand she doesn't have your desired traits.

Your goals should be clear. Provide your goals to each Filipina woman, and let her decide if she wants to continue.

And while she's deciding, you must be chatting online with others. Build an online dating pipeline.

The BreadWinner - Impress Her

Despite what you know about women, they all secretly want to be 'taken care of'.

This is especially the case in Asia, where Asian women still hold the belief.

While Philippines ladies are conservative, they need to know a potential partner has the capacity to bring money into the home. That isn't being a gold-digger - this is pure economics, for women of all cultures.

Filipino women have an underlying need for long-term stability when they chose a man for a relationship. Money plays a huge part in their decision-making process.

Tip #9

Avoid being brash when speaking about your level of wealth. She doesn't (and shouldn't) need specific details of your finances.

But you must provide her with enough detail, for your Filipino girlfriend to be confident she's making a best choice. She's the one bearing the burden of birth and children, not you.

Do you have plans in place for retirement. Touch on those plans, with her.

Having a solid financial backup plan is what every Filipino woman wants, from a potential husband/boyfriend/partner.

Easy Connections

Filipinas are easy to connect to, no doubt.

With strong family values, good English language skills and (mostly) out-going personalities, you will quickly discover Pinay women are some of the best ladies to chat with, when you're looking at dating Filipino women.

They have confidence in finding a good guy, and they will want to hold onto you.

Tip #10

There are pros and cons, with everything in life.

  • Don't believe everything your hear. Easy talk might just be the woman telling you what she thinks you want to hear.
  • Always ask questions to cross-check the facts.
  • Stay within our Filipino dating message system until you have your own confidence in the Filipino woman/ladyboy, before moving to video calls.
  • Just how familiar is the woman with foreigners? Does she already have bad traits from other foreign men, before you came along? Avoid these girls.
  • How much does she want children? Do you? If you don't, please make it clear to her.
  • Always plan to live with a Filipino woman for at least 12-18 months before there are any plans for marriage. Tell her this too.

The women in the Philippines are amazing, gentle, sexually dynamic, tender and fantastic home-makers. Connect with the women who fulfil your every checkbox. Don't settle for less.

Posing young Filipino lady - jungle background.
Sexy and easy to connect with.

Plan On Her Career

Filipinos are hard-working and diligent people. Most women yearn for a career of their own.

Where is she, in her career path?

Do you want her to have a career, if you chose her as a life partner? If you're only looking for a Filipino holiday girl, maybe not.

The ex-pats I've spoken to, in the Philippines, have a preference for their women to stay at home. Their reasons range from the women always being on hand for cooking, child needs, sex on tap, translation needs, or maintaining an uncomplicated lifestyle.

Tip #11

When dating Filipino women online, get this subject laid to rest, early.

If she wants to pursue her current career and this suits you, define some rough plans.

You goal/s should already be mapped out. But plans change too.

Change girls if the woman's career desires are set in stone. Avoid getting yourself trapped in a difficult situation.

A Great Travel Guide

I don't know of any Filipino who doesn't love their country.

When you're traveling to the Philippines for the first or second time, hooking up with younger more-energetic women must be your online goal.

As an example, Boracay Island should be on every travellers' destination list. White sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and fantastic weather.

But can you imagine going there alone? Women nearby to Boracay Island will give their right arm to accompany you there.

Every friend I've suggested hooking up with a local girl, has had success. Don't think too much - just ask the girl directly.

Tip #12

What the Filipino girl will be thinking, is the potential of your question. Dating Filipino women online, for them, is all about potential.

Do you have the potential to be their long-term partner.

Do you have the potential to provide a much needed holiday, away from her current situation.

Is there potential for her, to have a better lifestyle than the one she has now.

Live up to her potential of being a sexually active holiday partner, and much more after the holiday.

Filipino Women Think About Status

Status is everything, though-out Asia. And women tend to have the lowest status among male dominated countries, like the Philippines.

Consider that only 3.6% of Philippines marriages involve foreign nationals.

With foreign nationals having more wealth then local males, you can understand why foreigners are keenly sought after by Filipino women (and Filipino ladyboys).

Put plainly, securing a relationship with you means, the girl's social status is elevated with her family, friends and Filipino society. She instantly has bragging rights, and a heightened social standing.

Tip #13

You don't need to do much of anything, other than go along with how Filipino women conduct themselves around friends and family.

Just understand most things you perceive as odd or weird, are her demonstrating her social standing with them. They know she's got you on a hook.

She's Thinking About Future Children

Filipino women will all love to be mothers, especially with a foreign father.

Why? The kids get foreign features which leads the child to a more secure future.

You don't need to be an Einstein to know women are made to have children. This is an important role they play in humanity. And they have urges.

Tip #14

If you're OK with children to a future Filipino woman then this's perfectly OK.

You want to avoid any hidden agenda/s on her side. Make sure there isn't any. Be very specific in your questioning around this topic, so you both understand each other.

Attractive Filipina woman - under a beach pier.
Would you have her children?

Sex, Lies and Videotape When Filipino Dating

Dating Filipino women should always be initiated via an online Filipino dating site. This makes sense in almost all cases, for foreigners.

An online site protects you from scammers, has a plethora of Filipino women to choose from, plus messaging is easy and never restricted by time.

Unless you're a 100% Alpha male model who has a refined day-night-game for picking up women in every bar and club, then use a dating site.

Tip #15

Filipino women actually prefer an online Filipino dating site as well. They're mostly conservative women so a dating site is their first choice.

Always stay safe. Ask questions, and then ask more questions, to cross-check what Filipino women tell you. Look for lies.

It's always easy for a man to ask anything that's on his mind, which is why sex features in men's heads. Do not talk about sex like you would with your beer-buddies. Filipino women will certainly block you and you've blown that chance, before you've begun.

The same goes for thinking all Filipino women will jump at the chance for do a nude/naked video call with you. Some will definitely sell you nude photos, provided you pay them for the nudes. But don't be a dick, OK?

You will get all the nakedness in the world, once the Pinay girl is comfortable you are the potential future boyfriend/husband she's looking for. She isn't stupid, and understands her requirements to give her body over to your pleasures.


Combine these 15 essential tips when you're dating Filipino women, and you will score the right Filipina woman, who will meet your requirements.

Be that a Filipino travel buddy, a long term Filipino holiday girlfriend when you trip over to the Philippines, a long distance relationship Filipino girlfriend and/or a future Filipino wife

Join for free today and change your life, for the better.

Last updated: May 23, 2022

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