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Filipino Dating: 11 Worst Things You're Doing Wrong with Filipino Women

Martin Cooney
May 03, 2022 • 10 min read • Click for comments
Updated: May 04, 2022
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All men can be forgiven in wanting to meet Filipino women, in as fast as time as possible. Sadly, like real life, Filipino dating needs to be taken with initial planning, care, due process, and respect.

Why does every guy need to be careful?

For the most part, men are simple creatures who are initially impulsive. But when it comes to dating, this impulsiveness will get you into a world of hurt, as well as failure to obtain your objectives.

Put simply, Filipino women will block your stupid actions and move to the next guy on their list.

Here's our Top 11 areas that are common mistakes, done over and over again when contacting (and interacting) with Filipino women:

Philippines Women Want Your Good Photos Too!

OK, so you've just completed our 30 second sign-up process. That's great!

Your immediate instinct is to start sending messages, right? And that's completely the wrong action.

Just like you're looking at sexy and alluring pictures of our female members, they're also looking at your profile. Which is completely devoid of good quality photos, at this stage.

The downside to you not completing your profile is the majority of all Filipino women will be contacting the next guy who they find attractive, at first viewing.

We've already told you profile photos attract 67% more interest in you, and that 3-5 profile photos are ideal. But you've skipped ahead of yourself, haven't you?

Both men and women judge a prospective mate on the others' initial looks.

The correct action is to provide every browsing Filipino woman with enough good quality, clear photos of yourself (and showing your face) so they have confidence is your seriousness to contact you.

If you don't have any, then pull out your smartphone and get snapping.

  • Clear photos
  • Photos with you smiling
  • Always clearly show your face in the photos
  • Don't be seen drinking booze or smoking in your photos
  • Well-dressed in your photos

Dirty Talk Gets You Blocked by Filipino Women

Women are not like your drinking buddies.

In case you've never noticed, Filipino women are of the fairer gender. While these girls love sex, they love it with the right guy who they have developed trust and love for.

Women in the Philippines are well acquainted with the desires of men. They aren't stupid. Filipino women know precisely what their sexual obligations are, once they've found the man they want a relationship with.

This does not give you the right to talk in a disrespecting manner, to a women you don't know. And you certainly would not do it in real life either.

Our research, over the past 7 years, clearly shows the No. 1 cause of men being blocked online is a result of the man launching into an immediate chat centring around the Filipino women's sexual activity, likes and behaviors.

You will get to this subject so don't worry. Just don't think you have the right to do so, with a person you don't know yet.

Filipino Dating is About Online Chatting, Initially

As the sub-title says - Filipino dating sites are about chats, and getting to know the other woman.

This is an extension of the previous topic and worth expanding upon.

A great analogy is meeting a woman in real life. In this situation, the two of you will engage in meeting up, coffee, going out to dinner together and having many engaging conversations together.

Why is this the norm, in every dating scenario?

Because you both want to ensure you're compatible with each other, as well as not making a mistake in hooking up with the right person.

This is the same reason for chatting in a Filipino dating site.

Asking for the Filipina's contact details in your first message, is the wrong approach, despite the temptation.

She does not want to be rushed. You need to avoid this feeling, in her.

Give all Filipino women some time and breathing space. Filipino dating is all about finding the right Philippines woman.

  • Take it slow
  • Have some pleasant conversations
  • You should be making sure the woman fits your requirements too.

You Won't Recover from Lying. Don't Do It!

Lying is a betrayal of trust.

It is also human nature to want to make the best impression, especially when dating.

It is easy to slip up and over-embellish the truth, when filling out your Filipino dating profile and description. We understand what you are trying to do. But your embellishment can be considered lying.

Women hate being lied to.

The best rule-of-thumb to follow is to write and speak the truth. Use simple and easy to understand language.

Most Pinay girls have a limited understanding of English language context anyway. Keep it simple and truthful.

Pinay girl at the beach.
Do not lie to Philippines women. This girl will block you

Test the Messaging Process | Look for the Gems

Don't rush in but instead test your processes, is the better first steps. You are most likely new to Filipino dating sites, right?

With all the above points in place, now is the time to for messaging.

We always suggest testing what you've learned on Filipino girls who are coming online. You'll see these notices at the bottom left of your PC or smartphone.

Our boilerplate template messages are in place with passive messages which you can instantly use.

Where Are the Hidden Gems?

Here's a little used secret when it comes to finding Filipino girls which other guys have overlooked.

You should be searching out women who aren't logging in or who haven't logged in for sometime.

These Filipino women are often the hidden gems. And you want to know why?

Many women in the Philippines lose hope, in ever finding a good guy. So they leave their profile to go stale.

These girls are under the false belief that no-one wants them. This is a clear winning strategy if/when you contact them since you'll be in the box seat.

It's as simple as using the Search function and searching for Filipino women in your selected age range, with no photos. Start sending them our boilerplate template messages and wait.

Keep It Real

We've already written volumes on how Filipino women absolutely love sex, they're highly sexual, and will do anything to keep the right guy happy, in the bedroom.

That does not mean you should be settling for the first Pinay to give you attention though.

The Philippines is a poor country and the majority of women in the Philippines are looking for a better life. Meaning, you have enormous choice.

Beware of Her Country

Women in South-East Asia will typically have a deep love of their home country.

Filipino women hold the same pride for the Philippines, despite what you might think.

Never poke fun of her or her country. Not even if you think it's harming or playful.

Any Filipino will take you as a foreign racist or worse.

You're better to highlight all the best qualities of the country as talking points, with her.

She'll feel she's found a soul-mate. You'll have a wide and diverse range of talking points. Plus, you both will begin the journey of bonding.

She's a Woman, After All

I'm going to double-down here.

You must remain a gentleman while on a Filipino dating site. The women you meet online are women so treat them in a passive, gentle, and respectful manner.

Curb any thought of chatting about crass material and instead focus more of her country. Incorporate what she likes and is looking forward to.

  • Will she help with your travel itinerary?
  • Where are the better beaches and diving spots?
  • Where has she travelled in the Philippines? And which does she prefer?
  • Chat with her about Filipino food and local drinks. Filipino girls love food.
  • Start digging into Filipino culture and history too.

She Wants You To Take Care

This one can be a little touchy, depending on the guy.

I want to preface with the fact that women, the world over, have evolved as the primary home-maker. You only need to go back less than 40 years when women remained at home.

Historically, and since the stone-age, women have been taken care of, by the male. Women raise children and take care of the home.

Asian countries, including the Philippines, remain male dominated. You could say that Asian countries remain old-fashioned, as well.

And we're now at that touchy subject when a Filipino woman asks you to help with money.

You're immediate thought will be the woman is a scammer. And she might be too. But let's give this topic some breathing room first.

  • Filipinos share and help each other, as part of their culture.
  • Asian women truly believe the male will take care of her.
  • The Philippines continues to be ravaged by huge levels of unemployment, especially during these COVID-19 times.
  • Philippines women are also family focussed and will do anything to help their family's situation.

So before your knee-jerk reaction, take some time and grill the girl about her situation. Explain your thoughts, clearly and calmly.

We will always recommend to not give money to anyone you have never met.

You can always report her to us for soliciting for money. But first get your facts straight as you might just be missing an opportunity.

Use a Filipino Dating Site to be Safe

If you're reading this, then chances are high you're rightly using a us as your Filipino dating site of choice. Congrats there and thank you for your trust.

You'd be surprised at the high number of foreigners who think they can sit in a Filipino bar or club and score a high number of Filipino women.

The sad truth is most men will continue sipping their beers alone.

Unless they're satisfied with the company of Filipino bargirls, pimps, scammers looking for a target, or one night stands. And the high price associated with all those too.

Whether you're an overseas foreigner or a local Westerner (already in the Philippines), the safe mode of scoring countless Filipino women (or ladyboys) is a Filipino dating site.

Keep your exposure, privacy and safety close to your heart, when dealing with another country.

You can think of us as your bouncer. Having some trouble? Report them to us and have them booted out the door.

Got a question? Ask us for help, inside our unique Admin Message System.


Gaining success on a Filipino dating site will be an easy task for you, when you have your processes in place, as well as understanding the do's and don'ts with Filipino women.

Join for free today and change your life, for the better.

Filipina wearing a green bikini top
Keep real and you will score high with girls in the Philippines


What Are the Top 5 Mistakes with Filipino Women?

  • Do not lie to Filipino girls
  • Avoid racist remarks about the Philippines
  • Respect her as a woman, not a drinking buddy
  • Do not launch into dirty talk on a Filipino dating site
  • She wants to see good quality profile photos of you

Are Filipino Dating Sites better than Philippines Bars?

  • Absolutely yes!
  • Quality sites like PinayRomances offer more choice of girls
  • Scammer protection is built-in
  • Free access to Admin messaging system for help
  • Fast, friendly and confidential service

Last updated: May 04, 2022

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