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2020 Scams - Sugar Daddy - Food, Medicine & Phone Money

Stephane Fillon
September 07, 2020 • 10 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
Filipino woman asking to be your sugar daddy

You're on an online dating website to find a travel buddy, new friends, a relationship or true love.

What you're not wanting is to get scammed out of your money; with no benefit to yourself.

What are the latest dating scams of 2020?

Our research and member feedback clearly shows the current 2020 online scams used in the Philippines are:-

  • Looking for a Sugar Daddy
  • I Need Money for Food
  • Can You Buy Me a Phone to Chat?
  • I Need Reload for My Phone
  • Medicine For a Relative
  • Webcams

Most Nigerian scamming groups use the 'Package Fee Waiting' technique; or a variant. Once they have your contact details, eventually they'll fake sending you a package which will have a fee payable before you can get the package. Pay the expense, and the scammers have won their prize.

There are less complicated ploys used by Philippines-based Filipinas.

These Pinay girls need less money due to their location; extracting small amounts from unsuspecting men is their goal.

Looking for a Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddy (slang term), a man who offers support (typically financial and material) to a younger companion - Wikipedia

"Seeking a Sugar Daddy" is a trendy 2020 profile description inclusion.

With the current hardships in the Philippines, Filipinas are desperate to find a guy to support them; and hopefully their families.

So how does this ploy work?

It's most men's fantasy to have a horde of nubile sex slaves at his disposal when he chooses.

A sugar daddy is usually an affluent guy. He is willing to financially support a woman in exchange for her company and affections if and when he chooses.

Filipino girls through this bait out in their online dating profile description in the hopes an interested man likes the 'Sugar Daddy' fantasy.

And some men are more than willing to support a needy woman or women financially.

What is the problem?

This fun notion gets exploited.

When a Filipina girl does find a guy who will support her, she tells her friends. They're hard-up for cash too. Her friends join in and start advertising for 'sugar daddies'.

The word spreads far and wide. Eventually, groups of Philippines girls get together and make it into a money-making racket.

What is stupid is a 'Sugar Daddy' should have ready access to any girl he's supporting as a mistress. That's the whole point.

I guess someone forgot to explain this to the hordes of Filipinas lol.

Blonde Filipina in bikini
Could you resist her?

When does being a 'Sugar Daddy' make sense?

If you are living in the Philippines (or planning to live there), you can be like many foreign guys and have several Pinay women 'on your books'.

Your criteria need to include:-

  • Confirm the Filipinas' intentions
    • Does she intend to be your on-call mistress?
  • Confirm her location will be short travel time from your location
    • She can't live too far away, or you won't get what you're going to pay for, right?
  • How much money/pesos is she expecting for her services?
    • Does the money include living expenses, housing, food or medical expenses?
    • Are there any of her family's costs included

On a final note, never give her any money or false expectations. Any arrangement is strictly a business transaction. She gets no money until there's a finalised agreement and you've met in real life.

I Need Money for Food

"Hi tobe honest im here looking for someone that can help me to have food for my baby and im willing todo anything you want - Im single mom"

You'll read a few profile descriptions similar to the one above.

What's the hook?

  • She's a single mother with a baby to feed
    • There's no strong man in her life to take care of her.
  • She will do 'anything' if you help her.
    • Here is the lure of anything sexually related. That's the most significant incentive to your subconscious.
  • She's in a desperate situation, hoping you can save her and her baby.
    • Don't get trapped by 'The Savior Complex' or the 'White Knight Syndrome.'

Her sad situation may be genuine. But can you know for sure?

Above all else, you should never take responsibility for other adults.

If you find the Filipina an exciting person to know, chat online for a lengthy time to gauge her real intentions; do not give her money.

The Reality of a Pinay Asking for Food Money

You need to face the reality of the situation, to be honest.

Any Filipina, with children, who is asking for money in her dating profile description will be hard work. If she wants now, you'll be paying out for the rest of the time you are with her. That's a burden you don't need.

And she is highly likely to have other foreigners baited with the same hook.

Block her and find a Philippines girl with a job and stability.

Can You Buy Me a Phone to Chat?

"Hi ! Sorry I replied late on you .. Sorry because I dont have cellphone to chat on you 😥 Can you help me to lend money so that I can buy phone and chat with you"

What sane person would buy a total stranger a phone?

You'd be surprised how well this works with men.

These men see an attractive Filipina and want a piece of that action. Subconsciously, they're willing to get her at any cost; which is the bait this girl is using.

Desperation drives men to do crazy things; including sending money to buy a phone so that he can chat with her.

That's an outlandish notion when you read in text form.

The 'Send Money To Buy a Phone' gambit is very popular in the Philippines, sadly.

Send Money for a Phone - What's Next?

Suppose the Filipino girl is on an online dating site using this technique. In that case, you already know she has access to the Internet.

She could be using an Internet Cafe, as many Philippines girls do. From your stand-point, she can go on using the cafe, but we all know she has a smartphone and is stringing you and many other guys along.

It would be best if you blocked any Filipina who is bold enough to ask you to buy her gifts. You don't know her, and you don't even know she is the real deal.

Sure, continue chatting online within the website. If the girl has an interest in you, she's able to use an Internet Cafe when she's able.

You're in no rush. There are loads of other girls you should be chatting to; the same as she will be doing.

Don't fall for this 'con' and never send money to a person you don't know, no matter what the BS she's giving you.

Blonde Filipina vignette
Would you buckle at the knees to talk to her?

I Need Reload for My Phone

The baby sister scam to the 'Send money for a phone' fraud is needing money/pesos for a phone reload.

What's 'reload'?

Filipinos call the process of adding data usage to a phone as reloading. If she suggests she doesn't have enough 'load', that's what she's referring to.

Bear in mind this has nothing to do with her phone's ability to use WiFi which it will be able to.

'Reloading' is to make voice calls and use mobile data; she can use WiFi, for free, at any hotspot.

Should You Reload Her?

If you want to voice-chat with her (outside of WiFi), then the wiser option is to reload her phone yourself. Please don't send her the money or risk losing it.

The process is easy to do and safeguards you.

Follow the simple instructions for either SMART network or the Globe network, after she's told you which.

We recommend doing so only after you've voice or video chatted her; with her using WiFi. At least you know something of her intentions by this time.

Medicine For a Relative

"Hi, can you help with some small medicine for my sick mom? only small money is OK and big help for her. please please please i will do anything you want"

The 'Savior Complex' or the 'White Knight Syndrome' is being used once again to tug at your heart-strings.

Asking for a small amount of money (in the beginning) makes the request sound minor and inconsequential. Who wouldn't help a dying mother with 20 dollars; the amount is nothing to a foreigner. Right?

The reality is if she does have a sick relative, you won't be the only guy she'll have contacted. She'll end up milking you and scores of other men.

You don't live in the Philippines. What will be your received benefit from sending money?

If you think you'll get some webcam peep-show action, maybe you will.

But you can get that same action from a much more willing Filipina girl who has a stable life and isn't the type to ask a stranger for money brazenly.

The Next Steps To Take.

These Pinay girls aren't worth the effort. Once you get that request message, report her through the Admin Message system, block her and find a better girl.

Continuing with this girl will only see her drain your bank balance with no reward to you.


In desperate times, women resort to exploiting themselves and their bodies.

Prostituting themselves via a webcam has been popular with Philippines girls for many years.

For many Filipinas, it is their only means of income. We are OK with that; we do not judge a person's job.

Many guys use a dating site looking for ordinary women who are webcam girls.

When Does 'Webcamming' Become a Con?

Most webcam Filipinas do the work in an as honest way as they can manage.

But there have been times when scammer groups use the notion of naked webcam girls as their lure.

They will have you pre-pay via PayPal for your peep-show session; only to disappear with your money and the money of many other guys.

Webcam Safeguard

If she's an honest girl, you will undoubtedly be able to verify she is real using Skype, Whatsapp or whatever else she will be using.

Explain you need to make sure she's real and have at least one video contact.

Pre-paying for any show runs a risk, but that is the case with most pre-pay services. At least you're minimising your risk.


Not every Filipina is there to con you out of money, but it is tough going at the moment in the Philippines. That sort of environment brings out the worst in some people. Other people will be desperate to find a solution to their financial hardship.

But in reality, their problems are not yours.

You must retain your focus on what and who you seek and protect yourself and your finances.

Never give out your email address and only use an external chatting application that allows you to block an undesirable person quickly.

Stay safe and find the Filipina who will make your dreams come true.


What are the trendy 2020 scams used in the Philippines?

  • Looking for a Sugar Daddy
  • I Need Money for Food
  • Can You Buy Me a Phone to Chat?
  • I Need Reload for My Phone
  • Medicine For a Relative
  • Webcams

Are Filipina WebCam Girls Legit?

  • Yes they are
  • WebCam girls can earn good money using their phones
  • An honest girl can support her family
  • Understand many will be using low-end hardware
    • Many will be of low quality, and drop-outs will be frequent

Last updated: November 02, 2021

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