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Are Cebu Girls Different To Manila Women?

Stephane Fillon
December 05, 2020 • 16 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
Manila vs Cebu for a foreigner destination

Cebu and Manila are on every single man's itinerary when visiting the Philippines. These capital cities offer great diversity to foreign men looking for a holiday or a more permanent residence in the Philippines.

But should single foreign men choose between choosing a girlfriend in Manila as opposed to Cebu? Are there significant differences?

Cebu and Manila are popular destinations for foreigners. Both cities have a nightlife suitable for single men. Cebu rent prices are 30% lower than Manila, in the city center. Differing expenses and tourist attractions will alter the dating destination you chose. Also note, Manila has a higher crime index of 64.68 compared to Cebu's 51.17.

You should take note that Filipinas living anywhere in the Philippines display similar qualities when it comes to sexuality, family values, and loyalty to their boyfriend or husband.

But where they differ is how their environment affects their lifestyle and outlook towards life.

Some men prefer city living and urban lifestyle. Other guys prefer country life or the relaxation a beach setting offers. I'd suggest you try out both as they'll be significantly different from your home country and so will the girls.

Furthermore, it will depend on what your ultimate goals are. Are you only visiting the Philippines for a short holiday or looking to move or retire here permanently? Your choice of destination also varies to the types of fun you're looking for too.

To kick things off, let me explain the major cities in both Manila and Cebu.

Manila City is well known as the most densely populated globally, and traffic puts Bangkok to shame.

If you prefer a more laid-back metropolis, Cebu City should be your choice. It is still large enough with everything a single foreigner will desire.

Dating Differences

You've firmed up a general idea on 'busy or chill' as a target destination, so what's next?

Manila City

If you're a single young foreigner, you'd prefer nightlife as your entertainment fun choice priority. Manila City will be your first stop if that's the case.

Manila City does have some 'darker' areas, so you must play it safe until you better understand your surroundings. Thankfully, Makati's location is popular with young guys and has large concentrations of attractive young Filipinas. Filipino girls hang around Makati because of you, lol.

We've written about the lovely girls in Manila before and where are the best places to pick them up.

Let's recap, though.

The better bars to practice your 'bar game' will be Yes Please, Skinny Mike's Sports Bar, and Finders Keepers. The nightclubs more active with Filipino girls are Valkyrie, Black Market, ZZYZX, and Prive.

In short, the girls at all these places are expecting you, and if you don't approach them quickly, they'll be coming to you, providing you look the part.

The majority of Filipinas you'll meet in clubs and bars will be expecting an exchange from you. After all, you're expecting sexual treats, which you must pay for, in one form or another.

If your' day game' is 'up to snuff,' head over to the big malls for practice. The variety of Filipino girls is diverse, to meet every guy's flavor. The more popular ones to look for are Mall of Asia (in Pasay), SM Megamall (at the Ortigas Center in Mandaluyong), Robinsons (in Malate), and SM City North EDSA (in Quezon City). In Makati, you'll find SM Makati, Greenbelt, Glorietta, Century City, and Power Plant are the better malls for hanging out with Philippines girls.

If you aren't in the top five percent of game players, though, your chances dwindle, especially if you're new to the Philippines. If you want to maximize the volume of female company, join an online dating site and plan ahead of time.

Every nightclub girl is on an online dating site. Plus, the majority of other single girls are as well. It makes sense.

Cebu City

Cebu City has undergone a massive rethinking of clubbing and bars over the past several years. The once famous Mango Square club district is all but gone now.

By far, malls and online dating are the popular choices that single guys have in this big city. And with malls, you'll need to be good at 'day game' too. The better malls to try your game will undoubtedly be Ayala Center, SM Cebu City, SM Seaside, and don't forget Cebu IT Park. The latter is popular with all the nearby office girls, so it's a great hunting ground and less frequented by foreigners.

Nearby Cebu City has a beach lifestyle
Remember Cebu City is more tourist-friendly and laid-back.

The special treat for you, as a tourist, is Cebu is close to beaches and islands. Ideal for relaxing, swimming, surfing, and snorkeling. It is common for Manila women to spend a long weekend in the Cebu area - so you get the best of both worlds with Cebu.

I stayed in and around Cebu City several times in the past. I find the city itself less chaotic than Manila. Cebu still has a healthy amount of nightlife areas plus the bonus of its proximity to beaches and tourist-centric activities. I love soaking up the sun and doing some snorkeling and diving.

In my experience, the girls of Cebu love the beach too. It's all about getting the girl/s.

What About Attitude Variation?

No matter where you venture in the Philippines, Filipino women are some of the sexiest and feminine girls you'll find in all of South-East Asia.

They aren't without their flaws, but what women aren't? At least Filipinas maintain high respect for foreign guys. After all, you're the catch-of-the-day for these girls.

Manila Girl's Attitudes

It should be no surprise that Manila women are a little 'sharper' than their laid-back Cebu sisters.

The big city lifestyle tends to toughen up a girl's attitude.

Crime Index:64.6851.17
Safety Scale:35.3248.83

The general crime index in Manila is higher than in Cebu. Filipinas are always in dangerous situations, especially at night. Filipino women need to be on their guard, especially when they're out partying and looking for a good guy like yourself.

Manila women live at a faster pace. The city buzzes 24/7. Foreign men are always looking to party, no matter the time of day. You'll always find Filipina freelancers and party girls in Manila.

But be wary of crime and the shadier parts of this big city. If any situation or location 'smells off,' err on the side of caution and get out of there.

Level of crimeHigh 73.69Moderate 55.22
Crime increasing in the past three yearsHigh 61.90Moderate 55.30
Worries home broken and things stolenHigh 61.23Moderate 52.16
Worries being mugged or robbedHigh 68.27Moderate 53.84
Worries car stolenModerate 59.76Low 38.75
Worries things from car stolenHigh 62.18Moderate 47.51
Worries attackedHigh 61.43Moderate 48.23
Worries being insultedModerate 54.60Moderate 40.79
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender, or religionLow 38.91Low 32.17
Problem people using or dealing drugsHigh 70.57High 65.22
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theftHigh 71.14Moderate 57.17
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robberyHigh 70.49Moderate 52.80
Problem corruption and briberyVery High 82.48High 69.96

Thanks to for providing some of the statistics presented here.

You will have the time of your life in Makati, with both nightlife and an abundance of willing female companionship.

Clubbing girls in Manila
If you like the urban style, you will love these Manila girls.

Cebu Girl's Attitudes

As I get older, my preference leans towards a relaxed lifestyle and contented, easy-going Pinay girls.

Meeting girls in Cebu and surrounding areas is just as easy as it is in Manila. You'll still find bars and clubs in both places if that's your style.

Cebu does have more stuff to see if you're a tourist or merely wanting to go to different places outside a big city environment.

Cebu girls are far more budget-conscious too. Their Manila sisters will pressure you for fine dining in Manila's many high-end restaurants. Not so in Cebu.

Cebuano girls are well known to be hard-working, loving women and are more loyal than their Manila counterparts. These traits are partly due to the Cebu people being more laid-back and respecting how life ebbs and flows. Manila, on the other hand, is more in the rat-race pace of life.

These girls make exceptional tour-guides too.

They love exploring Cebu's waterfalls, mountain trails, and most love the chance to don her bikini and soak up the sun.

If you're the type of guy who is more into adventure and the outdoors, consider Cebuano girls for companionship first.

8 Cebu women go to party
Which Cebu girl would you party with?

What About Getting Laid?

Let's start with a few words of wisdom.

All capital cities in every country will be more expensive than the country regions and provinces.

You must first define what your budget is going to be.

Include the following basics:-

  • Accommodation
  • Travel (such as taxis, jeepneys, buses and maybe air flights)
  • Meals and drinks
  • Entertainment (whether it's going to be beach-centric or nightlife-centric).

Since Filipinas earn so little, you'll be footing the bill for her expenses as well. Don't ever think she's going to be paying her way to be with you.


Manila women will invariably charge you more for her time if you're in the Philippines for a short-term holiday. She's under no illusion she's a commodity for purchase/rental.

If you're staying in the recommended Makati area, an apartment will cost around $US600 per month. Please don't rent a dump - you'll be bringing women home, won't you? Do some research online for available rentals that you can book in advance.

The same higher price applies to drinks, mainly clubs and bars. Fortunately, buying a Manila girl a drink also guarantees you a sleeping partner for the evening.

Cebu Lay-overs

Ahh, country girls. You have to love them.

Don't get me wrong, but all Filipino girls love sex. And these girls love having it almost any way you want it.

But, country girls in the Philippines seem to have a higher appetite for 'the sins of the flesh.' I've always found Cebu girls can't get enough. I end up being the one wanting a break and taking some rest, lol.

Women in Cebu see fewer numbers of foreigners since Manila has always remained the first choice for tourists. With that in mind, you instantly become a prime target (in an excellent way).

You're an interesting point for these Cebu girls. And the same rule applies here - buy them a drink, and they're yours for the night or more.


Every single guy will have a fantastic time in either Manila or Cebu.

There's no reason not to try both. But if you're more of a city or clubbing type of guy, then try Manila. On the other end of the spectrum, if you're more into adventure, mountains, or beach life, test out Cebu first.

In either city, you still need to be on guard for gold-diggers. There'll be good and bad Pinay in every place you visit in the Philippines.

It's a smarter practice to verify Filipina girls using an online dating website; before you meetup.

  • Meet them online
  • Decide whether they are worth your time and they're not gold-diggers
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Create a pipeline of girls dotted throughout your various destinations

Stick to this tried and proven practice. You never run out of sexy companionship and have plenty of Manila and Cebu girls on stand-by if any of them turns sour.

Manila vs Cebu for a foreigner destination
So which is more your style? Manila or Cebu?


What essential items must I budget for when traveling to the Philippines?

  • Accommodation
  • Travel (such as taxis, jeepneys, buses and maybe air flights)
  • Meals and drinks
  • Entertainment (whether it's going to be beach-centric or nightlife-centric).

Are Manila women better than Cebu girls?

  • If you more a laid-back guy, choose Cebu
    • Cebuano girls love to travel and chill at the many beaches in the area
  • If you prefer clubbing and an urban lifestyle, then Manila will suit you more
    • Manila does cost more than Cebu, but the Pinay there are racy and raunchy

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