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Boracay Island - Filipino Women & 9 Exciting Beaches

Martin Cooney
October 24, 2020 • 13 min read • Click for comments
Updated: April 08, 2022
Filipino bikini girl on Boracay beach

Boracay in the Philippines has opened for business. International visitors are arriving - that's excellent news for you! Experience Filipino women on the beautiful surrounding of Boracay Island.

This tiny island stands 7kms tall and a mere 500m wide at its bikini line. But despite Boracay's small stature, the small landmass is one of the top drawcards for tourists and locals alike.

So what do you need to know about Boracay Island and its beaches?

Boracay Island was awarded the 2012 Best Island in the World by the international travel magazine 'Travel + Leisure.' The island and its beaches continue to be a drawcard for couples looking for romantic travel holidays. The top five visited Boracay beaches are White Beach, Puka Beach, Diniwid Beach, Ilig-Iligan Beach, and Lapus Lapus Beach.

It is a tiny island, nettled in the Philippines and has 12 beaches. Nine of the beaches are suitable for romantic couples, and we've reviewed them below.

And the abundance of sun and sand draws Filipino women, to beach locations, like bees to a honey-pot.

The island includes the barangays of Manoc-Manoc, Balabag, and Yapak in the municipality of Malay, in Aklan Province of Western Visayas.

Boracay Filipino Women

The Filipino women on and around Boracay are all foreigner-friendly since the island is heavily dependent on the tourism dollar.

The best places to find women who live on the small island are in the nightclubs and bars. You can have a poor-performing pick-up style, too - the girls will be the ones to approach you if you don't.

Are you after a high-priced Boracay freelancer though for a one-night stand, though?

We are now in the 'era of COVID-19'. Take care of your safeguard and well-being.

Picking up Filipino bargirls in Boracay clubs is unwise.

  • These Filipino women are desperate for money since tourism has plummeted for the past ten months
  • Your choice is limited
  • They will be looking for another foreigner target all the time

What is the better approach to spending a Boracay holiday with Filipino women?

Stacking and planning is the best game to play in.

Boracay Island is easily accessible from any part of the Philippines. It makes sense to find a bunch of willing holiday Filipino women first (stacking). Vet the girls for suitability (for you) and then plan the Boracay holiday with the girl you decide upon (planning).

Please don't do the opposite, as you will end up being her prey. You want to be the hunter, not the other way around.

White Beach

White Beach is undoubtedly the most popular beach on Boracay Island, and for a good reason.

It is a spectacular beach with soft sand, crystal blue water, swaying palms, and a sunset experience you must not miss.

The water is shallow and safe but gets deeper at a smooth gradient - making it ideal for wet romantic cuddles with that Filipina you have chosen to accompany you.

Romantic Boracay Island's White Beach
Can you see yourself here with a cute bikini-clad Filipina girl?

User Reviews of White Beach:

Delicate white, crystal-like sand. Truly a comfort to gaze upon the sea. Sit on the shore and bask in the glory of nature at its finest. Relaxing. Comforting. I would love to go back again.

The main attraction is, of course, the beach's beauty. Nightlife, activities, hotels, restaurants are all available. It's a fantastic place for swimming since the water is relatively flat.

Rating: 9.2/10

Puka Beach

Also known as Puka Shell Beach, this stretch of Boracay sand is ideal for a beach stroll, looking for pretty shells with your Pinay woman.

It is less crowded than White Beach too.

The water is a spectacular emerald color, making for memorable selfie photos with your Filipino girl and you.

There's a great range of gift shops selling shells and island treasures - another thing to keep your girlfriend happy and occupied.

Chill out and enjoy a drink and rest on a day bed.

User Reviews of Puka Shell Beach:

The water is so clear. You can travel here via rented boat on a tour package with meals, or if your group is on a tight budget, you can come here via a rented trike. The fare on a trike is ₱200-300 one way. Choose a 4stroke type of motorcycle on a trike because the roads are challenging uphills and downhills.

Puka is an excellent private beach and perfect for kicking back and relaxing from the crowd of Boracay. The items priced have increased here. It's almost like paying double. There are also no restrooms on the beach or anywhere there. So come prepared.

Rating: 9/10

Diniwid Beach

Diniwid Beach is semi-hidden from the crowds of White Beach but close enough to walk.

You will have an ideal area for a bit of privacy and still have white powdery sand.

You can quickly get here from White Beach by walking to the end of White Beach, pass the Lind resort and Steve's Cliff, and via a cliffside trail. Don't worry; it's safe, short, and easy even for kids.

Diniwid Beach is a fantastic spot for taking in a romantic sunset.

There is even a restaurant-bar at the beach, for food and drinks. Go in the afternoon and stay on through the sunset, with drinks, food, and a girlfriend in your arms.

Beer and Beach bed at Boracay Island's Diniwid Beach
Relax at Diniwid Beach with Filipino women, a beer and a beach bed.

User Reviews of Diniwid Beach:

Diniwid Beach shows fantastic views and the most beautiful sunsets. The shoreline has limestone formations. The beach itself is not very conducive for swimming or walking barefoot because of the seashells that can cut your feet or legs. However, it is more serene than White Beach and makes the right place for meditating.

Diniwid is a small beach just a few hundred meters from Station 1 on White Beach. A footpath connects it. Diniwid used to be a quiet place, but it's busier now with increased tourism in Boracay. People usually pass through this area now. Diniwid is a popular place for locals to hang out. You see them cooking and having a picnic.

Rating: 9/10

Ilig-Iligan Beach

A quiet and secluded beach.

It's a quiet beach as it's right under the helicopter path, so you won't hear any drone flying, which is an unusual and pleasant experience these days.

It's a no-frills beach too. You can hire a tricycle for 300 pesos for the two way trip there.

If you're after a less-crowded beach with beautiful water and sand, this is the spot.

Why don't you organize one of many Filipino women to pack a picnic lunch or dinner and get away from the crowds?

User Reviews of Ilig Iligan Beach:

Ilig-Iligan is a fantastic beach. There are many fishes here, and the water is so clear that you can swim with the fishes, and the water is not so deep although currents are a bit strong.

The place or beach is incredible with a nice view, but food and accommodation are way too expensive. They sell young buko here for Php200.00/piece. A small bottle of water for Php120.00. If you are on an island hopping tour, at some point, you will get thirsty. If you are holidaying on a budget, please make sure to bring some water with you.

Rating: 8/10

Lapus Lapus Beach

Lapus Lapus Beach (or Paradise Cove) is much like White Beach, with stunning white powdery sand and crystal clear waters.

This beach is, however, attached to the Fairways Resort. Still, it isn't a private beach, so you both can enjoy its peace and tranquillity without needing to stay at the resort. You can quickly get here either by the main gate entry or via a private boat. I suggest the former if you're already riding a scooter.

Activities available are snorkeling, diving, swimming, and just chilling out.

Appreciate nature, listen to the calming waves, and relax and enjoy life.

Stay on until the night with your girl and have dinner and drinks at the resort - support the locals.

Relax at Boracay Island's Lapus Lapus Beach
Just lay on the powdery sand with your Filipina girlfriend.

User Reviews of Lapus Lapus Beach:

If you want to go away from the noise and people, Lapus Lapus is the place. Lovely beach but not recommended for swimming for there are a lot of sharp rocks and corals. Lapus Lapus is a great place to unwind.

I enjoyed some calm and tranquility here. I recommend getting off the grid and listen to the waves—a great way to soothe your soul.

With its silent and vast shoreline, it is ideal for an idle walk and reflection. Honestly, this place is truly relaxing. You can stare at the distant shore and let time evaporate. Not many people can enjoy this beach. I like to swim here when it is a high tide; the coast will be farther from the rocks. All you see below is white sand. And when it is low tide, this place is still teeming with life. This place is always spotless and quiet—no vendors and loud music here.

Rating: 8/10

Bulabog Beach

Suppose you're looking to get into water-related activities with your Filipino girlfriend. In that case, Bulabog Beach is where it's all happening.

Bulabog Beach is on the opposite side of White Beach.

Most Filipino women have never experienced 'Helmet Diving,' and I suspect neither have you. Try this unique diving together, and she'll associate a fantastic time with you beside her.

It's also a great beach to learn kitesurfing, with its shallow flat water and a fair wind every day.

User Reviews of Bulabog Beach:

I have never seen such an excellent beach for windsurfing as Bulabog beach! Hundreds of kites up in the wind and as many surfers happy with their life. Great place to learn to kitesurf too!

Even though it was overcast and a drizzle. It was perfect weather. The crew on parasailing was excellent- very smoothly operated.

Bulabog is an excellent beach for kite and windsurfing. The area is also the loading area for watersports and island hopping during habagat season.

Rating: 7.6/10

Punta Bunga Beach

This area is another secret paradise since it is accessible from Movenpick or Shangri-La resorts, so only a few people are here.

The beach is located just above White Beach on Boracay Island's west coast, in the village where the locals live rather than the commercial shops.

It is quite a quiet beach, making it ideal for romance and private time with your Pinay girl.

There is some controversy if Punta Bunga is a private beach or not. We were staying at the Shangri-La Hotel at the time, so we had no trouble.

Boracay Island's Punta-Bunga Beach
No crowds at Punta Bunga Beach. Just you and your Pinay girl.

User Reviews of Punta Bunga Beach:

Punta Bunga is a lovely secluded beach with clear water and a few activities. Sun loungers were plentiful. There was a seated smoking area in the shade for smokers. Never saw too many people there, so it was peaceful.

For us, this was the best most-private beach in Boracay. Also, there is superb snorkeling on the very southern point.

The beautiful reef wall is full of life. We fought the current for a bit before doing a long and relaxed drift dive. Suitable for all levels. Spotted a scorpionfish when diving!

Rating: 8.5/10

Tambisaan Beach

Tambisaan Beach has it all wrapped up around a short stretch of white sand and coconut trees.

This Boracay beach is ideal for holidays with the whole family, families with children, and couples like you.

The beach is calm. The sand is clean and yellow and great for snorkeling. If you and your Philippines girlfriend are looking to be tucked far away from the tourist-centric restaurants & bars, then this is the place you need to head.

User Reviews of Tambisaan Beach:

If you want terrific snorkeling straight from the beach, then visit here. Can get a taxi from any of the stations for 120-150 PHP (less than $3). This beach is where the locals live, plus a couple of stunning resorts and a homestay or two.

There were thousands (yes thousands) of fish; if you're a good swimmer, you can even swim across to crocodile island. Take your gear, although you could hire it from 'Marnin's place.'

Most tourists going to Boracay will end up on beaches in Station 1, 2 & 3. If you want to avoid crowds and do some snorkeling, this is the ideal place. There is a lovely spot 100 m away from the beach. Hire a local fishing boat. You can have a pleasant time there.

Rating: 9.8/10

Cagban Beach

South-facing Cagban Beach is located across a small strait from the jetty port at Caticlan on Panay island.

If you both are looking for an active day, this beach offers water-skiing and jet-skiing, as well as fishing and swimming in clear blue-green waters.

It is a smaller beach but has many food shops and eateries, so it's easy to grab some snacks and trek back to lay on the beach together.

Boracay Island's Punta-Bunga Beach
No crowds at Punta Bunga Beach. Just you and your Pinay girl.

User Reviews of Cagban Beach:

Cagban is a quiet place. The sunset is a good experience.

Cagban beach is a small beach but quite a romantic place suitable for couples.

Rating: 7.2/10


The Philippines boasts some of the most visited beaches in the World. White Beach, on Boracay Island, has received numerous awards over the years.

Boracay is on the minds on all Filipino women and their holiday destination 'dream list.' For that reason, the island should be on your travel itinerary too. You provide her with her perfect holiday experience, and you will reap her benefits.

Remember, plan the Boracay Island trip ahead of time. You want to travel there with the pick of the Filipino women you've contacted on our dating site, whether a long-term relationship girl or a holiday Filipino girlfriend. That choice is entirely yours to make.

And you'll find her here, so do join up free today.

Thanks to Google Maps and Tripadvisor for providing some of the user reviews.

Filipino woman on Boracay Island beach
Can you imagine seeing her all day on the beach?


What are the better beaches to visit on Boracay Island, with Filipino women?

  • White Beach
  • Puka Beach
  • Diniwid Beach
  • Ilig-Iligan Beach
  • Lapus Lapus Beach
  • Bulabog Beach
  • Puntabunga Beach
  • Tambisaan Beach
  • Cagban Beach

What are the main weather patterns for Boracay Island?

  • The Amihan season has moderate temperatures and little or no rainfall
    • This weather pattern occurs from October to sometime in June
  • The Habagat season has hot and humid weather and frequent heavy rainfall
    • The Habagat season is from June till sometime in October

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