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Do Filipino Women Fall In Love Too Quick? 1-2-BOOM!

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June 27, 2020 • 10 min read • Click for comments
Updated: April 10, 2022
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A common question from men on the site is whether this Pinay girl or that one might be a scammer.

These men are concerned the Filipino woman is falling heads over heels, in love. Their response is defensive, based on their Western experiences of women. Are these men getting scammed?

And that begs the question: Do Filipino women fall in love too fast? Why do Philippines women quickly blurt out their passion for a man they've never met and only just met, online?

The peak dating range for Filipino women is between 25 and 36 years of age. They are desperate to start a family at this age. Psychologically, they hold strong feelings towards foreign men who honour and respect a woman's cultural family values.

What is the spread of Philippines women who are going online, to contact a foreigner? Here is a breakup of the Filipina demographics, using our dating site. These statistics give many insights to the behaviour of Filipinas, and why they fall in love faster than you might think is believable.

Dating Age RangesPercent %
18 - 2413%
25 - 3657% (peak range)
37 - 4627%
18 - 4697% (most active range)

The most dynamic range falls between 18 and 46 years of age. This spread coincides with the search criteria of the majority of men looking to hook-up with a Pinay girl, for dating or a casual encounter.

The numbers spike across the 25 to 36 year age bracket and for good reasons.

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They are cute & beautiful. Could you fall in love with her?

Pinay Looking Long Time

Girls in the Philippines will look to local men when they first start thinking about boys. That is natural across the globe.

Many women strike problems with relationships with local Filipino males. Philippines men are notorious for cheating. They are frequently looking to upgrade themselves into relationships with younger Filipino women.

Philippines girls start their interest in boys early in life at 16 years of age (Province islands this is even lower at 14 years). We see them trickle into online dating at 18, which spikes at 20 years. From here, there is increasing numbers that rapidly ramp up to 24 years of age.

They have an eight to ten-year span of Pinay in and out of Filipino male encounters. They've already been on the hunt for a long time. Filipino women aren't well known for patience when it comes to settling down.

By 20, many will be desperate to find a decent and honest man to settle down within a relationship. The number escalates to 24 years old. Desperation fuels their emotions. The girl's emotions propel her to fall in love for any reliable guy who speaks sweetly, which is why foreigners are a primary target audience.

Family Life Tension & The Clock

With their Spanish cultural libido, these Pinay women have an internal alarm to make babies. And her bells are ringing loud and clear, in their early twenties.

She's got the clutter of these maternal signals; plus she's coping with family pressures, at the same time.

Maternal Instincts

Family life plays a significant role in Philippines culture.

At the peak dating range 25 - 36, Filipino women are out there and amongst it. Their internal maternal instincts has them doing back-flips.

They all know they must have children before their systems get too old for child-raising.

Plus, a mix of foreigner blood and features makes for attractive Filipino kids. Children of a mixed heritage get an instant status boost, better social standing plus increases in future job opportunities. Every mother wants this for her offspring.

Filipino women laying at the pool
Girls in the Philippines are patiently waiting for you.

Social Pressure

A Filipino girl at 25 is already past her peak prime, at this age.

Her peers and family will already be placing psychological pressure on her.

  • "Why isn't she married by now?"
  • "You are soon getting too old to have kids!"
  • "You need to start a family before it's too late!"
  • "I've got a husband. Why haven't you?"
  • "My Australian boyfriend takes good care of me. Why don't you look for a foreign husband instead?"
  • "You are so pretty. Find yourself a handsome guy from Europe. They treat us girls with respect."

All this stress leads to embarrassment and self-doubt.

'What is wrong with her?'.

She will tell a prospective husband anything to hook him into her life, including that she loves him.

In her mind, saying this isn't an out-and-out lie but more an exaggeration. She'll already have feelings.

A Better Life

Who doesn't want a better life?

I know I moved to live in South-East Asia for precisely that reason. Something better than what I had before.

Filipino women want the same. With abject poverty rife across the Philippines; and a male-dominated society and Government structure, Philippines women live on the lower rungs of the social and economic ladder.

Her female friends will tell her how happy they now are once they found salvation in the meeting, dating and marrying a foreigner.

The thinking and planning start once she's over her initial jealousy.

With a foreign husband, she will have more money given to her.

  • She will eat well.
  • Have nice clothes.
  • The peer pressure will go away.
  • Her family social standing will be better than it's ever been.
  • She can help support her parents which is another obligation placed on Filipino children.

Guys need to see why she is likely to fall head over heels in love when you consider how much she has to gain.

Telling you sweet words will get you more interested in her - well, that's her hope.

Philippines women under umbrella
Pinay girls are always weathering a storm wanting a better life.

You Are More Than You Realise

Every person has doubts about their worth, to others. That's human nature and self-doubt.

You won't realise it, but Filipino women view you in a light, far above what you think of yourself.

Here is what she is thinking of a foreigner who is interested in her:-

  • She sees you as a man who can afford her
  • A man who will support and care for her as his wife
  • You are someone who will love, respect and value her
  • As a foreigner, you already have a reputation of not cheating and screwing around on the side
  • She sees you are a committed guy. After all, you're willing to travel to another country to be with her.

Without you knowing it, the Filipino women falling in love with you already worships these reliable and trustworthy character traits. Traits you didn't think you possess.

Cut her some slack if you think she's falling in love with you too quick.

Local Filipino Guys Aren't For Them.

Philippines women see a lot of local men by the time they hit 25 years of age.

The younger they are, the more local interest they get.

Filipino men gravitate towards young virgin women.

It's another notch in their belt of conquests. There are groups of young Filipino guys who consider this sort of thing as a game. Filipino women don't ever see it that way. And they hate it.

What is good news for foreigners is 25 is considered a ripe age for a woman. They are still very much sexually active. A woman starts hitting her sexual peak at this age.

The situation with this aged woman is they do have experience in intimacy.

Leave the local guys to the sexually inept virgin Filipino women.

You want a Pinay woman with experience. A woman who isn't afraid to show you what she's learnt, along the way.

Filipino Women Got Competition

It's a buffet in the Philippines.

You will find all different sizes, shapes and ages of Filipino women. All are vying to get ahead in life and get your attention.

Every one of these girls knows the odds of snaring an honest financially-secure foreigner is against them.

If you pick only one to chat and message to, there are 100s ready to take her place if you lose interest.

She needs to keep your interest directly focused on her. Do you think she'll embellish her feelings for you?

Undoubtedly, she will.

That isn't to say it not real though.

Filipino women choose a foreigner because she is interested.

Deep feelings need time to grow and blossom.

It is OK to tell her - "I like you too. Let's go slow so we both can be sure".

Save her the embarrassment of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Be honest.

If you don't like her, respectfully tell her and move on.

Yes, It Could Be a Scam

There's always the possibility she is trying to scam you too.

The percentage is small. It does happen.

Dating, in real life or otherwise, has a darker side.

Nefarious people exist praying on the unsuspected.

We have numerous systems in place to protect all our loyal members from harm.

You also have an obligation to yourself to follow due diligence. Ensure who you are talking to are bona fide.

Don't fall victim to anyone. Never send money to anyone you don't yet have complete confidence.

"If someone sounds too good to be true, they most likely aren't".

Safeguard yourself, always.


Twenty-something Filipino women are cute and honest but, at times, their mouths engage before their brains.

These Filipino women have many factors working against them which they're trying to overcome.

Family and financial pressure; their female friends with good foreigner boyfriends and husbands plus her biological clock is ticking down.

As sexy and appealing as they are, any foreigner looking to date or marry a Filipino woman needs to use commonsense and a degree of caution.

Take all relationships slow at the beginning.

Start by understanding what the girl's plan and ambitions are. Do they align with yours?

Do you have common ground? Are you both looking for the same kind of relationship?

Don't bother talking about love and long term relationships if you're only searching for a short term holiday girlfriend. You will both end up disappointed.

Filipino women do fall in love quickly.

And some will be looking for financial gain only.

Do your due diligence and remain cautious until you don't need to be.


Why do Filipino women fall in love so quickly with foreigners?

  • They have family life pressure to marry
  • Their biological clocks are ticking in their early 20s
  • Many poor experiences with local Filipino men
  • Peer and social pressures
  • She's got a lot of competition from other Filipino women
  • They want a better life

What should I do when a Filipino woman says she loves me?

  • Take a breath first
  • Explain what and who you are looking for
  • Does her life ambitions match yours?
  • Explain you want to take a relationship at a slow pace
  • Grow your confidence and knowledge of her
  • and the best of luck

Last updated: April 10, 2022

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