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Filipino Dating: 15 Better Things To Do With Manila Girls

Martin Cooney
February 25, 2021 • 15 min read • Click for comments
Updated: April 20, 2022
Filipina Cycling in Manila

A single man arriving for the first time in the City of Manila can be a daunting experience.

How do you start Filipino dating in Manila? Where do you take a Pinay on a date? Manila is such a large sprawling city, so what is available to a single man?

Manila is highly urbanized and the second most populous city in the Philippines. This metropolis is a hive of activity and ripe with Filipino woman; all of who will willingly jump at the chance to date a foreign tourist or ex-pat. Unique Filipino dating experiences include Co-baking, a Sunset Skydeck, and enjoying local cuisine at the Mercato Centrale.

So what is a man to do in Manila?

Try a New Activity Together Improves Your Connection

Meeting in real life, for the first time, can be daunting. That feeling is the same for you and your new Filipino date.

You want to find experiences that will take the edge off so you both can laugh and enjoy each other's company. Doing this paves the way for a better relationship and friendship.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a baker? It isn't a weird a thought as it initially sounds, so bear with me.

Co-baking Space in Manila

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The 'Co-baking Space in Manila by Bakebe' is a different activity most people will never try; that's why this makes for a unique Filipino dating activity.

Their studios are located in Taguig, Metro Manila, and open between 10 AM and 10 PM.

Your Filipino woman will already love cooking and will never have taken a formal baking class.

She'll never have done a cooking class with any previous boyfriends, and this makes baking classes extra special.

For a one-off slice of togetherness, try any of these beginner classes:-

  • Spend 2.5 hours and make 15 Golden Chestnut Macarons (class cost is 1799 pesos during weekdays)
  • Spend 1.5 hours and make 6 Cake Pop Divas (class cost is 1199 pesos during weekdays)

You won't master 'the art of baking,' but you both will make some authentic and delicious tea-time treats.

Plus, you get to laugh at each other as you each make mistakes - this is essential in building a lasting and fun relationship.

Art in Island: 3D Interactive Art Museum

The 'Art in Island' is a 3D interactive art museum and a Filipino girl's selfie heaven.

The facility is reopening on March 1, 2021. You'll find the venue at Cubao, Quezon City / Manila. Take note the museum is closed on Mondays but opens every other day at 9:30 AM and closes at 9:30 PM, with a 500 pesos per person admission fee.

Pose like a boss and use your (and her) creativity and imagination to take the most amusing and memorable photos.

This place is Asia's largest 3D art museum, filled with floor-to-ceiling artworks that will make your jaw drop!

Art in Island will allow you to slide, lie down, and laugh out loud as you take hundreds of pictures with their one-of-a-kind works.

Your Filipino girlfriend will be sharing her photos on social media like crazy. Plus, you'll be in many of them, which is a Filipino dating bonus for you.

A girl sharing 'together photos' means 'she is into you.' You want her to share her photos with her friends.

Care-free Activities Remove Any Filipino Dating Pressures

First, second and third dates with a Filipino woman need to remain interactive, memorable, and calming adventures.

Neither of you needs pressure when you're getting to know each other. Planning care-free Filipino dating locations is an essential step in cementing a connection between the two of you.

Manila Ocean Park

The Ocean Park in Manila is the Philippines' first and largest oceanarium. Once the park reopens, head on to its location in the heart of Manila at Luneta. The park is open between the hours of 10 AM and 6 PM.

You'll both enjoy everything from penguins to sharks.

Pricing varies between 570 pesos to 1000 pesos, depending on the attractions you want to see. The 'Ocean Saver' package at 570 pesos is more than enough and includes:-

  • Oceanarium
  • Super Toy Collection
  • Ballpit
  • Trails to Antarctica (Penguin Exhibit & Christmas Village)
  • Jellies Dancing Sea Fairies

Suppose your Filipino girlfriend has a burning desire to see the sea lions. In that case, you'll need the 'Mega Experience' at 950 pesos. That is a discussion for you to have, lol.

Indie Live Performance At 123 Block

All Filipino girls love their music, dancing, and good times. You will score points and make her incredibly happy in deciding to take in some local live bands and music.

So, where are the best live bands in Manila?

The Top Four live band venues in and around Manila are [1] 123Block [2] Jess & Pat's [3] Today x Future and [4] 19 East. A notable addition is Mow's, a gathering spot for both musicians and comedians since 2015.

Our favorite is undoubtedly 123 Block which is located at 123 Pioneer Street 4107 Mandaluyong.

123 Block is a café and fitness center in the daytime. The venue converts to an events hall when the sun goes down and can hold any gig, from exhibits to birthday parties to album launches. All these reasons give the place a remarkable vitality your Filipino woman will appreciate.

You can dance in front of the band or enjoy the music from the private balcony. As far as Filipino Dating goes, opt for the latter - it's more romantic.

Eating Together Activates Your Senses

Everyone enjoys quality food. Engaging your taste buds during a date brings more endorphins into play for your both. Eating together is an ideal Filipino dating experience - you will both enjoy.

When you're in Manila, you must take a Filipino woman on a date to either of these two sumptuous eating places:-

The Bayleaf Intramuros - Sky Deck

Located at Muralla corner Victoria Streets Intramuros, Manila, the Sky Deck is perfect for a romantic dinner for two.

You both will have an unobstructed, 360-degree view of the entire city, including the world-famous Manila sunset. The view alone is stunning and relaxing.

The Bayleaf Intramuros - Sky Deck

Plan for a few hours at the very least. There are many photo-shoot opportunities with the surrounding views and numerous selfies that your Filipino girlfriend will want to snap. Taking photos together makes the bonding experience a night to remember.

The staff is friendly and extremely attentive, and helpful.

Get the Staff to Help

I suggest, you have your Filipino girlfriend ask the staff to accommodate with the best table with skyline views and help explain the various dishes for you.

But try the Chicken Filipinos and chocolate cake dessert, which are excellent.

Relish The Local Food At Mercato Centrale

Allowing your Filipino woman (or ladyboy) to be your local food guide is always a bonding experience that works when first going on a date. She will feel a central involved part of the relationship.

And there is no better way than asking her to be your food critic when wandering through the Mercato Markets. The location now is the corner of 25th Street and 7th Avenue (search for Icon Plaza building in Google maps, and the Mercato is next to it).

You can't go wrong on a date than introducing food, eating, and drinking, especially with South-East Asian women. Filipinos love their local dishes with a passion.

The Mercato doesn't disappoint on food variety either.

Be aware this venue offers Filipino street food. You can also try Vietnamese cuisine, pasta and pizza, burgers, and even nachos, which is a considerable benefit for a foreigner. There is something for everyone.

Remember, sharing is Caring

Eating in the Philippines is a communal adventure. Every meal is like this. All the food choices you eventually decide upon should be shared.

Sharing food makes for better Filipino dating conversation too. Ask which dish your girlfriend prefers and why. Let the food and chatting juices flow casually.

Go For a Drink & Laugh - Barriers Are Removed

The best way to get your Filipino Dating Party started is over a few drinks and some laughs.

Three of Manila's best comedy clubs, Zirkoh Comedy Bar, Zirkoh, and Klownz, are currently closed due to renovations and the pandemic problem. But you can still get your share of belly-laughs with your new Filipino girlfriend.

Twit Comedy Bar

Located at 617 Julio Nakpil Street, Malate, Manila, the Twit draws in people who enjoy a good laugh, a few drinks, and the local talent. This circle of people includes most Filipinos, and your girl will be amongst them.

The comedians interact with the audience, which always brings surprises. You being a foreigner makes you an obvious target, so be prepared to join in - your Pinay girlfriend will be watching how you perform.

The Bayleaf Intramuros - Sky Deck

No Staring At Other Filipino woman

Comedy Clubs in the Philippines are definitely 'chick magnets'. Please don't get caught looking at other women. Filipinos are notoriously jealous. Don't destroy an otherwise great Filipino dating experience, with straying eyes

Get Her To Share Her Filipino Culture

Winning a Filipinos heart includes you appreciating her culture and heritage. There's no better location than Intramuros. "The Walled City" is the oldest district in Manila.

What remains of this fortified city was the seat of power during Spanish Colonial times. You'll both find it at Bonifacio Dr & Padre Burgos St, Manila. Still, I'm guessing your Manila girl will have visited the fortress many times before.

Prepare yourself to experience the old Spanish era at Intramuros.

The area is a fantastic opportunity for some hand-holding too. Go casual and stroll through the streets.

All Filipinos are proud of the heritage and know their history.

She'll love to recount what happened where, to you.

Be a history buff for an afternoon and show the girl your interest. Doing so will give you points in your quest.

Filipino Girls Enjoy Romantic Filipino Dating Experiences

The best way to a woman's panties is romance. Filipinos live a simple life. The local Filipino men don't indulge in much fantasy or romance.

You have only to demonstrate necessary romance skills to win her heart, and everything else will fall into place for you.

Try these to set the tone:-

Sunsets with a Manila Bay Dinner Cruise

Sunsets in Manila are the best while on Manila Bay. And sunsets naturally inspire romantic situations.

Set sail with 'Prestige Cruises Mall of Asia' and enjoy a sunset cruise of Manila Bay with your Pinay girl.

Tickets with meals are at 500 pesos per person. The cruise leaves from the Esplanade Seaside terminal at the Seaside Boulevard MOA Complex, Pasay City 1300 Pasay City. Make a reservation to secure a table and a meal registration.

Prestige Cruises Inc. offers Manila Bay Dining Cruises four times a day, every Monday to Friday and five times each day on weekends and holidays. For romance, book your tickets after 7 PM.

Romantic Manila Bay Dinner Cruise

You'll both enjoy the sea breeze, great staff, good food, and a taste of entertaining local music.

All the benefits of a romantic evening with a grateful Filipino woman will be yours.

Mt. Pinatubo - Romance can be Adventure too!

Do you want to see an active strato-volcano? Are you now prepared for an action-focussed Filipino dating adventure?

It takes two to three hours to reach the jump-off point to Mount Pinatubo, from Manila. Use this time traveling to plan the remainder of the evening with your Filipino companion.

Seeing a dormant volcano might not be considered romantic by most people. But I think most Pinay don't have the opportunity. She will be humbled and grateful you consider her worthy of going with you. This situation is where the romance blossoms.

An adventurous trek heightens the body's natural endorphins.

The scenery at the crater's lake is breath-taking. You're combining a 4WD off-road experience with a hike to Pinatubo Crater, where there are supreme views of the emerald-colored lake.

We recommend including a personal tour guide who will take care of all the incidentals so you can focus on enjoyment.

NightClubbing Brings Excitement To You Both

Clubs and bars in the Philippines are natural venues to get your Filipino woman wet. This excitement is evident by the number of girls drawn to the gyrating music and pulsating rhythms.

Start any Filipino girls' body juices flowing and take her clubbing. We always recommend throwing in some booze and dancing to round off the total Filipino dating activities.

Chaos Nightclub

This venue is in the City Of Dreams Manila complex at Asean Avenue (corner Roxas Boulevard), City of Dreams, Manila. It opens between 10 PM and 6 AM. Prepare yourselves for a late breakfast together once you recover, lol.

Chaos Nightclub boasts as having the craziest nights in town and has been in business since 2014.

What's on offer at Chaos?

  • state-of-the-art interiors
  • a pole dancer cage
  • hydraulic DJ booth
  • LED curtains
  • built-in confetti machines
  • Kryo sprayers
  • and 10 KTV skyboxes

Please make sure you both dress well but casually when you go any night between Wednesday and Saturday, inclusive.

You'll both have a crazy time together — drinking, dancing, and people-gazing.

Valkyrie Nightclub

We previously wrote about the Valkyrie Nightclub, which remains a solid club to take any Filipino woman.

Interact With Games

The City of Dreams, Manila, isn't for everyone. If you're traveling on a budget, you should skip this experience.

The City of Dreams is a casino and fine-dining experience. If you don't have the spare cash to flutter on the casino tables, you can still enjoy the venue 'on the cheap' with a Filipino girl.

Go for a night-cap and wander the gaming floor. There's no need to gamble if you're not interested.

You can even go hotel-hopping since the City of Dreams includes three luxury hotels:-

  • Nuwa Manila
  • Nobu Hotel Manila
  • and Hyatt Regency Manila

A low-cost romantic evening will be:-

  • Do dessert at the Nuwa Manila.
    • Wander their casino floor with a drink each. Watch the table action.
  • Head to the Nobu Hotel for a different variety of cocktail
    • Depending on the time of year, each hotel will have a special 'What's On' section. Check the specials
    • Wander their casino floor for more Filipino dating chit-chat
  • and lastly, visit the luxury Hyatt Regency
    • Grab a new drink and head to their pool area
    • The pool is your final romantic destination.
    • Low light that is sparkling over the pool water

Plan for your final destination as your hotel room.

Pinay Girls Love Shopping - Impress Her

Men don't enjoy shopping like women.

But interacting with a women's preference leads to you getting want you ultimately want. Take a Filipino woman shopping!

Mall of Asia

There's no better shopping mall in Manila than 'SM Mall of Asia.' This place is enormous and is known as the largest mall in Asia.

You can use this shopping opportunity for your gain, apart from impressing your Filipino girlfriend.

My tactic is asking the girl to help me choose some casual shirts while I'm in the Philippines. I explain I need some new ones when we go out later that night and want to look my best. Asking for help naturally impresses the girl, and she will be eager to assist. This might seem to be an odd Filipino dating tactic but it works, and works every time!

You'll find this SuperMall is packed with every store and stall imaginable, including many with the style of clothing you'll like.

Stop for a casual lunch and take your pick of the cuisine type. Name the food chain, and you'll find it in the Mall of Asia.

Once finished, explain to the girl that you'd like to drop off your purchased new clothes at your hotel room. The idea here is she accompanies you en-route to the evening's activity.

You know what happens next!


Manila is a city tailor-made to meet, romance, and party with single and available Filipino women.

This vast metropolis has so much to offer that it is impossible not to put a foot wrong as far as picking up women is concerned.

If it's Filipino dating you're looking for, follow these guidelines and get the girl you want.

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Does Manila have casino-style entertainment, for an upmarket Filipino dating activity?

Yes, Manila does three 5-Star hotels which offer casinos and luxury dining facilities. The Nuwa Manila, Nobu Hotel Manila, and Hyatt Regency Manila are nearby within The City of Dreams complex.

What are the better Manila Nightclubs to take a Filipino girl?

We recommend three nightclubs in Manila. [1] the Chaos Nightclub at the City Of Dreams Manila complex. [2] the Valkyrie Nightclub, which has a reasonable cover charge of 1000 pesos (including two drinks) [3] The Island (formerly known as the Palace Pool Club), which is in the same building as the Valkyrie. The newly renovated The Island has no dress code and has eight minibars and food stations.

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