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Filipino Girls - Top 10 Most Asked Questions Plus A Bonus

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Updated: April 08, 2022
Filipina Top 10 questions

Interracial relationships are frightening for many men. But the lure of attractive South-east island women is appealing and a healthy choice for many foreign men. Having Filipino girls for a girlfriend or wife will be your best option; once you understand these Filipino women. What's your burning question?

Why do so many men choose a Filipina? Do they make men happy? How do you find a good Filipino girl? What exactly do you need to know before getting started?

Let's run through the Internet's Top 10 asked questions about Filipino girls plus a bonus question.

You already have your thoughts about the women you've dated in your country. The Internet is rife with guys wondering what makes a Filipina 'tick'.

Are Filipino girls jealous?

When you land in the Philippines, you will face countless pretty girls.

If you are meeting up with a pre-arranged Pinay, you need to be aware of a significant hurdle, on your way to 'holiday nirvana'.

Are Filipino women jealous?

All women are jealous. Females worldwide look for security and stability in their relationships. Women in the Philippines are a mix of the islander and Latino heritage. Their jealousy runs just below the surface. Do not look at or mention another woman in your girlfriend's/wife's presence.

The girls are jealous by nature; it runs hot and deep. Never compliment another girl, especially her friends.

She will mistakenly jump to the wrong conclusion; believing her friend is stealing you away.

Filipino girls are very jealous and fiery.
Filipina women are very jealous and fiery. Don not give her a reason to be!

Are Filipino girls beautiful?

Quote - "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

You are already interested in Filipinas if you're reading this post.

Do you think Filipinas are attractive?

A Filipina, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, won the The 'Miss Universe 2015' pageant. Philippines women have a long history as finalists in the most significant global beauty contests. Opposites attract. Europeans are attracted to Pinay girls who possess a dark complexion or exotic beauty.

Exotic attractiveness includes high cheekbones, long black straight hair and slightly slanted seductive eyes.

The Philippines is a beauty pageant powerhouse with consistent wins across the four big international beauty pageants.

  • Miss Universe crowns (1969 • 1973 • 2015 • 2018)
  • Miss World crown (2013)
  • Miss International crowns (1964 • 1970 • 1979 • 2005 • 2013 • 2016)
  • Miss Earth crowns (2008 • 2014 • 2015 • 2017)

Are Filipino girls lazy?

Filipinos can be lazy, depending on the situation.

When are Filipinas lazy and when are they not?

Filipinos work in a leftist employment system where it is difficult to fire an employee. They can be lazy in their jobs; terminating a Filipino is difficult. Overseas Filipina workers are in the opposite situation. They can be fired at any time and work hard, with extended hours.

Being lazy is not the same as relaxing, which everyone loves.

The Philippines is one of the best countries to relax. If your Filipina shows signs of laziness, give her jobs to do that she knows benefit will you - she'll jump at the chance and be diligent.

Are Filipino women emotional?

As a generalisation, Filipinos are very emotional. A 2016 Global Emotions Report by Gallup reported the Philippines are among the most emotionally sensitive people in the world.

How and when are Filipinas emotional?

Filipinas and Filipinos inherited their fiery temperament from their Spaniard, Mediterranean and Latin America heritages. Foreigners who marry a Filipina prefer this balance of Asian submissiveness, with the added, but occasional, fiery playfulness. Public displays of emotion are frowned upon, however; with Filipinos resorting to 'hugot' (meaning subtle sarcasm).

To be emotional is to be human, after all.

A little fiery emotion goes a long way. If your Filipina girlfriend displays persistent feelings, you might want to look for someone else.

Remember, you're looking for stability as well as happiness.

Why are Filipino ladies short?

I'd never have thought this question would have been so popular.

So why are Filipinas short?

Genetically, native Filipinos adapted to be shorter for survival, in island jungle environments where proteins are not readily available. The majority of Filipinos are lactose intolerant; this means calcium isn't as immediately available for growth. More impoverished Filipinos tend to be much shorter due to malnutrition.

Asian people, in general, are shorter than other parts of the world.

Factors such as environment, genetics, nutrition/malnutrition, wealth and health determine a person's height.

It's an odd question to rank high in Google. Does a Pinay's height matter to you?

Her 'shortness' of height is sexy and cute. What do you think?

Filipinos are short for many reasons.
She might be shorter than you but damn Filipinas are sexy.

Why Filipino girls are the best?

The word 'best' can mean many things; first-rate, outstanding, perfect, terrific and irresistible.

Let's ask the question what makes Filipinas the best and irresistible?

The highest-rated qualities of a Philippines woman are her unwavering importance on family values, quality education and general optimism. She is not afraid to speak her mind but defers decision-making to her spouse or boyfriend. Filipina beauty is diverse in skin-shades, body shape and size.

You can't fault these girls on the value they place on family and family values. Pinay girls have a natural ability to run a well-organised household; an attraction for many foreigners.

Despite being a developing country, all Pinoy parents want their children to get a quality education; for a better life. Education is an admirable quality, rarely promoted as high as it is in the Philippines.

Check our in-depth post on why so many foreigners date and marry Filipinas.

Do Filipinos kiss?

This question is more about the various ways and situations you'll find Filipinas kissing.

Do Filipinos kiss? Yes, sure they do.

When, how and in what ways do Filipinos kiss?

Public displaying of kissing is discouraged in the Philippines. Beso-beso is a 'cheek to cheek' kissing gesture. Initially only common amongst high society members, the practice is now natural with Filipino women. Beso-beso is typical only with females.

The basic rule to follow is to keep your eyes open to 'affection practises', done by the locals.

You want to avoid insulting Filipinos and their culture and keep yourself safe.

How can I impress a Filipina girl?

Impressing a Filipina is easier than you think.

The local men don't pay respect to girls, sadly. A foreigner needs to follow a few simple guidelines to win big.

How do you go about to impress a local Filipina?

Impressing and arousing a local Pinay girl is a 5 step process. A foreigner does the opposite of what the girl has experienced in the past, by the local Filipino men. Showing respect to her, learning a few Tagalog words, give the Filipina genuine compliments, wash and smell good and know her family are the Top 5 areas.

We give verbose explanations and further tips - Read this post for more.

Your initial presentation must give a Filipina an immediate 'Wow Factor'. You should have confidence in yourself; Filipinos admire this personality trait, in others.

Dressing for success is an important tactic to adopt; shower and smell great before you don your subtle but stylish summer clothes.

Can you trust Filipino girls?

This question is subjective and a general question.

Do Filipinos trust Filipino?

Can you trust a Filipino?

There are two levels of trust involving Filipino people: your first time meeting and a relationship. In meeting for the first time, you must exercise caution to focus on the other person's genuine agenda. Filipinos are trustworthy in an established relationship. An example is ordering at a restaurant - you pay after you finish eating; the opposite of western countries; demonstrating the local trust culture.

Every relationship goes through different levels of unconscious testing to establish trust.

Respect and stable family structures are core values in Asian cultures. Trust is an inherent core value.

How do you win a Filipino girl's heart?

This question is much the same as impressing a Filipina.

A friend said to me that Filipino girls are like roses; they are sweet and endearing at first glance but watch out for her thorns if you provoke her. Her emotions run deep.

How do you win a Filipino girl's/Pinay Heart?

There are six areas to focus on to win a Pinay's heart. The first is to be courteous to her. Loving her family is essential. Try to learn her language. Don't argue when a Filipina is right. She takes care of the household, and you must allow her to manage household finances. The house and home is the domain of a Filipina; they are frugal enough to balance a small budget.

When it comes to the household, the advice of a Filipino mother trumps the father's suggestions. There is a family pecking order that is respected and maintained, amongst the Filipino people. Your Filipina girlfriend/wife controls the home and household - let her do her job.

Your girl will bow to your every wish, without question. Just avoid arguing when you are wrong and enjoy the peace and pleasures she brings to your life.

Don't get caught eye-balling or talking about other women. So respect when you're with her.

If you're wrong, admit it, without fuss or bother. Girls can be right too. She will love and respect you more.

Winning a girl's heart in the Philippines takes no effort at all.

Attractive bikini girl from Daram Island, Philippines.
Do you want your own bikini girl from Daram Island, Philippines?

Bonus - Where Are the Sexiest Filipino girls ?

Are you on the hunt to find the most beautiful Pinay girls you can see, while you're in the Philippines?

You've all seen them in the Red Light districts of P Burgos Street, Ermita, Malate, the EDSA Entertainment Complex and Angeles City. The Filipinas are sexy, alluring, and every foreigner's dream.

But can you find these types of foreigner-centric Filipinas elsewhere in the Philippines? Can you find them before they enter into the sleazy underworld of prostitution, freelancing, bar-girls and Pinay whores?

Where do you find all these hidden and sexy Filipinas?

Daram Island is a short boat trip from nearby Catbalogan City in the province of Samar. 85% of the Filipina women in Red Light districts across the Philippines originate from Daram Island. Three-quarters of the population live in poverty; as such women from this island are sold into sex-trafficking.

While Daram Island has a long history of trafficking women and children, the girls here are highly sought after by foreigners; hence why the girls are sold into sex slavery.

Why would you want to journey far to Daram Island yourself?

Three-quarters of the population has never travelled off the island; most women are innocent, shy, but sexually alluring. They are highly skilled in-home duties and relish the thought of finding a good foreign man.

This island is a special place, rarely visited by foreigners.

If you are serious in finding a Filipina who will do anything for you, take a packed lunch for a week and get to Daram Island.

Map to Daram Island, Philippines.
Take a short boat ride to Daram Island, Philippines.


You can never learn enough about a different country and how it's females behave.

Filipino women have a fiery spark in their belly.

Most ex-pats/foreigners appreciate these women's sexual voracity and energy. They're exceptional home-makers and appreciate the positive life-path that foreigners travel.

Allow these girls to please you and enjoy your time and adventures with her.


Why are Filipino girls the jealous type?

  • Her Islander and Latino heritage
  • She's got so much competition
  • She wants to find a good guy and a better life
  • They are quick to jump to wrong conclusions

Why are Filipino girls beautiful?

  • Her Islander and Latino heritage
  • High cheekbones, long black straight hair and slightly slanted seductive eyes.
  • Asian nature and constant beauty regimes
  • Europeans are attracted to girls with a dark complexion

Why are Filipino girls regarded as the best companions?

  • Simple living
  • Easy beach girls for travel
  • Playful nature and relaxed attitude towards life
  • They take care of their man due to strong family values

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