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Single Filipino Women - All You Need To Know

Martin Cooney
November 01, 2015 • 13 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
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Why a Pinay?

There are many reasons why a western guy would want a woman from the Philippines.

  • Stunningly sexy
  • They treat you like a man
  • Cheap place to live with sexy women
  • Lots of sex
  • Real respect
  • Get away from western feminism

Sexy Philippine Women Everywhere

OK, maybe using the word everywhere was overkill.

The first thing you will notice with female pinoy is their smooth skin and small bodies.

They are tiny little Asian girls, without the typical Asian eyes (I love asian eyes by the way).

They will usually have thin bodies.

And their other assets such as bum and boobs are well proportioned and a totally sexy package.

They really are sweet girls.

One of a filipinas better assets is they also speak very good English.

I'd say the best in Asia.

The Philippines was one of the first South-East Asian countries to be 'invaded' by Christian missionaries.

The best gift they brought for the filipino culture was the gift of the English language.

Women from the Philippines also top the list of Asian women that love western men.

This explains the main reason westerners flock here in droves and descend on the Philippines and look for younger girls.

  • Smooth skin
  • Small Bodies
  • Sexy asian complexion
  • Well proportioned, with nice shaped asses and breasts
  • Good English skills
  • They love western men

Hello and wake up, you guys! lol

Get The Man Treatment From Your Girl

Without a question of a doubt, filipinas know how to treat their men.

From a filipino cultural perspective, men take charge.

The women look after the house and the family.

I've a good friend who lives in Manila. He is 25 years older than his long-term Filipino girlfriend. He's told me on many occasions he is more attached to this girl then any other western girlfriend relationship he has ever had.

One of the reasons for this is very simple.

When his Filipino girlfriend first sees him when he comes home from work, she has a beaming smile and rushes to greet him with a genuine kiss and hug.

He told me he has never ever had a girl do this.

The two are madly in love.

I've heard this story from many other western male friends I have who live in the Philippines. The women love their guys.

They love them without question.

And are happy to show their desire and passion for their men in public.

Philippine women treat their men like men and expect than men to treat them like a lady.

It's pretty simple and I think the western world has forgotten these values.

Respect Thy Man

Philippines women know they're in the minority.

They understand western men want respect.

Most men in first world countries don't get it from western women.

Filipinas know full well they will get respect from western men, in return.

Unlike what they get from Filipino men.

It's an easy equation for Philippine women to understand. They give honest respect to their western boyfriends and they get it in return. It is a win-win situation.

What western guy doesn't want respect from the woman he is dating?

It's Cheap To Live In The Philippines

Unless you've done some travel in South-East Asia, you will not understand how far your dollar will go.

I don't mean the tourist traps like Singapore or Hong Kong.

I'm talking about countries that have been relatively poor for a longer of time such as the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, or Laos.

Throughout the Philippines, you will find filipino food to be exceptionally delicious and healthy, and the accommodation is cheap.

It's a great place to live, it costs you 20% of what you're used to paying in the western world and has beautiful Philippines girls.

Great Sex

Most western guys have heard the rumours about having great sex with Asian women.

It's true!

Philippine girls are no different.

Sure, reading any of their online profile descriptions might suggest sex isn't important to them. This is true for any woman's online dating profile, anywhere in the world. They want to be cautious and not put focus primarily on sex.

Filipinas are innately (and insanely) sexual.

When you are in a relationship with a Philippine girl, you'll have a great lady and have great sex on tap.

Lots of it.

They love it.

I'm an older guy so I am not as the virile as I once was.

A good friend of mine in Manila has sex with his filipino girlfriend five times a day.

No joke and he works as well LOL.

It is natural for her and she loves it.

Obviously he loves it as well.

Sex in the Philippines is alive and well!

The Philippines And Western Feminism

Well, there isn't any.

That's another reason to love the Philippines and the women.

There's a better understanding in the Philippines around roles for genders.

Not the same as the West.

Interesting Observation About the Girls here

It will depend on your age difference if this will ever be a problem.

Weight gain :)

Filipinas are mostly slim and nubile in their youth.

If you are dating with the view of marriage or a long term relationship then you might want to look at the girl's mother.

Her mother's shape and size is most likely how your girl will turn out.

Hey, it is something to keep in mind!

Who Are They?

If you're looking to embark on a life in the Philippines it's best you understand the history of Philippine women.

The role of filipino women and men in the Philippines is vastly different.

  • The women are family or community-based.
  • Like most other countries, this isn't universal.
  • Wikipedia suggests that the women run many businesses and government agencies because they are well respected by men.

In reality, this couldn't be any further from the truth.

In the Philippines, men rule.

A growing number of filipino men hate western guys taking away their girls.

There's been violence towards women because of this.

Filipino men dominate their women.

This is one of the main reasons females seek out western men to date and marry.

The religion here is mainly Catholic.

You will continually see their online profiles the mention of these girls being God-fearing and good Catholic girls.

Any western guy would want to know the girl he is about to make contact with is of good repute. This is one of the main reasons the girls wholeheartedly repeat they are good girls from a good Catholic upbringing.

And to never mention sex in any online messaging.

More about that later.

You'll find a large percent of filipinas are single mothers. I guess they are at odds with what the term 'good girl' may mean.

It is true these Philippine singles are family-based - most South-East Asian countries are. Many are single mothers. They take the role of motherhood seriously, as do their parents who lend whatever support they are able.

The Philippines is a reasonably poor country and job opportunities are low.

Pinay girls view western men as one of their only opportunities to move out of poverty.

What Are They About Anyway?

The majority of singles are filipino women or ladyboys.

Both are looking for the same thing on this website.

While you will find many Philippines men also join, the women have already been in and out of relationships is filipino men.

They are tired of being treated like second-class people.

They have an eye on Western men as their way out of their current situation.

Most female Philippine singles are single unmarried mothers with one or more children.

With the high unemployment rate in the Philippines they find it difficult to provide for a stable family environment.

The fathers of their kids provide little or no support.

You need to understand the financial hardship many of these ladies are under.

Many are accused of only looking for money.

This is part way true. True in the sense of wanting to find a solution and provide for the kids.

My suggestion is not to get hung up on the motivation.

Enjoy the time looking for an openhearted Philippine single who is trying to provide for her family. As I mentioned earlier, you will be rewarded with a sweet kind and gentle woman who loves having sex with you as her guy, in her life.

These girls in a loving relationship will treat you like a King.

How Do You Start?

There's basically 3 different ways to hook up with them:

  • Online Dating Site
  • Physically Visit And Tour The Philippines
  • Instant Messaging

Philippines Dating Site

The easiest most convenient way to start looking is an online dating site.

A dating site specifically tailored for women from the Philippines.

Avoid larger Asian region dating sites as they become too cluttered.

You'll get unwanted attention from Asian regions outside the Philippines.

This dating site has been designed specifically for dating, by people who are dating.

  • Dating sites should be a fully mobile experience.
  • You need the same experience whether on desktop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Using an online dating site gives you convenience.
  • There is no initial travel time.
  • It's login and GO!

You're able to look through many thousands of profiles in a short space of time. Indicating to them you like them, puts you in the drivers seat.

You are now dating tens, if not hundreds, without leaving your armchair.

You can't possibly hope to do this in the real world.

A dating website is your first stop.

  • But it's also a numbers game.
  • You need to introduce your own culling process.

Visual attraction through profile photos is the top layer.

Interesting Note On Profile Photos

Just as men started filtering process by being interested in visual beauty or attraction, the same goes for the girls.

Guys: take note - If you do not have a number of good quality profile photos then you are going to be left out altogether.

Our own statistics suggest that profiles with out Photo get almost 0 interest from the opposite gender.

You need a profile photos. You really do.

So now begins the culling process to determine the likelihood of the women you want to meet in real life.

You can see how the dating site works.

  • Scan through photos, indicate you 'Like' them and finally online messaging.
  • Online conversations are initially to ensure your own privacy and safety.
  • You can then discover if these filipinas fulfil your required qualities.
  • The qualities are up to you.


  • You might not want children in the equation.
  • The living arrangements may come into play.
  • Whether or not they've had previous western boyfriends
  • or other factors.

That list is up to you and I suggest you think about them before you begin with online messaging with your selected filipina hotties.

Mind you, just having random chats can be fun and relaxing as well.

There aren't any rules or regulations with online messaging.

Warning: don't talk about sex.

  • Women of all countries hate this.
  • It's an online dating taboo until you know them better.
  • Don't make this mistake many new guys to online dating make.

It's as simple as that.

Scan through online profile photos, send interest to the cuteies, message them and put into your follow-up list.

You need to start your list of the filipinas you're wanting to meet in face to face.

Messaging Apps for Dating

Stage 2

An online dating site is only the introduction.

It's the top level process.

You use the dating site messaging system to find out and discover who you find interesting and fulfil the criteria you have in mind.

It is time to move to a real time chatting application.

The two most popular in the Philippines our Viber and Skype.

Some use Line.

  • Filipino ladies use either a smart phone or an Internet cafe.
  • This depends on the income level.

You'll use these chat apps for a number of different reasons.

  • You need to make sure they are real woman.
  • Philippine singles who are single.
  • Who are from the Philippines.
  • That they're interested in meeting you for the reasons you want.
  • They aren't bogus women looking to scam you.

Scammers are part of life with an online dating website.

Despite PinayRomances using multiple layers of anti-scam technology, you can never be too sure.

You need to safeguard yourself at all times.

Getting the girl on video chat will be good for you.

I don't mean sex chat video either.

The video chat is to make sure what you have seen on her online dating profile photos is what she really is in real life.

Online dating photos can be Photoshopped.

Many are taken from angles that disguise or hide features you may not be interested in.

Example: You might be only seeing headshot photos in her profile.

This usually suggests the filipina is more chubby then she has lead you to believe.

Use messaging apps to confirm details she has lead you to believe.

She will be doing the same with you.

Similar to a dating website profile, you can block them from further communication if they don't turn out to be what you had in mind.

Visit the Philippines

Where you visiting depends on your intention and travel itinerary.

There are always plenty of female filipino singles to be had in the capital cities such as Manila or Cebu.

If you're looking for a more rustic experience I would suggest you travel to more remote areas of the Philippines.

Many girls in these regions are desperate for a relationship with a western guy.

They have far less opportunity to meet face-to-face.

You have a greater chance to hook up with a girl in these areas.

Example: If you go to the island of Mindanao, tucked into a river, you will find the city of Butuan.

This is the city I have been to where I have had the most exotic value (had the girls the most interested in me just because I was a foreigner).

The reason for the is because there are so few tourists that go there and because of how much Pinay girls love foreign guys.

Reasons to go to Butuan, Philippines

  • Highest exotic value out of anywhere I have ever been.
  • Girls will fall all over you.
  • Older men will kill it here because age difference is not a big deal and your value will be so high.
  • It is very cheap to live.
  • You can live here very well on less than 1000$ a month.

What it's like in Butuan?

Imagine walking into a mall and everybody stops what they are doing to see the foreigner walk in.

Girls tap their friends on the shoulder and point at you and clerks stop ringing out their customers.

Imagine going and sitting in a park and having guys come over to give you his cute friends number because she was too shy to come talk to you herself.

This is what Butuan is like.

The only negatives are that there isn't much to do and that you will be the happiest if you are comfortable with day game or have already lined up filipinas using an online dating site.


Reasons to go to Butuan, Philippines

  • Highest exotic value out of anywhere I have ever been.
  • Girls will fall all over you.
  • Older men will kill it here because age difference is not a big deal and your value will be so high.
  • It is very cheap to live.
  • You can live here very well on less than 1000$ a month.

Should I talk about sex on a dating site?

  • No, never do this
  • Women of all countries hate it
  • It's an online dating taboo until you know them better.
  • Don't make this mistake many new guys to online dating make.

How do I hookup with a filipino woman?

  • Online Dating Site
  • Physically Visit And Tour The Philippines
  • Instant Messaging
  • Choice #1 is by far the easiest and quickest to get going

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