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The Top 15 Crucial Rules of Dating Filipino Women

Martin Cooney
September 17, 2020 • 12 min read • Click for comments
Updated: April 10, 2022
Smiling Filipino woman

It would help if you took precautions in all situations.

Dating Filipino women is no different.

What should you not do when dating a Filipino woman for the first time?

Dating a Filipino woman will pose dangers to an unsuspecting tourist in the Philippines. There are eight necessary precautions a man must embrace to reduce risk and offense:-

  • Don't compare her to other Filipino women
  • Don't make fun of the Philippines
  • Avoid racist remarks
  • Don't mislead her
  • Do not get drunk or lose control
  • Maintain vigilance on food and drinks
  • Keep yourself private
  • Meet her in a public area

Why do smart men do stupid things when dating women?

It only takes one dumb action to ruin your chances with the prettiest of Filipino girls.

The Do's of Dating Filipino women

Everyone trips up when it comes to different cultural customs; dating a Filipino girl is no different.

So what are the essential areas when dating a Pinay girl?

Filipino women are proud of their heritage, traditions, and culture. The principal seven areas essential to a successful relationship with a Pinay are:-

  • Respect her cultural beliefs
  • Understand the importance of Filipino family values
  • Treat her like a lady.
  • Be straightforward and never offensive.
  • Know who you're talking with to avoid fake profiles
  • Meet her in a public place for safety
  • Be a gentleman and earn her respect.

Respect Culture And Traditions

When it comes to Filipino women, traditions in their home and with their family are important.

Filipinos have a broad mix of cultural diversities as the country comprises over 7000 islands. Before the first Spanish arrived in 1521, the Philippines' inhabitants descended from Negritos, Malays, Indonesians, Chinese, and Muslims.

Rude, racist, or derogatory remarks will ruin romance with a Filipino woman; she loves her country and culture.

Do the research and understand Filipino traditions. Avoid even joking around; the chances are high, your Pinay girl will misinterpret the context of your joke, and you'll be 'in the shit.'

Family Values

The Filipino people value the family structure and the stability this structure brings to their lives.

Countries with a low socio-economic foundation typically are also family-centric communities.

Filipino people hold family values as important.
Family values. Happy contented Filipino kids.

You're wise to get to know a Filipino woman's family.

Ask her about them, their names, what they do in life, stories about children, and how they interact.

You need to be on good terms with the girl's family members if your goal is to marry a Pinay.

Treat Her Right

Every woman likes to think she's unique; that's the Princess in her coming out.

Treating Filipino woman with belief and respect goes a long way, to getting who and what you want.

Here's some example question you can use when meeting her first on our dating site:-

  • Take the lead in messaging her first; don't think you're the only guy on a dating site. Other guys will beat you to her.
  • Ask any question about her life or family but don't make a mistake talking about sex too early; that's considered offensive.
  • Be interested in what things she likes to do; hobbies, preferred Filipino foods, and friends. You will score extra points asking these questions.

Do not make your first message 'Send me your WhatsApp' - this is a strong signal to the girl that you lack respect for her. Indulge her with preliminary chitchat; you can jump to a messaging service once she's happy with you.

Think of every Filipino woman like a princess and treat her accordingly.

Be StraightForward

Be the guy to take the lead; Filipino women love brave and straightforward guys.

Life is too short to be vague. Be honest about your interest in the Filipino girl you're chatting with; what are you looking for and why.

Don't be rude or blunt, though; be forthright and direct.

Discuss your feelings on areas such as marriage, children, and money; and gauge her reactions too.

All successful relationships start with honesty and a firm understanding of the direction you are both headed.

Give yourselves the best opportunity for a good start.

Know Who You're Talking To

Keeping yourself safe is essential.

Some Filipino women use fake photos to make initial contact with foreign men. Many Pinay girls think they aren't beautiful enough to attract a foreign boyfriend.

While PinayRomances uses AI photo-detection, you should carry out your due diligence.

Social media icons
Cross-check the Filipino woman on social media.

Is she on Facebook or Instagram? Do her photos align with other social networks?

An example of a Pinay profile going wrong:-

I was in Manilla and eventually settled on a local Filipino woman, I meet here.

I did all the right things. We had good conversations and developed an excellent rapport online here before moving onto a WhatsApp video call. This Pinay appeared to be the right choice for a first date, and who knows what will be next.

We agreed to meet at a marketplace for food and drinks; lots of people around too.

Well, a chubby Filipino girl came up to me and introduced herself as the girl in the video call. She was an entirely different woman!

As her short story went, she had her younger sister do all the talking and dating site contact.

I said, 'Sorry, I'm not interested,' turned around and left.

There is nothing creepy about cross-checking facts.

Do video chat with her and confirm who she says she is.

Meet Her In Public

Meet all Filipino women in a public place, for the first time.

The Philippines can be a dangerous place for the uninitiated or first-time travelers.

Meeting them in a public area gives them added confidence you are a reputable guy too.

Public meeting areas can be shopping malls, coffee shops, or street markets. Anywhere with lots of people.

There have been many cases when meeting a woman alone has resulted in muggings and robbery.

On a positive note, public meeting spots make for great conversation starters too.

You both can enjoy 'people watching' and chat about the various shops and trinkets.

Stay safe and don't do anything stupid while you're in the Philippines.

Be A Gentleman

Unfortunately, men think they don't need to be on their best behavior when out on a date, especially when foreigners visit other countries such as the Philippines.

I understand you want to go wild on holiday. Dating any woman requires respect, politeness, and moderating any outlandish behavior, at least during the first few meet-ups until you're both comfortable with each other.

  • Yes, it would help if you opened doors for her
  • Consciously avoid looking at any other sexy Pinay girls
  • Look into her eyes when you speak with her
  • You should dress in smart and comfortable clothes
  • You can even consider bringing small flowers on the first date too

It costs you nothing to be respectful.

The Don’ts of Dating Filipino women

Common sense goes out the window when you get excited; the sight of a sexy slim honey-skinned Filipina does stupid things to a man's brain.

Let's run through the common areas where you need to take care; the object is to get yourself to second base (and beyond).

Don't Compare Her To Other Filipino woman either.

Women inherently lack self-confidence; they hate comparisons to other women despite the fact they're continually comparing themselves.

5 bikini-clad Filipino women
Could you stop yourself looking?

Never compare your Pinay date to any other woman. It is OK if she asks you about the other women in your life; be careful to avoid comparisons.

She is looking for signals; do you want her and all the quirks she has?

She is not looking for competition with other women; finding the right guy is tricky enough when there are so many other gorgeous Filipino women.

Don't Make Fun of the Philippines.

When you make fun of the Philippines, you're disrespecting all Filipinos.

Filipino people are a kindhearted, generous, hospital, and intensely patriotic towards their country and culture.

The country's culture will be different from that of your home country.

Take the time to learn about the Philippines, its history and customs, and make a list of what you don't understand. That list will come in handy when you're looking for things to talk about when on a date with that cute Pinay girl.

Respect the country, and you move to the top of a Pinay girl's 'wish list.'

Avoid Racism

Racism is a global no-no.

It is not funny to crack jokes about her skin color or the shape of her eyes.

Filipino women are fiery and unforgiving girls. Please don't make derogatory remarks about her looks or other native Filipinos' looks.

'Do unto others as you would want them to do to you". Respect goes a long way with Filipino women.

Play it cool; enjoy the differences with other people and cultures; get the Filipino women you desire.

Don't Mislead Her

Lying gets you nowhere in life.

Do you read profile descriptions on dating sites? In that case, the prominent inclusions are statements such as 'Don't lie to me' or similar.

Being anonymous on a dating site doesn't give you any rights to masquerade as someone you are not.

Use real pictures of yourself; ensure the photos are taken in the best possible angle to display features you like. Clear good quality photos get you bonus points with Filipino women.

Be truthful, even if you're only looking for a casual Philippines holiday girlfriend. At least everyone knows your situation, and the Filipino woman can make an informed decision.

You might be surprised by her decision to be a holiday girlfriend as many girls do.

The truth will get you a better dating experience.

Getting Drunk - Don't Do It.

Curbing your alcohol intake is necessary.

Having a few drinks with your new Filipino girl will take 'the edge off' any initial jitters. I understand why men feel the need to feel more bravado when they're in the company of beautiful cute Filipino women.

Who is watching - stay safe
Who is watching - stay safe

Danger still exists for you if this is only your first or second date with the Filipino woman. You don't honestly know her intentions or whether you're in a mugging situation or worse.

Keep your wits about you and take the drinking slow and steady.

Keep Your Eye on Food & Drink

Have you heard of roofie or Rohypnol?

Rohypnol is a sedative made in the early 1970s and used in hospitals only for deep sedation. It is now an infamous date-rape drug.

The most common date rape drug used in the Philippines is gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), aka liquid ecstasy. GHB can be a transparent liquid with no odor or color, a white powder, or a white round pill. It can make a drink taste slightly salty.

You can become a target in the Philippines, whether assault, robbery, or a violent crime.

Most cases involve the perpetrator putting this pill into an unattended beverage, your drink if you're not careful.

Being drugged also concerns your Filipino girlfriend. She could be the target of rape - the drugging of both your drinks may be the intent.

Always be aware of your surroundings when you're out in a foreign country.

Keep Yourself Private

There are benefits to your privacy.

Be wary of the amount of private information you divulge to avoid identity thief and stalking.

There's no harm in drip-feeding your more intimate and personal details. You must first be comfortable with the Filipino girlfriend and her intentions.

Relationships take time to develop.

Never explain your entire financial situation, whether you think yourself rich or poor. Your money should remain yours to manage.

Be cautious and see how your new romance unfolds.

Please Don't Go Out Alone With Her.

This section is a 'double-down' on meeting her in public, but it's critical you understand the importance.

  • She will feel more confident in her safety
  • You will also feel a higher degree of security with more people to call out to if a problem arises
  • There is less opportunity for an assault crime
  • Your surroundings give more conversation starters

Don't ever feel pressured by Filipino women to meet them in a private bar or club.

You are in charge of your safety; be the one to pick the time and place.

If you ever feel uncomfortable with any Filipino women or the surroundings, take action and leave. People rarely listen to their gut instinct, but it is a mighty warning bell for you to heed.


Finding the right Filipino woman is typically respect-based. A good Filipino woman is seeking the right man with good intentions.

Be the gentleman she wants you to be, and she will give you what you want.

But getting to the pussy requires you to be level-headed on your safety too.

Be aware of the warning signs of potential danger, and never be pressured in going to a place where you feel uneasy.

Filipino woman with sunglasses
Keep a level head and win the Pinay with your respect.


What should I understand for a better Filipino date?

  • Respect Filipino women's culture and traditions
  • Understand Filipino family values
  • Treat her right
  • Be straightforward but never offensive
  • Know who you're talking to
  • Meet her in public
  • Be a gentleman

What should I never do when dating Filipino women?

  • Don't compare her to other Filipino women
  • Don't make fun of the Philippines
  • Avoid racism
  • Don't mislead her
  • Getting drunk - Don't do it
  • Keep your eye on food and drinks
  • Keep yourself private
  • Please don't go out alone with her

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