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The Top Best 18 Local Filipino Drinks In The Philippines

Stephane Fillon
August 03, 2020 • 13 min read • Click for comments
Updated: April 15, 2022
Drink Calamansi Juice slogan

Knowing your way around the local Filipino food and drink scene will gain you extra 'street cred' with every Filipino woman.

Women in the Philippines want a boyfriend or travel buddy who takes an interest in the foods and Filipino drinks she likes.

The Philippines is rich in local produce, making the cuisine unique and tasty.

When on your first date, meet up or hang out with a Filipino girlfriend, you must know your way around ordering. Filipino drinks will be the first item you will order.

So what are the best and favoured Filipino drinks preferred by Filipino women and Filipinos, in general?

The Philippines is rich in local produce which influences the choices of drinks manufactured and consumed. For non-alcoholic beverages, Filipinos prefer Kapeng Barako, Sago't Gulaman, Calamansi Juice, Buko Juice, Fruit Shakes and Salabat. Local Filipinos remain loyal to alcoholic drinks including Lambanog, Tubâ and locally brewed beers.

I've visited many parts of South-East Asia. The Philippines has a variety of distinct drinks I frequently order as do the Filipino women who hang out with me.

The Local Philippines Cuisine Series - Part One - Filipino Drinks.

Here are my top drink choices you must study; your Filipino girlfriend will be impressed.

The Amazing Kapeng Barako Coffee
You must try the amazing flavour of Kapeng Barako coffee

Kapeng Barako - the Famous Philippines Coffee

Wanting a great cup of 'Joe' to kick start your mornings in the Philippines?

Primarily in the provinces of Batangas, Kapeng Barako is the best coffee in the country.

Barako is a Tagalog word which means strong man or manliness, and Kape means coffee. Because of its strong taste, it got the name Kapeng Barako.

It has a strong smell and distinctive taste and has been a local staple for over two hundred years.

Sadly, the younger generation of Filipinos is being duped by brand name coffees; with Kapeng Barako falling out of favour.

Traditionally, it's served black or sweetened with muscovado sugar; which is precisely the way I love it. My motto is to eat and drink as the locals do; refine it after that to suit your taste.

Earl Queron of Coffee Empire believes Manila's specialty coffee scene is rapidly evolving. Barako could find a place if third wave cafés were willing to experiment with it in their offerings.

Are you interested in trying this coffee blend? You can get some shipped to you. I've had success in having pre-ground beans freighted to me, send this guy a Facebook message and arrange your delivery.

JJ's Kapeng Barako

JJ ships 100-gram and 200-gram bags of Kapeng Barako; for 85 and 150 pesos, respectively. Contact him for further shipping details for your country.

Kapeng Barako is a strong coffee. Adjust the volume of ground beans and water to your taste.

Sago't Gulaman

Sago't Gulaman is also known as Samalamig or Palamig.

This drink is one of the all-time favourite Filipino drinks, in the Philippines. It is a mix of sago pearls or tapioca, gulaman (agar agar), brown sugar syrup, vanilla, water and ice.

I prefer mine made with pandan instead of vanilla. Either way, this drink is refreshing on a hot Philippines day. Your Filipina girlfriend loves them, so remember to share.

Drink Sago't Gulaman with Puto (steamed rice cakes), Pancit (noodles) or Tokwa't Baboy (tofu and pig's mask).

It is easy to make, but the preparation takes some time. It's easier to just buy it fresh from Filipino street vendors.

Calamansi Juice

This Filipino lemonade will put 'power in your pencil'!

Calamansi is a variety of lime tree found in many Southeast Asia countries. It's an ingredient in many recipes, but you should enjoy the juices as one of the healthier Filipino drinks.

You are best to serve this drink ice cold with ice - I prefer mine mixed with soda, drinking by the pool and beside a sexy young Filipina girl.

Calamansi is a citrus fruit similar to lemon and limes. It is often called calamondin in America and takes time to find a supplier.

Calamansi Fruit Juice
Quench your thirst with delicious Calamansi Fruit Juice.

Health Benefits of Calamansi Juice

The Department of Agriculture (DA) has identified Calamansi as “one of the most important fruit crops grown in the Philippines.”

Calamansi juice is an immune booster and contains vitamin C and other beneficial nutrients. People drink the liquid as a soothing substance for the stomach.

And this wonder juice can also help control cholesterol levels.

"This tropical juice is legendary for its impact on weight loss. It will boost the metabolism and eliminate many of the toxins in the body that can contribute to fat storage," said in the web site of Organic Facts.

Buko Juice

If you're looking for a real thirst quencher, you must try Buko juice as the Filipinos call it.

Buko (“boo-koh”) juice is coconut water.

I'm talking about fresh juice/water straight out of the coconut; not pre-bottled and processed coconut water that's been sitting around for ages. Don't look for bottled Buko juice.

Buko juice comes from the mature coconut fruit; no processing involved. You get an instant drink, providing you can crack the shell.

And be brave and daring. Buy your Buko from a street vendor. They will split the shell enough for you to drink the water and scrape out the gelatinous young coconut meat inside.

Fresh Buko Juice / Coconut Water
Imagine romances blooming when sipping on twin Buko Juices.

Be mindful of the 'romance factor' too. Sitting by the pool or laying on the beach is where you should be sipping Buko juice.

Look at the photo.

Romance abounds with your Filipina girl when you're both enjoying refreshing Buko juice on a hot Philippines day.

Health Benefits of Buko Juice

Buko is low in fat, and the juice suppresses your appetite.

The cytokinins in the juice have proven anti-aging effects.

Coconut juice has high electrolyte, magnesium and calcium content with a small amount of sugar; helping your muscles recover after a strenuous workout.

Buko juice electrolytes is a cure for hangovers too. Remember this remedy after a big night out with your Filipino girlfriend; you'll be glad you did.

Holiday Tip: As a special holiday treat, ask your Filipino girlfriend to go searching for a wooden pushcart vendor of coconuts; mostly now in the older residential streets of Manila such as the Paco, San Andres, and Malate areas.

Buko street vendors have a 'ritual' - knocking on the coconut with his finger joints; the sound tells him how much meat is inside and if it's a suitable thickness for eating.

Fruit Shakes - Healthy Filipino Drinks

Fresh fruit is in abundance in the Philippines. And the reason why so many Filipino drinks feature fresh fruits as a main ingredient.

Boost your immune system and your health - enjoy delicious fruit shakes with your Filipino girl for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Philippines offers healthy shakes throughout the country, no matter where you are.

My favourite shakes are:-

  • Avocado Kale Smoothie
    • To combat fatigue
    • a mix of coconut water, kale, avocado, banana and lemon/lime juice
  • Mango Kale Super Smoothie
    • a blend of cold milk, kale and mango
  • Mango Yogurt Shake - my fav of all Filipino drinks, with mango
    • For healthy digestion and improved gut health
    • a delicious pairing of yogurt, mango ice and honey
  • Green Yogurt Smoothie
    • The same ingredients as the Mango Yogurt Shake
    • but with added romaine lettuce and a small banana
    • for added nutrients and flavour
  • Apple Lemon Smoothie
    • Immune booster
    • an apple, the juice of a lemon, a frozen banana and a cup of cold water
  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie
    • this shake is one of my all-time favourite Filipino drinks
    • 2 cups of strawberries, a very ripe banana, cup milk or water and ice
  • Anti-inflammatory Green Smoothie
    • For a healthy liver and kidneys
    • spinach, a cup pineapple chunks, turmeric powder and ice
  • Avocado Cucumber Smoothie
    • half an avocado, some cucumber, a celery stalk and cold water
  • Strawberry Smoothie
    • For detoxification and weight loss
    • a cup almond or skim milk, a cup frozen strawberries and ground flax seeds
    • Delicious!
  • Green Protein Smoothie
    • kale or baby spinach, almond milk and a tablespoon of unsweetened almond butter

Enjoy these shakes with a Filipino woman near you!


Salabat is a ginger-based tea.

It isn't one of those Filipino drinks for everyone, due to its taste

The spicy heat of the ginger soothes sore throats and relieves cough and colds.


Now we're getting into the alcoholic beverages.

Have you heard of the term 'moonshine'?

Lambanog is one of those traditional Filipino drinks that has distilled palm liquor; made from coconut or nipa palm sap.

This 'moonshine' originates from Luzon island, in the northern Philippines.

Lambanog Moonshine Alcohol bottles
Lambanog comes in all shapes and flavours. Try one in the Philippines

Known as a 'coconut vodka' or 'coconut wine', these Filipino drinks have an alcohol content of 80 to 90 proof (40 to 45% abv), after a single distillation. Lambanog is very potent with a smoothness compared to Japanese sake and European schnapps.

The taste is crisp and clean, with a light sweetness.

Lambanog is now commonly produced from the immense coconut plantations of the Quezon province and is easy to find across the Philippines.


Tubâ is a lighter-weight 'moonshine' compared to Lambanog.

Tubâ has existed in the Philippines since pre-colonial times.

This Filipino alcoholic beverage comes from the sap of various species of palm trees.

Tubâ has a number of regional variations such as Bahal (or Bahalina), Kinutil, Tuhak and Tunggang.

Foreigners will find it challenging to find Tubâ as the beverage is mostly hand-made, and bottled fresh when a customer requires it.

You are at the mercy and hands of whoever is making it, so danger does exist with these Filipino drinks.

Ask your Filipina wife/girlfriend if she has ever tasted it and if you can try some.

She'll at least have some insider knowledge on availability, quality and safety of any purchases.


When I'm travelling abroad, I make it a point always to sample local beers.

And in the Philippines, drinking beer is a national past-time. Filipino women I've been with have all enjoyed chilling out with a few beers. Such great ladies to relax by the pool with is a Pinay girl; they are so chill.

What are the Top 10 beers to try in the Philippines?

Beer NameAlcohol ContentBrewer
San Mig Light5% alcohol contentSan Miguel Brewery
Tanduay Ice5% alcohol contentTanduay Distillers
San Miguel Pale Pilsen5% alcohol contentSan Miguel Brewery
Red Horse Beer6.8% alcohol contentSan Miguel Brewery
Colt 457.2% alcohol contentPabst Brewing Company
Cerveza Negra5% alcohol contentSan Miguel Brewery
Beer na Beer5% alcohol contentAsia Brewery (Heineken)
San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer5% alcohol contentSan Miguel Brewery
San Mig Strong Ice6.3% alcohol contentSan Miguel Brewery
Manila Beer7% alcohol contentAsia Brewery (Heineken)

The famous San Miguel Brewery is a power-house in the Philippines Beer scene.

But like anything, there are far more beers than these ten. Also, note that Tanduay Ice is a 'girlie beer'; these Filipino drinks have grown trendy in the nightclub scene, and you can liken it to Smirnoff Ice.

My recommendation - Buy a small chill box, load up with all different beers (including Tanduay Ice) and head to the beach with your Filipino girlfriend.

You be the judge of what you prefer.


Now you're fully briefed on what Filipino drinks to try when in the company of the local women.

Make a list of which Filipino drinks you want to try and ask your girlfriend for her recommendations too. All Filipino girls have their preferences. She will be impressed if you follow her guidance which is what you must be doing anyway.

Enjoy your time together, have some laughs and rock on in the Philippines with a happy and bubbly Filipina.


What are the Top 10 beers to try in the Philippines?

  • San Mig Light
  • Tanduay Ice (Girlie Beer)
  • San Miguel Pale Pilsen
  • Red Horse Be
  • Colt 45
  • Cerveza Negra
  • Beer na Beer
  • San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer
  • San Mig Strong Ice
  • Manila Beer

What are the best Filipino shakes to try in the Philippines?

  • Avocado Kale Smoothie
  • Mango Kale Super Smoothie
  • Mango Yogurt Shake
  • Green Yogurt Smoothie
  • Apple Lemon Smoothie
  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie
  • Anti-inflammatory Green Smoothie
  • Avocado Cucumber Smoothie
  • Strawberry Smoothie
  • Green Protein Smoothie

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