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Why You Should Not Marry A Filipino Woman

Martin Cooney
August 23, 2020 • 11 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
Filipino woman with yes or no

Every man alive fantasises of spending their lives with a sexy, sultry islander girl.

Dreaming will only get you so far, sadly.

Are you ready to take the plunge for a Pinay girl?

But why should a foreign man avoid dating or marrying a Filipino woman?

There are five main reasons why a foreign man should not marry a Filipino woman. [1] He is unable to commit to a relationship. [2] His family will be unable to accept a younger woman in your life. [3] He is adverse to large families. [4] Adapting to a laid-back lifestyle will be difficult. [5] He prefers extravagant possessions in his life.

There are more areas which will bring you unstuck. You can overcome every problem if you put in the effort and want the dream enough.

Commitment Is An Issue For You

Being unable to commit to a relationship will always cause problems with a woman.

Women want stability and security in a potential partner. Filipino women are the same.

A lack of commitment is perfectly fine if you're looking for a casual holiday hookup in the Philippines; Pinay holiday friends are in abundance.

If you are honestly looking for a long-term relationship with a Filipino woman, you will need to remain faithful. Deviating or straying to other brown-skinned sexy women will end your chances. And her family will most likely come hunting for you.

Can you remedy commitment problems?

You can overcome commitment issues quickly.

Reframing your thoughts, on women, is how you start to think differently.

Filipino women come from a culturally diverse mix of an islander and Spanish heritage. In a nutshell, they love to fuck. Experience and other friend's stories tell me they love to fuck more than you.

There is no reason to stray to another woman. You only need to ask what you want, when you want it and how often. Pinay girls are happy to oblige in the sensual pleasures of the flesh.

Attractive Filipino girl in bikini
She is cute & beautiful. Will your family accept her?

Your Family Will Not Accept A Young Filipina

Families can cause untold damage in your confidence and a relationship with a Pinay girl.

We've heard many horror stories, including some of our staff.

Outwardly, they appear encouraging, but the gossip and snide remarks begin such as:-

  • "Sexpat Alert!"
  • "Oh my goodness, he should settle down with a woman his age."
  • "Why travel to the Philippines for a woman?"
  • "This must be a phase he's going through"
  • "Young Filipino girls are all scammers. There's going to be trouble for him."

And on the list of negatives continue.

Your family members are the worst culprits for this. Your mother or sisters will be the worst, out of a misguided sense of your protection.

If you have close-knit family bonds, prepare for an onslaught of misdirection.

They do not want to see you marrying a Filipino woman.

Can you fix acceptance problems?

In reality, this is your life; not your family's. You're a big boy now; who has seen your fair share of mistakes and successes.

A good tactic is to call a family meeting if you suspect derision.

Calmly and firmly explain you are looking for someone better for your life. Maybe it is a mistake, but it is one you need to try, and you want their support in the outcome that eventuates.

You Aren't A Big Family Person.

Filipinos love kids and large families; this is part of their culture.

But do you like lots of family buzzing around in your life?

This situation isn't for everyone. Some of you reading might prefer a solitary existence; with just your soon-to-be Filipina girlfriend. And that's OK.

Filipinos, especially women, are family-centric focussed early in life.

Filipino mothers take charge in the direction of child-raring. She is also in the management of the household and the accounting of home spending.

Your girlfriend will actively invite her family into your lives. She wants them involved with you both. The thought of this can be initially unnerving to most foreign men.

What's the fix for not liking lots of Filipino family members?

My first suggestion is to experience her family first-hand. Filipinos are exceptionally welcoming people. You might surprise yourself loving the family buzz.

You do need to set your expectations early.

Test and measure is the key.

Lay down your ground-rules when you need your quiet time; to chill out and relax.

Sultry Pinay woman in white bikini
Could you share a laid-back lifestyle with her?

You Can't Adapt To A Laid-back Lifestyle.

You're coming to the Philippines looking for a Filipina girlfriend/wife and the take a much-needed holiday/vacation.

You've got a hectic lifestyle and a busy job, back home. You're 'in the groove' of a fast-paced lifestyle.

Confronting an entire population who operate with 'chill' isn't for everyone. You'll find it peaceful for your first few weeks or a month. But your head is still spinning inside.

Many foreigners can not slow down their lives to match the slower pace of Filipinos.

Is changing your lifestyle tempo easy to do?

For some guys, they need to slow down as a necessity; for others, it's a dream.

We'd recommend visiting the Philippines several times; each successive trip for a longer duration. You will grow accustomed to the straightforward, carefree lifestyle and adjust quickly.

You Prefer Extravagances

The western world has an overabundance of 'things'.

Are you attached to your fast cars, expensive watches and fancy restaurants?

Do you get a buzz when people look at you and admire your possessions?

This idolisation and 'hero worship' is a First World Country drug. And challenging to give up so you can live in relative anonymity with a simple living Filipino woman.

Like all drugs, foreigners find it challenging to give up on their extravagance.

Can you give up on life's excessiveness?

You can have your cake and eat it too.

It's a matter of moderation and setting limits on yourself.

Convert your toys to life experiences; start living. Travel South-East Asia with a sultry islander girl. You will never look back.

You Don't Like An Adventurous Life.

Some men like an adventurous life, and others prefer to stay at home.

It's a big world out there; staying at home isn't an option.

The Philippines is a hot-spot for adventure, beach-life, travel destinations and sexy Filipina women. And Filipino girls love to take you by the hand and guide you to new frontiers of enjoyment.

Dreaming of marrying one of these sultry Pinay babes is a real-world adventure. Not all of you can get up off your lounge chair and take the plunge.

Can you change what you like in life?

Wanting to do something is not the same as doing it.

Of course, you have the capacity for change; providing the lure to do so is strong enough.

What's holding you back? What obstacles must you overcome?

A little pain comes from achieving good things in life.

Three stylish Pinay women out clubbing
Could you share a laid-back lifestyle with her?

You Don't Like Filipino Food.

I was surprised to hear from some of our website members that they don't like Filipino food.

Their dislike for the country's food became a barrier to them living there, sadly.

With a little probing, it was the 'fine dining experience' these men wanted. They couldn't cope with the rich and earthy meals, beloved by the Filipino people.

South-East Asia is awash with street food and cheaper beach-side food huts. Filipinas love to hang out around these spots and enjoy life.

Marrying into this culture isn't for guys who can't give up on First Class dining.

How can you like Filipino food?

The Top 10 Filipino foods everyone must try include:-

  1. Adobo
  2. Lumpia
  3. Inasal
  4. Pancit
  5. Sinigang
  6. Cassava Cake
  7. Arroz Caldo
  8. Chicharon
  9. Lechon
  10. Kinilaw

You only need Google some of these choices to discover Filipino food caters to all tastes and styles.

Put aside your want for hand-polished silverware.

Why not combine the dream of marrying a Filipina girl with your love of great food?

  • Do the YouTube route and record your taste-testing adventures.
    • It's a big country as far as food is concerned.
  • Open your own small fine-food dining restaurant in the Philippines.
    • Filipino women are adept at food accounting; involve her in your food experiment.

You Will Miss Your Friends Too Much

It is hard to give up on your long-term friendships.

You've forged relationships with people over long years of happiness and sadness. You don't forget strong bonds quickly.

A doctor friend of mine was a frequent visitor to the Philippines, over many years. He had a steady Filipina girlfriend he supported as well as her family (in hard times).

But the lure to return home to Australia was too much for him. He enjoyed the comradery with his friends too much. The wining and dining while smoking cigars in the garden drew him home every time he was away in the Philippines.

His friendships are the only reason he never married his Filipino girlfriend. He knew he would never leave his friends behind.

Can you the loss of good friends?

Give your friends the credit they deserve. Real friends only wish to see you live a happy life.

In a world connected by high-speed Internet, remaining connected to your friends is an easy challenge to overcome.

Hold a regular group Skype session. Mandate each session to be themed such as a cigar-themed Skype chat where everyone smokes cigars. The possibilities are endless and a load of fun for you and your pals.

Invite your Filipina girlfriend/wife to take part; your friends can be her friends too.

Pinay woman wearing red bikini
Forget your shyness around a Filipino girl.

You're Shy Around Women

Being shy with women is commonplace with more people than you realise.

Most shy men will fantasise being with a honey-skinned Pinay girl. But the thought of marrying her is paralysing because he thinks he doesn't have what it takes.

This shyness syndrome stops men in their tracks from ever fulfilling their dreams.

Can you overcome shyness?

The Secret Sauce - Filipinas are the ideal girls to be with; she will make your shyness disappear.

Pinay girls come from large families. They also have shy brothers and nephews.

Add the fact these girls want a good man in their life has them welcoming you with open arms. She is loyal, friendly, passionate and willing; in every area.

She will make you feel like a King.

You only need to get started. Dating websites such as ours are the ideal starting point for a shy guy to meet and start chatting online.

Supporting Family And Money Will Be A Problem

We've already explained Filipino culture centres around family values.

With the Philippines being a developing country, Filipinos gather together to help out where they can.

As a more affluent foreigner looking to hookup with a Filipina, helping out extends to you too.

And this is a sticking point for many foreign men.

Westerners aren't in the habit of handing out money to their girlfriend's family and extended family. It's a 'dog eat dog world' back home.

You will never cope with marrying a Filipina if you don't understand the concept of support.

Can you cope with family support?

Most Filipinas understand there are differences between Filipino and Western cultures.

There will be subtle (and perhaps firm) pressure applied to you to give support. Older Filipinos honestly believe those who are more affluent have a duty of care to lend a hand where it's needed.

Let's take a closer look at the real situation, for you.

  1. You save more than 60% of your current living expenses when staying in the Philippines
  2. Raw food costs carry even more significant savings
  3. You'll be living in a different culture which has different viewpoints on wealth
  4. Filipinos should also respect your own cultural beliefs, with respect.

Moderation, consideration and agreement are essential to navigate the tricky subject of your money and how you choose to spend it.

  • Can you accept your cost savings allows you to give back to others?
  • You can start small and see how much (if any) burden your support entails
  • You can agree and participate in food purchases; being what you will provide for the family

There are many ways to give your girlfriends' family support. They will feel appreciated and respect you all the more.

Never divulge any details of your finances to anyone else. Your money situation remains yours alone.


There are many reasons why a foreign guy should not marry a Filipina.

These girls give their hearts and souls to their men.

Filipino women are easy to love, which is why so many foreigners choose to marry them. It is a dream you can have yourself if you're able to compromise and readjustment to a better life in the Philippines.


What are the common reasons ex-pat families don't accept Filipino women?

  • They aren't comfortable you've chosen a younger woman
  • Your family members only think the relationship is about sex
  • They refuse to believe you're unable to find a woman in your home country
  • Ex-pat families think all Filipinos are scammers

Is the Philippines the right place to retire?

  • The cost of living in the Philippines is less than 60% or more than your home country
  • The weather is warm and tropical making the country ideal for health reasons
  • Filipino women value the respect of older foreign men
  • The Philippines retains a stress-free culture and laid-back lifestyle

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