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Babae, 41 yo, Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines

Ako ay
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Aking Mga edad na tugma
Mga karaniwang interes upang ibahagi
Nais na relasyon
Pagkakaibigan, Pag-aasawa, Pag-ibig
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"Patiently waiting for my godly soul mate ...he has not found me yet."

A brief info about me: I am straightforward, affectionate, thoughtful, compassionate, mindful, intuitive and insightful person with a good sense of humor.

I am looking for someone who has a heart for Jesus. As I wanted to be equally yoke with fellow believers. Someone who has nice smile is OK; you don't need to be rich as long as you can provide for your family. I am not materialistic, I'm contented with my life and the Lord has blessed me. I'm not after your Green Card... I am after true Love. It would be a big plus if you could settle down here and simply live humbly happy in harmony with me.

NOTE to scammers/players: I can spot you in no time.

***Here below is the lengthy overview about me, I think giving you more info is the way it should be. If you are still with me reading this far, THANK YOU for taking time to read, I appreciate your valuable time. ^___^

***I'm born again and spirit filled Christian (Acts 2:38). I daily strive to walk with God and ask the Lords guidance with the help of the Holy Spirit so I would be a living testimony and glorify God through me. I am happy and contented in my life, however, I am waiting for that special someone to share life and create a beautiful loving Christian family that is build on trust, love , respect, commitment, friendship and the core is Jesus Christ that keeps the family strong in Love and Faith.

**I'm simple person and happiness doesn't rely on material things. I am very frugal/thrifty hardworking person, I know how to use money wisely, I save up money and investing it to grow for the future. I can live a simple life yet living joyfully serving the Lord. I love cooking healthy food (and working myself fit and healthy), I'm down to earth, a low maintenance lady, small but have a big heart. I'm very affectionate, sensible, sweet, loving, caring and have a lot of love to give. I hope to find someone who is fun loving, playful with a sense of humor and romantic heart just like me. He must be caring and has a soft heart, traditional minded man who knows how to treat his woman and know how to spoil her, because I know how to love and spoil him back.

**I'm an animal lover, a nature lover, I like to do things with my hands and not afraid to get my hands get dirty such as gardening (farming) and landscaping. I also like outdoor sports (hopefully someday with my partner, I would like to try extreme sports like sky diving, bungee jumping, mountain climbing or any fun adventure outdoor...) I love to go for a walk in the beach (for now just swimming in shallow waters, I'm waiting for my future lover to teach me how to swim in deep waters), have a little picnic in the park, watch sunrise and sunset holding hands and cuddling my beloved. I value love, honesty, trust and respect and more... Communication is also important aspect in friendship, relationship and family.

**I'm mature, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and I believe there are more room for me to grow in Christ and I seek someone to love and grow with. Am not looking for a perfect man, I do have flaws but he is perfect for me. Someone who is humble and pride is continually buried and willing to learn and grow with me with the help of the Lord. I believe that happy marriage stands strong when there is a love triangle. The husband and wife and their head is Jesus Christ the center of their relationship. I dream of harmonious, peaceful, loving family, with God's blessings and happiness. This dream will possibly come true when the couple is closer to God. Pure unconditional love from God, no dishonesty!

**Like to meet for friendship first wherever it will lead us. Let's share ideas and learn other things under the sun...

God bless everyone on your search!

P.S. Lastly, a real woman will never be impressed by wealth or riches because the unconditional love and affection she will give you for a lifetime is priceless. A real woman is not impressed by chivalry (but don't get me wrong, I do like someone open doors for me and do some sweet things but not easily impressed by it if it's just a show-off), heroism or macho looks because she will support you all your life with her emotional strength. A real woman just needs to be respected for her values and ethics and loved to the core.

Just a short love notes for my future Helpmate, my best friend whom I haven't met yet.

Dear Future Lover,

I have been patiently waiting for you for so long...I been eager to see your smile and the sparkle of your eyes, the color of your hair...I wonder where you are and what you do and what makes you busy, I wonder if you are praying for me too so we would be together. I've been dreaming to meet you soon and make you happy. I can't wait to give you all my world, love and care and we make a happy family loving each other, praying together, growing spiritually and joyfully serving the Lord the center of our relationship. I can't wait to meet you...I hope you are here.
Hope you would stumble in my page and read this note for you.

Till the time we will meet...

God take care of you,
Signed with tears

P.S. Please come soon (I pray in God's will)... I'm not getting any younger. :D

So funny that I have to write this note for you today, but I just want you to read my thoughts about you.

I can't wait to make good and healthy food for you as well. Ha-ha!


Estado / Rehiyon
National Capital Region

Pisikal na Katangian

141-150 cm
Uri ng Katawan
Eye Kulay
Kulay ng Buhok


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Chinese Sign

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Kanais-nais na taas
Mga anak
Hindi kailanman
Hindi kailanman, Bihira, Ayon sa katayuan sa lipunan, Kadalasan
Uri ng Katawan
Eye Kulay
Kulay ng Buhok

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