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Nữ, 29 yo, Tagbilaran City, Central Visayas, Philippines

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They say that if you are in love it’s noticeable through the bloom of your face, the mood that you are showing. Yes, definitely I am a happy single mother and or a solo parent at present but I admit living life without someone you can share and spend your life with is lonesome sometimes you long to share your laughs with when craziness and madness strikes, you long to cuddle, embrace and even kiss with your man when u wanted to give love and be loved and towards your down there is a shoulder you can cry on and still motivates you to stand up and never gives up. Those things, isn’t it amazing? I never thought to be a single mother since my parents have raised me to be a good person, well educated, with high respect towards everyone, a caring person, God fearing and a loving daughter and eldest sister to my siblings, a one man woman and a good and faithful lover and currently a dedicated mother to my precious angel but I’d rather be for number of reasons. I am a woman with philosophy and a great positive outlook in life. I enjoy mostly nature (beach, park). I believe in reciprocal relationship the giving and taking of both parties as the key to long and lasting relationship and to be added always have an open mind toward every possibility it’ll leads. Do you want honesty? Frankly speaking women here (Filipina) are searching foreign men thinking they can give them a good life and a bright future and yes partly that’s what in my mind too but it doesn't matter since what i realy up to is someone who'll love me as me standby besind me till the end. Been to relationships with our men before thinking they’ll be a great husband in the future but was dismayed (not to be general). Anyways life’s too short to live with regrets. Now I want to settle to other nationality and hoping to find not a luck but a destiny at this time. As for me that’s the only missing piece puzzle of my life. I have wonderful and supportive family and a gorgeous daughter. I want to bring back the bloom in me, mend the heart that was broken and enjoy and spend my life to the fullest to MY MAN who’ll treat me important and to whom I can promise to be at his side till the end. I want to build a family of my own, a great and a happy family.

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Quốc gia
Central Visayas
Thành phố
Tagbilaran City

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Dân tộc
Tiếng Philipin
Chiều cao
151-160 cm
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Khoảng trung bình
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Màu tóc

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Dấu hiệu Trung Quốc

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