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How Do I Get Laid In the Philippines - What You Must Know?

Martin Cooney
April 13, 2020 • 13 min read • Click for comments
Updated: November 02, 2021
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Pinay girls are the easiest women in the world when it comes to you getting laid.

Why Is It Easy?

Asian women have always been sexually dominated females.

But you've got the American Military Forces to truly thank for filipino women being so sexually liberated when it comes to giving up the goods.

American Influence on Filipina Sexuality

The US has had a presence in the Philippines since the establishment of the 2800 hectare Subic Bay base ,for the US Navy, in 1901. This was quickly followed by another 3420 hectares at Pampanga, 80 kilometers north of Manila, for a US military cavalry reservation.

All these military bases are staffed with a never-ending flow of American Military men, eager to taste the delights of the local talent.

For the last 120 years, the women in the Philippines have had their culture heavily influenced by America and handsome and wealthy foreigners into their country.

Filipino women have grown accustomed to the advances of foreigners.

Pro Tip:

It's a good idea to know if the filipino girls you're chatting with have had previous foreigner boyfriends too.

If they have, you're already well on your way to getting laid. Previous western boyfriends will have educated the girl already. Her expectation is already set.

Filipina Girls love foreign men
Filipina women love foreign men.

Woven Into Culture Mother To Daughter

Mothers will naturally teach their daughters the ropes.

With multiple generations since American bases were established, you're lucky to now have the culture of the Philippines ingrained with pinay girls told by their mothers to open their legs as the easiest means to get a foreigner.

Filipinos are extremely family oriented. Daughters respect, honor and trust the teachings of their mothers.

These same mothers are likely to have experienced the generosity of visiting foreigners and the better life they can give, even if only for a short time.

Poor Culture Richer Foreigners

Women are creatures drawn to security and comfort.

Nothing get you laid quicker than a promise of a richer man.

Foreigners fulfill this promise perfectly. As a foreign guy, you're already in the box seat on the road to getting laid, in the Philippines.

The very moment you make contact with a filipino girl, her brain will be spinning thinking of ways to get you beside her.

Speaking respectfully, dressing well and sprinkling your conversations with the nice things that will be coming her way will trap her mind, in your web.

The trick to easily getting laid is to plan your travel. Coordinate the number of girls to coincident with the places you're going to stay. There should be a girl planned for every location you're visiting.

Expect the sex to be more than you'll ever get back home.

You'll also to want one or two of the filipinas to stay with you on your travel adventures.

The majority of filipino girls are well versed in taking care of a guy in the bedroom and are very open to trying new antics, providing you explain what you like and go slow.

Pro Tip:

Don't ever wear flashy jewelry - that's overdoing it and also makes you a target for getting robbed.

You want to give her subtle clues. Think of wearing recognized labeled clothing. She'll know the brand names.

You want her to get the message of higher wealth, without you mentioning it. This way she'll want you without effort.

Many pinay girls are looking for a travel buddy
Many pinay girls are looking for a travel buddy.

Many Don't Like Local Filipino Guys

We've mentioned this before. Many filipino men treat their girls terribly. We're talking beating on them.

Filipino women are soft hearted kind girls, by their nature.

Most will jump at the chance to get a nice foreign guy who'll take care of them, even if it's initially for a short time. Their hope will always be to extend that time-frame and the pinay will do her utmost best to make that happen.

We did tell you getting laid is going to be easy once you understand the 'why'.

Pro Tip:

Never ever give a filipino woman a reason to think you're violent.

When meeting her, maneuver to touching her hair and comment that she must take good care of it.

This one simple act serves three purposes:

  • You notice things and interested in her
  • You're gentle by nature
  • You're not an asshole like the local guys
Not all Pinay like local guys
Not all Pinay like local guys.

Supply and Demand

By now you know most filipina girls crave after the attention of foreign men.

Sadly for them, a steady stream of western guys is in short supply.

There's only so many of you coming into the country at any given time. Which is good for you if what you're looking for is getting laid.

There are guys looking to settle down but most just want a holiday girl or girls they can travel with, enjoy the culture & food ... and pinay pussy.

The filipino girls' constant craving for foreigners and the short supply of you has them needing to drop the panties far more than women in most other countries.

Pro Tip:

Take charge and act like a man.

Don't be bullied into accepting a woman who doesn't meet your criteria. You're looking to get laid and to get laid often.

You are at the top of food chain as far as eligibility goes.

Filipina girls want you. It isn't the other way around.

When you making contact, obviously be polite and respectful.

4 filipino women smiling
There are so so many pinay for you to choose.

Pinay Girls Have Lower Expectations

You don't need to be a High Roller with filipino women. I mean that.

Forget all that rubbish from back home. You're in the Philippines now.

People here live a simple life. It's a poorer lifestyle to what you're used to.

But in many ways, it's also a much happier one. They don't overthink things.

But filipinas are women. And they still want security and a happy life.

They're used to living life without the fancy trappings of the West.

Filipino women are used to local men. No shirt, dirty jeans, you know the look.

You don't need to try too hard at all.

Pro Tip:

Retain your focus on getting the prize. You do need to drip-feed the girl with what she's looking for.

Always show her respect. Keep the conversations light, friendly and ask questions that lead into more talk. Yes, she'll have a much better life with you.

Set her expectations yourself. If she wants you as the prize, she needs to work for it.

smiling filipino woman under umbrella
Fear not. Pinay girls will not expect much from you.

Which Girls Are Easier For Getting Laid?

You need to optimise the demographic of the pinay women you choose, while traveling the Philippines.

Which girls are more than likely to be better suited to casual and trouble-free sexual relations?

Girls in Larger Cities

The Philippines girls in the larger cities such as Manila, Cebu, Davao, Angeles City and Subic Bay are very familiar with foreigners and what they're looking for.

They already know full well what you're probably looking for. It is easy to get laid when the girl already has her expectations aligned with yours.

You will need to understand exactly what this transaction entails though.

Is she a freelancer, prostitute, sideline girl or simply a potential travel girlfriend.

Find out the costs involved for you before you get too far into her and the situation.

If you pick up girls in larger cities, 9 times out of 10, they'll be some sort of prostitution angle involved. Which is good, if that suits what you're looking you. Prostitutes are excellent travel buddies since they're highly skilled girls.

Just be aware of costs.

Pro Tip:

Start with visiting some of the Red Light Areas as soon as you get off the plane. Get a load off which allows you to better focus on your game plan.

Pricing for a hooker is low compared to your home country. A mid-range prostitute will set you back between 3000 pesos for 2 hours or around 5-7000 pesos for all night. Go the short time first.

Online Dating

This is really all Pro Tips.

Online Dating is where the smart guys go, for lining up girls to get laid.

You plan out out travel itinerary in advance. Determine the places you'll want to meet girls as a travel buddy or just a short time and search these locations in the dating website.

It's better to focus on each location separately until you've lined up at least 3 firm prospects. Then move to your next location.

Your advantage is you can do everything BEFORE you step foot in the Philippines.

Ask all the questions you need to of the girls until you're satisfied she's a willing partner for your travels.

As you step through all your 'potentials', you can rate them and take notes. All online and easy.

Cull them through the message system first. You don't want to give out your Messaging App details to everyone or you'll be haunted by girls you aren't interested in.

Pro Tip:

Online winners avoid blocked messages. Blocked messages are a hassle - be a Pro.

You want unfettered message access to all girls.

Avoid These Girls, Generally

There's an enormous number of filipinas looking for a good guy and a good time. They're the ones you want on your list.

It's going to be a long list. You only want pinay who are easy to be with. You want girls who are easy in getting you laid with the minimum of effort. You need to cull out the girls who're likely to be troublesome or not worth the effort of a travel companion or a short stay.

So avoid these filipino women for a start:

Already married filipinas. There's no divorce allowed in the Philippines so, yes, there's a lot of single 'still legally married' filipino women wanting to meet you. Thing is, their 'ex' is still likely to be keeping tabs on here. You don't want or need complications of some stalking emotional husband lurking around while you're trying to bang his ex-wife.

Women with kids living at home with them. Filipinos love family and filipinas love the children. Do you really want to cope with the trouble of kids around? Cull these girls from your list. It's OK if they have kids living somewhere else though.

Emotional baggage. Using a dating site, you can quickly ascertain the emotional wellbeing (or otherwise) of the girl you're focusing on. Pinay women can go through some rough relationships with local guys which can leave them emotionally scarred. Ask questions about why they're looking for a foreigner. If there's any hint of them being beaten by local men, you're better off to move on to the next girl on your list.

Man haters. Being a women in the Philippines can be rough. Filipino men are the privileged gender. It's easy for some filipinas to hate on guys, in general. Because they're family orientated, they still think they want a relationship and a guy but some also hate men. It's some weird mental baggage but you'll soon get to understand this trait in a few online messages. Avoid this girls - they'll just be difficult in getting an easy lay.

Pro Tip:

Weave these questions into your initial online chat messages to quickly cull out filipino girls you don't need to be troubling with:

'so, are you married?' 'do your kids live with you there?' 'have you had filipino boyfriends before?' 'why don't you like a filipino boyfriend now?' 'why do you like foreign guys?' 'what makes you happy in life?' 'i read some filipinas get treated bad by filipino guys. is that true?'

sultry filipino woman near red flowers
Choose filipinas that you want to be with.

How To Make It Easier To Get Laid?

I've already mentioned several Pro Tips above but let's give you further insight into making your life easier in getting better pussy action.

You play the numbers game. Whether you're going the hard way of pickup when you're actually in the Philippines or the smart way of planning through Online Dating, your best process should be the same.

With millions of filipinas on the market, you're going to be rejected by some. That's just normal so fear not.

Start with a defined age range, of the Philippines women, you're looking to bang. Add additional features but avoid being too restrictive as this severely narrows your choices. After all, these women are short timers for your holiday.

Note: You'll find many pinay girls do this regularly. It's a holiday for them as well. So many rarely get to travel and since filipina girls are sexually open-minded, being a holiday play-thing is perfectly acceptable for them.

Make Sure you screen them. Start your screening process. Don't be rude or vulgar. Ask simple easy questions as I've outlined. The end result is you defining a list of potential filipina girls that suit your taste and are willing to be your travel fuck buddy.

Don't get into long-winded chats with anyone who isn't quick to jump at your opportunity.

You want to avoid the desperate ones who will say anything to keep you on the chat. Some are just lonely. Some don't have much luck with foreigners. Be ruthless in culling and block the ones who aren't for you.

Rating and Keep Notes. PinayRomances has excellent ratings and secret notes features. All contained for your reference. It's particularly useful for culling and makes pinpointing the girls you want to bang very easy.

If pen and paper is your thing, that's cool too.

As your list of potential women grows, so will your confusion as to who is who and what was said and agreed.

I can't stress enough about the importance of using the secret notes as well as the rating system built into the site. Use them to focus and tabulate high value girls.

Rinse and Repeat. Review, adjust and repeat. The reason I suggested starting with only your first travel location is for defining a good process that will make the remainder of the locations much faster to do.

Maybe the types of filipinas is slightly off. Perhaps your message scripts needs refining. Maybe it's just a matter of better understanding how to quickly get to the point with these girls.

Whatever it is, starting small and then expanding after you've got a good system will make getting laid in the Philippines a faster and smoother process, for you.


Like a great many other guys, you'll quickly discover just how easy it is to bang your way around the Philippines with one or more cute and sexy filipino girls.

They love sex and travelling so that combination is made for foreigners travelling for a short or long time in a beautiful country.

The Philippines is a treasure trove of delicious food, beautiful beaches, adventurous countrysides and scrumptious women who love to enjoy it all.

They're just waiting for the right guy to come along and experience it with.

Be that guy.


How Do I Get Easily Laid in the Philippines?

  • Understand their culture
  • Joining a Dating Site is better
  • Define your matching parameters
  • Explain to the girls what you're looking for
  • Cull out those that are too much work
  • Refine your potential list
  • Refine your message script
  • Rinse and repeat for all travel locations
  • Bang your way around the Philippines
  • It is Easy!

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