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Lonely Men Get a Filipino Girlfriend - 15 Secrets Revealed

Martin Cooney
May 05, 2020 • 15 min read • Click for comments
Updated: April 08, 2022
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People are only human and everyone gets lonely, from time to time. If you're a lonely man then you're reading this to discover exactly how you can have a faithful Filipino girlfriend.

But we are pair-bonding animals. We all need someone, in life.

Women get lonely and, sadly, so do guys. Men just don't tell the world that we are lonely.

Depending on your type of loneliness, a Filipino girlfriend will almost certainly be your salvation.

Unattractive Guys Can Get a Filipino Girlfriend Too!

For starters, never ever think you are unattractive to the opposite sex.

It's just never the truth in the real world.

You've heard the saying 'There's someone out there for everyone'? Well it turns out to be true.

fake it til you make it proverb image
Fake it first and you will succeed

Fake It Til You Make It

I remember when I went through some self doubt years ago - a very shitty time.

I joined an entrepreneur group simply to do something different with my life. That was life changing in itself.

One day, one of the mentor guys said 'Fake it til you make it'. It was good advice for most everything in life, including your unattractive thoughts.

It's entirely you that you need to take care of. That's it. Just you.

Think thoughts of:-

  • I'm a good looking guy
  • I'm just as good looking as anyone else
  • I'll find someone who likes me as I am
  • I've got better qualities than most other guys

Do this as many times during the day as you can. Your brain will start changing your behaviour and your thoughts about yourself.

people taking selfies
Practice taking selfies to get confidence back

Do Selfies

Another way to get yourself out of this 'unattractive' rut is simply taking selfies of yourself.

Yes, I know guys don't usually do it but do what your future Filipino girlfriend will be doing. They're always snapping selfies of themselves. And you want to know why?

Women continually preen themselves. They are always wanting to better impress the opposite sex and they take photos of themselves to always see what they can improve.

With you doing the same, you might decide changing your hair colour, shaving off that well-worn beard (which most women don't like anyway) or even start using some hair gel.

What have you got to lose? A change is as good as a holiday - it could well be a turning point for you.

It is good practice on your selfie development by testing them online.

See what the pinay girls think. Attractive girls in the Philippines aren't as picky and choosey as you might think. They simply want to find a nice foreign boyfriend and have a better life.

Your selfies are also featured in our 'Recent Photos' menu which girls look at and comment on.

Lonely Because of Work

We all know that feeling.

Working long hours and come home exhausted. Too tired to find someone special for your life. The loneliness creeps in and takes ahold.

Online dating is the prefect cure for you.

Pinay girls are searching for a foreign boyfriend most hours of the day.

You can contact them while you're eating breakfast, chat with them when you're stuck in traffic, browse a new potential Filipino girlfriend during lunch, or waiting for a meeting to start and relax with your iPad on the sofa whenever it is that you finally get home.

You won't be alone for long.

Rejection Can Lead to Feeling Isolated

Men don't handle rejection well, at all.

As men, we all like to feel we're at the top of the mating food chain.

Except life doesn't work that way.

If you've experienced the Bar & Club scene, you'll know about being rejected all the time unless you're an Alpha Male. Most of us aren't one of those.

man pushing back with hand
Online Dating gives you back your power

The Boot Is On the Foot, Online

Welcome to change in your life.

When you join us, you are in the box seat. It is all those sweet potential filipino girlfriends that want you in their life.

You pick and choose.

And you are the one to reject them if they don't measure up.

You're given infinite possibilities. Multiple girls will be vying to be your girl.

That's why your future Filipino girlfriend will join too. She's equally lonely and has the added drama of living a reasonably poor existence. They want a better guy in their life.

She is looking to kickstart a new life, hoping it will be you.

Many Chats At Once

Gone are the days of you feeling abandoned. That's a mug's game.

You can chat to as many women that you can cope with. And be messaging more than one.

They don't know and they're doing it too so all good.

Your rejection thoughts will disappear.

Do You Have a Lonely Personality?

Many men are called a 'loner'. Relationship issues tend to scar males more so than women.

Being a 'lone wolf' isn't something you should be worried about. You might just be more an introvert personality, lost trust in people, shy, sensitive or just prefer your own space.

Can you identify with any of those?

If you do and want to move outside of being a recluse, we've got you covered.

It's not easy taking baby steps in the real flesh and blood world. You bump into real nasty women and experiences. Western women can be savage and destructive on a sensitive guy's feelings.

You need to avoid those brutal confrontations and go the easier road. A path many guys choose to follow nowadays.

Online dating, with more gentle South East Asian women. You can start with just one Filipino girlfriend and chat with her - or chat with many. Your choice. Start slow.

If you've never tried it, there is absolutely nothing to fear.

You are in control, no-one else. That's the bonus of anonymous dating. You decide what you want to share, who you want to contact and when you choose to do it.

If you're shy or have had trust issues with women, start slow at first.

Just join since it's free. You don't even have to add photos or any details about yourself, at first.

Browse around and get to understand how things work first.

We do suggest adding details and good photos, eventually. That's how interested filipino women will choose to contact you but go at your own pace. As a lonely guy, you will want a Filipino girlfriend who respects the slower pace, at the start.

Overcoming your feelings of solitude or isolation is a step by step process, in a controlled environment. Go slow, understand the type of Filipino girlfriend you think you want to meet, browse online profiles and send a message simply saying 'Hi How are you?'.

That's it. Simple, easy and you can start testing responses.

lone wolf
Being a lone wolf is perfectly OK with online dating - Just try it yourself.

You Don't Need To Change

With an infinite number of possibilities and Pinay women, PinayRomances puts you in the driver's seat.

You like who you are. You now can find a Filipino girlfriend who likes you, for you.

There will be women who seek something you don't offer and that's OK.

It's a great way to venture outside without going out. Try some Philippines girls. Chat with some online. You might even learn more about yourself, along the way.

I Don't Like My Local Women

Yeah, you and me both. I hear you, Brother.

As do most other guys on the site.

Western women have lost their pizazz. It's all equal rights BS these days.

They take their frustrations out on boyfriends and husbands, never thinking the feminism debacle is their own creation.

Western girls have lost their innate femininity. More and more try to butch up and be the man in the relationships. And men hate it.

Men, in general around the world, are growing increasing bored with the local talent available in their immediate vicinity.

It's like eating meat and potatoes all day, every day. At some point, you're going to want to taste some spicer Asian food.

All your friends are always suggesting you need to try this great Asian restaurant that's easy to get a table at.

Are you ready for a plate of sizzling oriental food. So many different flavours with an amazing menu - you can choose one, two or more side dishes.

You've only got to walk in and sit down.

South East Asian women are the spice most men need in their lives. If you're one of the guys that are lonely at home because of the lack of good local talent, do something about it and look for a Filipino girlfriend, to get the Zing back.

self-confidence image
You can recover from a lack of self-confidence.

Retreating Due to Self Confidence

"Hey, you just gotta get out there and put on a brave front"

I bet most of your friends have told you that. Easy words to say but fronting up to women in real life when you lack self confidence is damn difficult.

You drive yourself deeper into loneliness just thinking about it.

You want to get out but butterflies in the stomach and shivers down the spine just cripple you.

When you're down, it isn't that easy to pick yourself up again.

Well, actually, it is if you can start anonymously, online and with a slow pace. That's something you can't do in real life.

Regaining your self-confidence should be taken slow, at first. You need to feel you've had a few small 'wins' with women. Engaging with girls who do want to meet you is a perfect environment. Online dating is that environment.

Those initial winning moments are the first few messages and chats. It takes nothing anyway from you in sending 'Hi' to a potential Filipino girlfriend who you find attractive. Most will reply almost immediately. This is what will start getting you out of your lonely feelings and 'back on the horse'.

From here, it's a rinse and repeat exercise. The more you chat with more girls, the strong and quicker you'll get your confidence back.

Being able to engage with multiple pinay women gets you feelings of an Alpha Male. More self confidence boosting.

Lonesome Because You Get Bossed Around

Another annoying trait of the feminist movement is they're also trying to be the boss.

Any and every relationship needs someone to take the lead. It's always been the males' role in the past.

It's what guys do. Make decisions and follow through.

Women are generally followers. They actually do like to be taken care of and told what's going to happen. It's been that way for centuries. It's locked within the DNA of men and women since the stone age and is how we crawled our way out of the mud.

Men get pissed off with bossy women. They will shy away from bossy females. Well, most normal thinking guys will. Some are just too far gone and pussy-whipped.

The Asian culture is still heavily focused on a male lead relationship unit. Asian / Thai / Filipino / Indonesian / Vietnamese women know it's the correct way and play their part, as they should.

You should not be placed in a position of desolation just because of previous bossy Western ladies. Switch that thinking out and opt for a better solution and start living again.

Alone Because of Failed Relationships

Every man has had failed relationships, starting from puberty.

Males tend to be resilient when we're younger. It's all new, after all. We're experimenting with women and who they are and what we want.

As young men, we are really after one thing and that's sex. As long as the girls drop the panties, we're happy. This holds true for the rest of our lives.

As we grow older, the local girls start tuning in to the male agenda. And they start their own manipulation.

So the cycle begins. And the failures start piling up on us. Rejection and failed relationships take their toll.

The more failures, the more many guys grow distant and lonely. There's only so much we can cope with. We do start to feel abandoned and reclusive towards women, in general.

"If you keep doing the same things in life, expect the same results"

Those words are true of anything in life. More so when it comes to dating and women.

The answer is to simply try something different and experience the result, good or not.

You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

I'm Single & Want Someone To Talk To

Many times, we just want to talk with someone who doesn't have a negative agenda. A Filipino girlfriend will solve this problem, instantly. And she'll be more than happy to move forward, at your pace.

That's not easy to do.

You just want to hop into a random conversation and start chatting. It could be about work problems, what you want to do tomorrow or asking the other person some random questions.

You can't do that with local women.

For starters, they don't know you. They're restricted by their own closed-down personality.

What you do seek is a place you can log into and simply pick someone who pops up and strike up a conversation.

Being single and lonely isn't cool.

You'll never be lost for someone to chat to on an online dating site.

There's always a Filipino girlfriend looking to do the same. She will mostly live in closed communities too. Her circle of friends isn't large and she doesn't open up to her friends either.

Women in the Philippines use online dating sites because they are lonely. They are looking for random talks too - and hopefully they find a nice foreign boyfriend along the way.

If you are just looking for some quick online hookups, the winning formula is always a dating website.

Log in, look for the popup notices when someone logs in and send them a quick message saying 'Hi'.

To become a boyfriend, you need to first find a Filipino girlfriend - or three :)

You're Interested in Different Cultures

Another boredom category is your own culture. Living in the same place , seeing the same people and eating the same food is a road to boredom and distance.

You stink lower and lower into yourself. That makes you unsociable and you're not in the mood to mix it up with other people. You tending more towards becoming a hermit. Not good.

The quickest and easiest solution is experience other cultures through talking to other people. If you've never traveled to the Philippines, you are missing out on one of the worlds' most beautiful gems.

Come out of your self-inflicted cave. Join us and start widening your surrounding by starting an online relationship with a sweet Filipino girlfriend.

Women from the Philippines are also always curious about cultures outside their own home country. Filipinos are renowned for relocating to other countries.

A niche dating site such as for the Philippines caters exactly to what you're looking for. South East Asian women are stunningly gorgeous, cute, innately sexy & sexual and, more importantly, love to meet foreign guys because of their different culture.

Chatting is smooth and easy to get started with.

A Filipino girlfriend will quench your thirst for a different culture, and get you out of your loneliness rut.

You'll get immense satisfaction with cultural exchange :-

  • talk about each others different food styles
  • what do they enjoy or you?
  • have they ever traveled to your country? would they consider it?
  • further down the line, you can step outside your comfort zone and consider a trip to the Philippines and experience their culture in real life. The country is extremely popular for foreigners due to low cost for adventure.

Dip your toes in and find your Filipino girlfriend, today.

You might be just who she is looking for.

Unfulfilled Dreams Get You Down

It's very easy to get reclusive and withdrawn when your dreams and plans aren't turning out as you thought they would have.

It's a common syndrome as we get older.

What have you done with your life and where are you headed.

What isn't common is to readjust what those dreams are and start a winning streak.

Planning big is a road to failure. The better strategy is planning in short bursts for goals that you can achieve with minimal effort.

If you can't ever reach a milestone, your wings fold and you take a nosedive into your own rejection. You want and need to take baby steps towards an area of interest which will bring success and mental rewards.

A short travel holiday is one of the more common goals many people opt for. And the Philippines as we mentioned earlier has always been popular due to low cost and the cultural rewards you can have.

Not to mention the cute pinay girls vying for your attention.

That's a reward in itself.

Travel with a contented Filipino holiday girlfriend will soon get your mind off how crappy and lonely your life was, back home.

In Closing

Being lonely and feeling isolated is no way for a red blooded male to live.

You're in a momentary rut, that's all. Finding a simple process that thousands of other men use is key to your recovery.

Using a solid online dating process is a proven method. You've got access to a different culture, sexy and cute filipino women and you already know they are wanting to hookup with you.

We can help you get back on the road to recovery and regain your rightful masculinity.


Types of Lonely Guys for Online Dating

  • You think you are unattractive to women
  • Lonely Because of Work
  • Being rejected
  • a Lonely Personality
  • Don't like your local women
  • Retreating due to Self-Confidence
  • You always get bossed around
  • Previous failed relationships
  • No-one to talk to
  • You do not like your own culture
  • Unfulfilled dreams are getting you down

Last updated: April 08, 2022

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