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A Filipino Woman - 20 Amazing Traits & Personality

Martin Cooney
June 08, 2020 • 13 min read • Click for comments
Updated: April 10, 2022
Contented Filipino woman

A Filipino woman are very different to what you're used to in 1st World Countries. It's important to examine their personality traits and characteristics so you have a much better understanding on your relationship planning.

Just what are you guys getting yourself into, with a Filipino woman?

Do you understand the in's and out's of how a Filipino woman's personality traits make her unique in the world?

Filipino women are a cultural mix of Asian and Spanish heritage. Their deep religious upbringing reinforces strong family-centric values towards honor, respect to elders and marriage. Historic Latin American culture influences their high sexual appetite and libido.

The Philippines has always been a crossroad of East meeting West. The culture derives from many cultures mixed through Asia and the Pacific regions, with a heavy dose of Spanish influence. It's been described as a 'boiling bubbling melting pot of Asia and Spain'.

Let's move on and examine these traits in more detail.

The Philippines is a Multi-cultural Stew

Beautiful Filipino girl at pool
See the Latin American influence in beauty?


Foreign men have always been attracted to pinay girls because of their femininity. They are more feminine and girly than women in western countries. This is the main reason men marry a Filipino woman.

The same is true of their body shape. Normally, a Filipino woman is skinnier while being more voluptuous.

They are racially similar to Malays but more Spanish culturally. An exquisite blend of beauty and character traits.

Filipino Attractiveness Standards

There's an underlying level of beauty women in the Philippines are constantly striving for:-

Nose ShapeHigh BridgedPointy Flat
HairStraight & DarkCurly & Wavy
Body ShapeSkinny & SlimFat & Curvy
LooksDelicateRough or Slutty
Skin ColourLight-Skinned MestizaTan-Skinned Morena

These are areas of attractiveness that a Filipino woman places upon herself. It is female driven.

Many women in the Philippines will save their pesos for cosmetic surgeries for the perfect nose.

Beauty products such as Papaya Soap and other skin whitening creams continue to rocket in sales numbers.

Foreign men have their own preference. You will find who you're looking for by simply browsing the pinay girls on the site. It's as simple as that.


As mentioned above, the complexion of these girls is something they worry about, more than you.

Mix ancestry (Mestiza), a Filipino woman is likely to have whiter complexions than a full-blood, tan-skinned Morena Filipino woman.

Whatever your preference, they take exceptional care of themselves, with an extensive beauty regime.


While Filipino girls live simple lifestyles, they possess a personal charm and innocence because of that very way of life.

They possess a unique allure and beauty defined by centuries of ongoing change and culture.

A Filipino woman is a borne mother. They crave to have and raise cute children. Now that we're in the 21st Century and foreign travel is so abundant, many Filipino girls readily see the potential with mating and raising kids with foreigners. Cute blue-eyes Filipino children is an area where younger Pinay girls are heading.

This natural mothering instinct gives these women a warm and inviting charisma any foreigner will find irresistible.


Adorable brown eyes gazing at you lovingly. OMG.

Gorgeous long black hair, slim bodies, bigger firm breasts than other Asian countries and those eyes. It's exactly why expats and holidaying guys are instantly drawn to a Filipino woman.

Put them in a bikini laying on the beach and you'll be hooked for life.

It's easy to see a Filipinas' general magnetism - you only need walk down any street with young pinay wandering around. Most guy's heads in the general vicinity will constantly swivel to and fro, staring at the pretty cute female forms. It's amusing to watch but is a testament to a Filipino woman's attractive magnetism.

Beautiful Philippines girl at pool
The natural beauty of a pinay girl


Living a simple lifestyle and coming from larger family units forms the nature of these Filipino girls.

At a base level, a Filipino woman has realistic expectations when it comes to men and marriage.

They are accepting of your physical looks whether you think you are ugly or handsome. That isn't what a pinay considers important. They tend to focus on family as the overarching umbrella in what and how they think and behave.

This 'family focus' makes them extremely loyal to family members and to you if you're her boyfriend or husband. But first you will need to prove to any Filipino girlfriend that you could get along with her family first. Step 2 is proving you'd make her a good boyfriend > husband > father.

If you make it to these milestones, a Filipino woman will move hell and high-water to make her marriages work. This is an attribute guys rarely see back home where the easy answer is separation and divorce. A family-centric Filipino woman is the opposite to this.

Friendly Filipino Woman

The strong family streak that runs through her bones gives a Filipino woman a likable friendly disposition.

Your first message, video call and meeting will gain you an instant friendship that will last as long as you let it.

Unlike other South East Asian women, Filipino girls maintain long-lasting and strong friendships. They look upon their friends as their outer circle family. People they can rely upon and trust.

If ever you get the chance to introduce your own friends to a Filipino girl, your friend instantly becomes one of hers.

Because of the strong family values, they love to hang out with family as well as friends. All this leads to a Filipino woman loving to talk, fool around, tease you, tell jokes (they love jokes) and some light-heart gossiping.

With a natural friendliness and a sprinkle of trust thrown in, affection soon follows.


Most South East Asian cultures respect and revere their elders. The Philippines is the same.

A Filipinas' education on respect starts at an early age as part of honoring her older family members and then anyone else in a position of power.

This honor and admiration of elders is why pinay girls look to much older foreign men for relationships and marriage. And why visiting expats have always loved partaking of the delights a younger Filipino woman has to offer.


A 3-year study, in more than 150 countries, from Gallup ranked the Philippines as the most emotional society in the world.

In another study, Philippines people were ranked as the 6th most positive people in the world.

Filipino women are open when expressing their emotions, providing the situation is appropriate to do so. This can be confronting to foreigners.

It is important to never embarrass or cause a Filipino woman to 'lose face' by your actions to her emotions. No Filipino likes the idea of being embarrassed or humiliated. You'll cause her temper to show.

Sexy Pinay girl at pool
Filipinas are simply happy girls

Happy People

The Political and Economic Risk Constituency (PERC) in Hong Kong rated Filipinos as the easiest people in South East Asia to get along with, in their survey.

In fact, they ranked 17th out of 178 countries in the 2006 Happy Planet Index (HPI) by a British think tank New Economics Forum. Their report is “an index of human well-being and environmental impact”. The New Economics Forum study measured life satisfaction, life expectancy and environmental footprint.

All in all, a Filipino woman and the general filipino population are pretty happy people despite 20% of the Philippines population officially living in poverty (World Bank projection report for 2019).


With strong historical Spanish influences in Philippines culture, a Filipino woman can exhibit a hot-blooded temper, at times.

These girls are similar to many other Latin American women which is also a reason foreign men find them irresistible.


A Filipino woman is a very easy-going girl.

It's a Filipino attitude called bahala na or “come what may”. They look upon problems as something the Almighty will sort out for them.

As long as they survive in the present moment, the future will take care of itself.

Practical People

When the majority of the population lives close to the breadline, the entire culture and people become frugal by nature. It's borne out of necessity to survive.

Watching every peso leads to also becoming practical about life and how you live it.

For example, all Filipinos drive and own only Japanese cars, due to their reliability. The same can be said of most product brands - if the product has longevity, word will spread and become popular.

Pessimistic & Optimistic

Pessimism about today's life is commonplace with Filipinas but they're always optimistic the future will be better.

You'll find yourself bringing them out of a rut sometimes - just be sensitive to their current situation and look for a solution in how you/they can move forward.

You'll instantly see a beaming smile on her face.

They're Late

Filipinos including women are always late to everything. It's a stereotype but ask any Filipino woman and they'll quickly admit it applies to them as well.

It's a cultural blend of laid back island lifestyle and an avoidance of not wanting to be attached to 'American be-on-time mentality'.

Always plan for this character quirk lol


Everyone has them and Filipino women have their own unique set of quirks, borne from their culture and lifestyle.

They're Clean Filipinos

Pinay girls are exceptionally clean, in all aspects. Cleanliness is seen as a virtue in a country that's seen as dirty at a street level.

Allow a Filipino woman extra time when it comes to getting prepared for a date or meeting with you.

Not In The Mood

Some pinay are too relaxed for many foreigners. It's a Filipino habit called mañana.

It's a level of disinterest on the girl's part. If she's not in the mood for something, she'll avoid showing up.

This mañana habit gives rise to the bahala na attitude mentioned about a filipinas temperament - if they're not in the mood, everything will work out somehow.

A Filipino woman who leaves everything to fate is ideal for a foreign holiday maker who is looking for a short time holiday pinay for his vacation. She's not the style for a long term relationship for most, if not all, foreigners looking for a wife/girlfriend.

Reality & Myth

From their Latin American heritage, a Filipino woman finds it difficult separating reality from myth.

They do believe in miracles and divine intervention.

Magical reality is alive and well in the Philippines where sports stars and other leaders are revered. Don't believe everything your pinay girlfriend tells you as truth.


Roman Catholic, Christian and Mormons. Filipinos are a deeply religious people.

The country remains the only Asian nation to be Christian and is one of the most religious countries in the world. They take their religion very seriously but that doesn't stop Filipino women from being highly sexual and promiscuous.

Never ever insult or demean a Filipino girl for believing.

Expats should always exercise caution when discussing minority religion claims. It will become a heady topic with any mainstream religious Filipino woman.

Filipino women bikini photo shoot
Pinay girls are proud of their sexuality


Latin American women are renowned as voluptuous sexual dynamos.

Filipinas step that ranking up a notch or two. They've got the cultural Latino libidos combined with the easy-going islander mentality to 'live for the moment'.

For young city dwelling girls, they perceive the old fashioned taboo of virginity as an obstacle of them entering a more satisfying and fulfilling sex life. They are also under peer pressure to be deflowered.

Engaging in their first act of intercourse with a mature knowledgeable foreigner is highly desirable as they believe they can be cared for, in case of impregnation.

A pinay's religious beliefs never get in the way of her high-octane sex drive.


At it's basic form, 'Pakikisama' simply means going along with others. Socially, it means getting along with others. In Philippines culture, it's considered rude to give anyone a direct command, for fear of being considered obnoxious. The words paki nga or maki (Please) is used to lessen a command's impact on others.

For foreigners though, Pakikisama is also the sharing of one's wealth, time or talent. And it is this derivative that catches expats off-guard most.

Historically and culturally, sharing of a community's talent and time wealth allows that community to survive with minimal monetary outlay. That's a good thing.

It is when Pakikisama is used as a way to extract money and take advantage of you that concerns most foreigners. And rightfully so.

It might be to use and piggyback off your Internet connection. Innocent enough but it's illegal to do it. Objecting gives rise using the Pakikisama reasoning.

Many Filipinos will innocently ask you for money since they don't have any. Most are innocent and just think it is OK to ask since you have enough and can share - that's innocent Pakikisama.

Then they are other nefarious uses by some girls, only seeking to take advantage of you. All foreigners need to be on their guard.

This is a trait that permeates Philippines culture. Girls included.


  1. If you're dating a Filipino girl, you are expected to foot the bill on food, travel and accommodations. If she's a good girl, she'll try to buy much smaller items as a token that she's contributing to your mutual enjoyment.

  2. If you've met a Filipino woman on our dating site but you don't live in the Philippines, you might be tempted to have her travel to meet you. We have many examples of this happening so it's commonplace.

This is where commonsense and Pakikisama comes into play. First Filipinos have no spare money just to jet off on a whim. They will expect you to pay for all expenses including plane tickets and sundries. That's Pakikisama kicking in - you're the one who is wealthier.

And the conundrum is also whether she is innocent or trying to game you. Do not immediately think she is a scammer when Pakikisama is part of their culture.

Tread carefully and trust your gut instinct.


When you take a top-down look at what makes up a Filipina, they really are a cute bundle of Asian delight.

Sure they've got some quirky cultural traits. Haven't we all.

Now that you've got a much better understanding what you're getting yourself in to, get going and join up for free today and start meeting some of these wonderful girls.


What are the positive traits to Filipino women?

  • They are naturally happy women
  • They have charisma and personal magnetism
  • They have strong family bonds
  • They are very friendly girls
  • They're highly respectful of other people
  • Very positive about future outcomes
  • Very practical girls on living

What are the negative traits to Filipino women?

  • They're always late
  • Pessimistic & optimistic at the same time
  • They have the fiery temper of Latin American girls
  • They prefer to 'get' than to 'give'

What are the quirky traits to Filipino women?

  • They are ultra clean
  • Easy to be 'not in the mood'
  • They believe in miracles
  • They worship sports stars

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