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Angeles City Prostitutes Waiting Customers

Angeles City - Best Guide to Filipinas, Freelancers & More

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You need to know what Philippines travel experiences give you the memories you'll cherish for the rest of your life.

So what Philippines destination should a single man visit? If you only go to the Philippines one time, what place must you visit?

Angeles City (the City of Angeles) is a common travel destination for visiting international foreigners. This city boasts a broad diversity of tastes to suit any tourist. Those include normal but attractive Filipina women dating average men, to the Philippines' hottest Red Light District in Walking Street. The Puning Hot Spring and Aqua Beach Club are unique to Angeles City, which most tourists opt to include in holiday planning.

"You don't know what you don't know."

Suppose you intend to date Filipinas, see some lively nightlife, or dip your toes into the seedier side of sex workers. In that case, Angeles City is a one-stop-shop.

Angeles, officially the City of Angeles, is located in the region of Central Luzon, Philippines.

Let's cover how to get an average Filipina, talk about the freelancers & sex industry and, finally, the tourist spots you should consider seeing when you're in Angeles:-

Filipina Dating: What's On Offer In Angeles City?

Montage of Angeles Girls at PinayRomances

Traveling to Angeles is not just about picking up freelancers and prostitutes.

The City of Angeles has a population of more than 411,000 (2015 census). You will find a wide diversity of 'normal' Filipina women wanting to accompany you.

Angeles women know the barangays (or barrio - the term often refers to an inner-city neighborhood, a suburb, or a suburban neighborhood) of this never-sleeps Philippines city. Being guided by a local Filipina ensures you stay safe. You can see the sights you want to visit, and you will extend your travel adventure with a local girl. Plus, you never know - she might turn out as the woman who shares your entire Philippines holiday.

You must be honest with any Filipina who is prepared to be a tour-guide around Angeles City.

Giving a Pinay girl the impression she is more than a tour-guide obligates you; honestly, state your intentions about her.

Filipinas highly value trust in the people with which they form a personal bond. Contacting her as a potential girlfriend starts that bond.

Plus, honesty eases your way into her heart and bedroom.

Where Should You Find Filipinas To Date?

Honestly, the best Filipina dating site is the one you're on now, PinyRomances.

You can quickly scan through online Filipina singles, assess their profiles, and chat with the Pinay girls you like.

Foreigners and Filipinas have trusted us since 2015. Filipinas join daily to meet men internationally, and you'll find lots of girls in Angeles City.

Smart guys plan and book girls into a dating pipeline, i.e., talk to many Filipinas online. You can determine whether the girl/s are interested in you as a boyfriend or just as a holiday girlfriend with some short messaging.

Either is OK, providing you explain your true intentions up front. Filipinas will refuse you if they think you are a foreign monger.

Get yourself to the City of Angeles with a typical Filipina - go spend some time clubbing with her.

Do Angeles Prostitutes Want To Date Foreign Men? Yes, They Do!

Filipina prostitutes are the same as other women when it comes to feelings and life aspirations. Their job description isn't for every man, but many Philippines freelancers eventually quit their sex-working and marry.

But what should you think about when contacting Filipina prostitutes with Filipina dating in mind?

  1. You need to understand any freelancer needs to make money for her wellbeing
  2. The girl will be primarily interested in you as a customer
    • You will first need to be a customer before you speak about the Filipina being girlfriend material
  3. You must prepare yourself to pay handsomely so the Filipina prostitute knows you're serious about her
  4. Once you get to the Filipina dating phase, don't suddenly become a cheapskate
    • Splurge on your first date
    • Go out together and enjoy her company.
    • Chat casually about your dreams, including life plans. Ask for hers as well.
    • And finally, enjoy the fresh first-date sex that only a Filipina prostitute can give a man
  5. Prepare your mental state with knowing she will be fucking other men until (,or when) you are both happy with a monogamous relationship
  6. Statistically, prostitutes have a poor track-record with one-person relationships
    • prepare yourself for trust issues (yours and hers)
    • you will need to monitor her performance as a wife, not just sexually
  7. A previous prostitute can have a relationship, so don't get me wrong. These relationships take time and effort. Be prepared to walk away from it with no hard feelings.

Sex Workers In Angeles City Are Everywhere

This famous city of Central Luzon, Philippines, is known for the sex workers profession. That's why so many single international men visit here. Whether you're looking to partake of the services on offer or 'take in the sights,' you'll find plenty of action at Walking Street or Fields Avenue.

Angeles City Walking Street - freelancers & girls 2020

There's a Walking Street in every major city's 'Red District,' and Angeles City is a standout. Be prepared to be inundated by Filipina freelancers, Ladyboy freelancers, street vendors of every kind, and the loud buzz of nightclub action, into the early hours.

Pro Tip

Take your pre-arranged Filipina girlfriend with you as a guide is the better option.

She'll know her way around plus will keep you out of trouble - and there's plenty of risks to be had here for 'the uninitiated.'

Angeles City Has An Active & Lively Nightlife

Most single visiting tourists come to The City of Angeles for the raging nightclub scene and the sexy Filipinas.

Here's our Top 5 Angeles Clubs if your 'pick up game' is on-point. Or you can pipeline some girls beforehand using the best Filipina dating site like ours:-

Mega Dance Center

Located in the famous Fields Avenue, the Mega Dance Center is one of the popular places to be seen, pick up girls, and party like there's no tomorrow.

Inside the Mega Dance Center

The place is clean, and the staff is friendly and accommodating.

It's known as a modern and European-style nightclub, bleeding-edge party music, excellent service, and some of the sexiest exotic local girls from the Angeles area.

As with every club, the downside is freelancers - this isn't as bad as the High Society club, though.

Midnight Rodeo

If you're into old rock songs played by a live band, then the Midnight Rodeo club is your place.

The Midnight Rodeo (located in Oak Street) is the perfect place to take a local Filipino girl to chill out, get to know her, and enjoy the incredible live music.

Oak Street is a back street off the beaten path, but don't let that stop you.

You'll find old-time foreigners here too. Suppose you prefer the old days of the Angeles City and Subic Bay entertainment experience. In that case, you will enjoy a visit to the Midnight Rodeo.

Plus, it's open seven days of the week, so no matter which Filipina girl you've listed, she'll have an off night to come out and party with you.

Filipinos are the friendliest of people - Midnight maintains efficient and friendly staff who will bend over backward to accommodate your every request.

And, yes, there are freelancers here as well. You only need to smile and say 'no, thank you.'


Tao is on Fields Avenue, the same as Mega Dance Center - if you don't like one, try the other.

Tao is a mix of restaurant, 'special shows' and a nightclub - there's something for every visitor.

This place would be my Best Choice as a combo club where anything goes, and anyone will enjoy something on offer.

There are continuous stage-shows, choreographed numbers, and expensive custom costumes. It's a fantastic experience.

Tao is an ideal and upmarket establishment to take a Pinay girlfriend for some sushi, drinks, and a show. The shows can vary from beautiful Filipina dancers to something more akin to Las Vegas. Plus, the price for so much entertainment weighs in below US$20 per person.

The service and staff here are top-notch.

You'll end up coming back to Tao many times to see everything.

The Living Room

The Living Room is at 1136 Tinio St. corner Constain Street on the top floor of the Queen's Hotel in Angeles City. Open daily from 5 PM to 2 AM.

Incidentally, there's a great steak house on the ground floor at this location.

The Living Room is where you relax and unwind; hopefully, you go drinking with a good Filipina girlfriend.

For letting off some steam, The Living Room has an adjacent games room. You'll find beer pong, a great pool table, and even a regular darts competition. There are always a few regulars to challenge if you're in the mood - play with your girl is better. Keep her juices flowing and maintain her interest in you.

Great drinks, a well-stocked bar, and low prices are on offer here.

If you decide to go alone, you don't need to be once you arrive. The main room has attractive hostesses who will sit with you - if that is what you want.

The Living Room's slower pace is not the same as the loud pumping music found at the Mega Dance Center.

The Living Room staff give excellent service, are well trained, and efficient.

Pro Tip

This is an ideal location for taking any potential freelance girlfriend. She won't be identified and will feel relaxed and 'giving.'

High Society

Here's another Fields Avenue club - the same as Tao and Mega Dance Center.

High Society has a bad rap with some people due to the high volume of Filipino freelancers and loud music. If that's not something of interest, please avoid it.

But if you never try, you will never know.

High Society is full every night you'll visit and the only place you end up after 2 AM. You'll find lots of fun people mixing it up with tourists, locals, working girls, and party seekers.

The staff is friendly, and the music rocks (too loud for some). Sadly, there aren't enough staff here, so the service tends to be shoddy and end up appearing rude.

Pro Tip

Plan to go to High Society as your first Fields Avenue destination. If you don't like to vibe, move to Mega Dance Center.

What Are The Best Tourist Attractions That Foreigners Can Visit?

Seeing the sights is always a better experience when there are two people to chat with and meander.

Here are our Top 5 Angeles City Attractions for Couples:-

SM City Clark

SM City Clark is a shopping mall. And, no, that isn't a dull, mundane adventure to have in Angeles City. It is at M.A.Roxas Hwy, Clark Freeport.

But guess who goes to shopping malls, in droves? Filipinas! So knowing this information makes SM City Clark a place you do want to visit.

The Big Chilis at SM City Clark
Pro Tip

Try your hand at 'day game' since many Pinay girls are wandering around aimlessly. The girls will be keen for you to pick them up - you need to man-up, walk up to a girl (better if she's alone) and ask her where the IMAX Cinema is. You can use this as your segway into inviting her to the movies after you both visit a nearby coffee shop.

There are lots on offer at the SM City Clark Mall. It has an IMAX movie theatre, barbershop, massage shops, french baker, Krispy Kreme, Kenny Rogers ribs, and way too many other restaurants and eateries.

Most of the departments are well-staffed with helpful workers, plus items are at reasonable prices.

If you only end up visiting one mall in Angeles City, then this is the one.

Aqua Beach Club

The Aqua Beach Club is one of Asia's most extraordinary clubs. It is at the Don Juico Avenue in Angeles City and opens between 11 AM and 2 AM.

The Aqua Beach Club (Aqua BC) is a mix of wellness, fitness, food & beverage, merchandise, entertainment, and fantasy.

The food here is incredible. You can get anything from pizzas to steaks to sushi. It is a food-lovers paradise, just for you and your Filipina.

The music is spot-on, and the staff tries to cater to your every whim.

Aqua BC is a reliable place to take a Filipina. Since the Aqua Beach Club is a higher-priced establishment, it tends to attract freelancers looking for higher-price fees.

The Aqua Beach Club in Angeles City

You won't stay here on a budget either, but it is well worth the mid-range pricing if you want some luxury adult play-time. Any Filipina will give her soul to spend time with you here. Drinks are 500 pesos minimum, as an example.

You will love this bar if only for the spectacular city roof-top views, food, and drinks.

Go for a relaxing dip in the clean, clear pool while snuggling with your Pinay, plus enjoy the cool water while sipping on a mojito or lychee vodka. Luxury living at far less expensive than back in your home country.

The Aqua Beach Club is the recommended destination for all guys to check-out, at least once.

Dinosaurs Island

You can get to Dinosaurs Island inside the Clark Freeport Zone. It's a comfortable Grab Car ride to Clark.

What holiday wouldn't be complete without some Dinosaur action? I mean, really, lol.

Suppose you've done any Filipina dating with us or visited the Philippines before. In that case, you'll know already that Pinay girls are just big kids at heart. A trip to a Dinosaur park is ideal for getting her excited about you. Her heart will melt knowing you're visiting this place just for her.

And there's plenty on offer.

There are areas with picnic tables and an old wild west town complete with horse rides. Note: Your girlfriend should pack a picnic hamper.

The standard recommendation is to buy the Dinosaur Island attraction and forget the Insectlandia and World of Wonders attractions.

You'll enjoy the animatronic dinosaur exhibits wandering around. There are useful guides and signage, both providing exciting information.

Puning Hot Spring

Head to Puning Sapang Bato in Angeles City for this hot spring attraction.

The place resembles an ancient South Pacific village from bygone days. This rustic appearance is a must-have for Filipinas and their love of Instagram selfies, lol.

You're best to go in the morning due to crowds later in the day. Note: the Puning Hot Spring closes at 5 PM and not 10 PM, as many people believe. The cost is 3500 pesos with a minimum of three people - if there's only the two of you, you will still end up paying 10500 pesos, so be forewarned.

Your ticket price includes a buffet lunch. So please do spa and hot springs first and relax both of you over a great lunch buffet.

After lunch, the staff will supply you shorts and a tee shirt to put on and bundled into a 25 minute Jeep ride up a river bed. The Jeeps don't have sound shock absorbers, so please do wear the supplied helmets. Upon arrival at the foot of a mountain, you get to soak in different temperature pools (cold, medium, or hot).

Next stop is 'Station 2'. Here you're buried in hot sand - that's a strange feeling and very relaxing, at the same time. You will be covered in mud, next. Funny but true.

The Puning Hot Spring - Filipina covered in hot sand

Once the mud dries, it's back in the Jeep. You're still covered in mud and sand, by the way. Thankfully, this last ride is to the showers.

The Puning Hot Spring is worth the experience, but it isn't cheap. Great to do once in your lifetime and even better to enjoy with a happy Filipino girl. Remember the pipelining technique mentioned above for this tip.

Fields Ave

Fields Ave is more than a tourist attraction - it's an Angeles City institution. "All the action in Angeles City happens at Fields Avenue," said foreign reviewers.

Fields Ave is at Walking Street in Angeles City.

There are around 20 - 25 Girly bars that you can enjoy 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You'll always see hoards of beautiful girls (and ladyboys and enjoy good music. Most bars have around 10 - 15 girls during the day and many more in the evenings.

Fields Ave is a man's paradise when it comes to Filipinas on-tap. The place is very in your face when it comes to gogo bars, freelancers, and hotels.

While Fields Ave appears a little chaotic, it attracts international foreigners in droves, plus a fair share of vendors and beggars.

Pro Tip

Don't get suckered into hiring the tricycles. Much like the Tuk-tuks in Thailand, the local tricycle riders prey on tourists and have a dishonest reputation.

While being chiefly a male-centric attraction, Fields Ave can be daunting to a first-time visitor.

I'd suggest you also take along a wing-girl to your Fields Ave adventure. Normal Filipina women know the place, all too well. Most would never venture here alone except if they were freelancers, but they might be interested in going with you as a sort of tour guide.

Pro Tip

You're on a Filipina dating website anyway - pipeline a few girls first. Then ask them the question:- "I'm in Angeles, and my friends tell me to go check-out Fields Ave. I don't want to go alone. Would you be interested in seeing the sights with me?". The worst that could happen is she replies with a 'no.'

Time-Limited Choices?

Are you limited on time with your Angeles City visit? The better choices would be the Aqua Beach Club, Puning Hot Spring, and Fields Ave.

Are you squeezed for time? Then cut out the Puning Hot Spring since it is an all-day adventure.

You can easily fit the Aqua Beach Club and Fields Ave in a one-day stop-over with time to spare.


The City of Angeles is a city you need to visit. And you don't want to experience this big city alone. You're in the Philippines, so there's a bevy of beautiful local Filipina talent on tap when you choose.

Start Today

Why are you waiting?

Join for free and book in some Angeles Filipinas for your next holiday.


What is a 'monger' in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, being referred to as a 'monger' means the Filipina thinks you are a foreign sex tourist. A usual activity for mongers is the sharing of naked female photographs in online forums.

An average Filipina dating international men does not want to be associated with a monger or any form of 'mongering' behavior.

I have only one day. What tourist attractions can I see in Angeles City?

With a one day time limitation in the City of Angeles, visit the Aqua Beach Club and Fields Ave. Both are within easy distance of the other. See Fields Ave during the day. Spend your remaining time at the Aqua Beach Club relaxing, with its expansive pool area, high-rise city views, and enjoyable female companionship.

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