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Filipino Women - 6 Great Reasons Why They're Worthy

Stephane Fillon
February 02, 2016 • 13 min read • Click for comments
Updated: April 10, 2022
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The Philippines is a wonderful and beautiful country and the Filipino women are exactly the same.

You'll have many questions about them if you intend to visit, live, work or retire there.

Such as:

  • Is it true the girls are only after my money?
  • Is the Philippines a safe place for dating?
  • Are online dating sites full of prostitutes?
  • What's the best way to map out my Philippines travel itinerary if I want to meet a woman there?
  • Can I hook up for short-term relationships for sex only?
  • I want to find good honest Filipino women to take care of me. Is this possible?
  • Why do Filipino women have such a low standing in the western world?
  • Is retiring to the Philippines a good idea?

When I first visited the Philippines in 2010, I was an aid worker to help the Philippines people recover from a natural disaster.

It was hard work.

I fell in love with the Philippines and its' people from that moment on.

I returned 6 months later for a 'discovery holiday'.

Are All Filipino Women About Money?

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I’ve visited and travelled through the Philippines a number of times since then.

And also spent time with a number of lovely Filipino women.

Without doubt, the most common question I'm asked by my friends and family is whether or not the women there are totally obsessed by Western men with money.

Men are hunters and women are gatherers

I don't think they are any different to women in any other country.

  • Money represents security.
  • Women of all nationalities want a stable and secure family unit.
  • Filipino women, living in the Philippines, are no different.

Personally, I think there's a stigma attached to South East Asian women and money.

  • The Philippines is a poor country.
  • Most people live in relative poverty.

Naturally, Filipino women see Western expat guys as a potential ticket to freedom.

I've never ever given any of my western girlfriends money and I maintain that same rule of thumb with women in any of the other countries I have visited, including the Philippines.

Once you start down the road of buying gifts and giving money to anyone then I think you're on the path to disaster.

The giving will never stop.

But .....

  • Women know they rule men with their pussy.
  • Women of all ages know this.
  • Filipino women know their physical attributes will dominate a man's thinking.

But don't become a chump by thinking a woman only wants your money either.

That is certainly not the case.

If you are with a girl that seems hell-bent on 'parting you from your wallet' then it's time to stop and find someone else.

Common sense says that if you're giving a woman 'money for sex' then you're with a prostitute.

If that suits your needs, then fine.

But think about it seriously.

Do You Want a Hooking Up?

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The second question I get asked about the most is what these Filipino women think about western guys and the online Filipino dating scene.

I'm in the fortunate position that I have developed good friendships with many women there who are simply just friends, nothing sexual.

That 'women and money' thing comes into play with online Filipino dating sites as well.

Just because they live in another country, and may have a lesser grasp of the English language, doesn't mean they are dumb.

Far from it.

These Filipino women have an end-game about security for themselves, as well as their family if they had some. Filipino culture is very much about family.

They are going to do the same as the guys are going to do.

They trawl through many guys on online Filipino dating sites.

They will have multiple conversations with western guys, just as you should be doing that too.

That's simply the nature of a dating website.

Filipino women aren't dumb either.

There's many dating sites around and they are aware how to detect free members as opposed to guys that have paid a dating site for Pro Membership.

They are looking for the signs that they going to meet a guy in the future who has a good heart as well is not being cheap and can provide.

In its basic form, the small price you pay for an upgraded membership is simply the cost of doing business.

I have never had hesitation in trading the cost of a lunch and beer to be able the message girls online when I want and as often as I want.

In my travels I've visited many countries.

20 or $30 for a few months full access membership isn't something of great importance.

It's a hassle to have to wait 10 or 15 minutes to message again, like on some sites.

Important Note: You Wait and You Lose

Girls are high high demand on dating sites - well, the cute and sexy Filipino women are :)

  • I've tried the free option in the past.
  • I've waited 15 minutes to message.
  • I've done the Social Post to get another message.

But you know what? I've lost out many times.

  • Filipino women can be fickle.
  • Filipino women get bored.
  • Filipino women know you're a free member and likely to be a cheapskate.

The time to strike is NOW and not after some other guy has the girl interested - that means you miss out!

Every woman on every dating site knows when they are talking to a free member.

I asked my Filipino friends to confirm this.

And yes, they will happily talk to many single Western guys.

Every Filipino woman I spoke to confirmed this with me but they are also taking notes :)

Just as you should be keeping track of the girls you're talking to, they are also doing the same.

Don't waste your time and energy trying to look at ways to meet girls on dating websites on the cheap then go ahead.

The smart guys are spending small money for those premium features - unlimited messaging is the smarter move.

Filipino Women and Agendas

Let's talk about your own motivation and agenda because that's really what dating in the Philippines is all about.

The reason why western men travel to the Philippines for Filipino female companionship can be broken down into some broad categories.

They all include sex:

  • Looking for a wife who will be more subservient and docile than western women including sex.
  • Multiple girlfriends in many cities in the Philippines which obviously includes lots of sex.

So let's be honest, the main motivation you have in finding Filipino women is for fucking.

There are roughly 50 million women in the Philippines.

Many Filipino women are living in destitute times.

Imagine yourself in their position.

Their main motivations in hooking up with western men are covered by the following broad categories:

  • Getting a better life for themselves
  • Having the pleasure of eating three good meals a day
  • A life with clean drinking water and sanitation
  • A good education so they can find a decent and sustainable job
  • Not being beaten up and castaway by Filipino guys

You see their agendas and motivations of vastly different to yours?

The great news for you is these Filipino women love having sex.

Yes, yes they do!

It's a win-win situation for you.

The Good and the Bad

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Important Note: Scammers vs. Desperation

It's important to understand the distinction between a scam and just a desperate woman.

Scammers are a room full of Nigerians masquerading themselves as girls and trying solicit your money via a wire transfer.

At the other end of the scale are Filipino women who are desperate or destitute.

Don't confuse the two!

In any socio-economic climate of any country, there is going to be affluent people at one end of the scale and poor and destitute people at the other.

The majority of the pinay you'll meet both online and in your travels through the Philippines are going to be somewhere in the middle to lower ranges.

Many are going to have money issues.

One of the wonderful things with the people of the Philippines is their overall happiness.

They are born into a lack of worldly possessions.

But Filipino culture and their family bonds are areas setting themselves apart from the western world.

Important Note: Scam Protection

Before I found this dating site, I tried a few others.

There are a few reasons why I moved away from them but the main one is the ever evolving scam protection techniques employed by PinayRomances.

I was fortunate enough to actually meet the two guys behind PinayRomances as well.

If you didn't know, they are two single guys who have designed and built the websites in a manner they would wish all dating sites to be built. They are actual users, just like you and me.

Scam protection is constantly on the top of their list which makes this website one of the safest ones I have yet to use.

I've often said to my friends who have travelled to the Philippines about the importance of keeping scorecards as well as a rating system on potential girlfriends.

When you're traveling and meeting multiple girls, you will soon realise that keeping a record of important pieces of information can become a lifesaver.

I can't tell you the number of times I have arrived a few minutes early for a first date and then pulled out my smart phone to review what's been said between this girl and myself. It can be a life-saver lol

Many times I've been under the impression I'm meeting another girl.

That's just another reason to use a website with a secret notes and ratings feature, like this one.

As you're chatting online, it's easy to jot down small tidbits of information you can talk about when you finally meet face-to-face.

Never neglect the importance of record-keeping - it'll save your bacon when you least expect it :)

Short Term Filipino Sex

Filipino women are the same as girls anywhere else in the World.

Fortunately for all you western guys, there are more women in the Philippines who are OK to experience a short-term sexual relationship.

That's why many guys frequently visit South-East Asia; and in particular, the Philippines.

You do need to get a few things sorted out first:

  • How long are you going to visit the Philippines?
  • How many casual encounters are you expecting?
  • Are you staying in the one place or travelling?

These few items can be a logistical nightmare.

Filipino women who do short-term sex are also in higher demand of companionship, by other western guys traveling at the Philippines.

Yes, there are others like you :)

The Golden Rule:

  • you need an itinerary
  • firm bookings for each and every Filipino woman you've contacted, for your chosen travel destinations.

You'll never ever accomplish all this once you land in the Philippines, to start looking around.

I had a few friends try this and they spent 95% of their time in the country interviewing prospective short-term sexual partners.

Sadly, the sex they experienced was low.

Which is the reason I'm writing here to clue you into my winning formula.

I've travelled to and from the Philippines a number of times over the last 36 months.

I now prepare a travel itinerary as well as a dating itinerary.

One of the best new features with PinayRomances is their Ratings and Secret Notes features.

If you haven't had a chance to use them, I would suggest taking a serious look at the advantages of Ratings and Notes.

You need to be organised.

It's easy to do.

As an example, I travelled to both Manila and Cebu, a few months ago.

My travel itinerary was easy to plan.

For dating, doing a few searches for my age range and location pulled up the selection of Filipino women I needed to filter for my preference.

For me, it's a visual match and then I use the Star Ratings as my initial culling process.

Then comes the messaging, to gauge whether the Filipino girl is also interested in meeting me.

Some quick light-hearted initial message conversation follows.

This is important to make sure you're okay with what the woman is about.

And certainly jot down relevant information in the Secret Notes area for review at a later time.

At this point it is all about filtering to a smaller group of Filipino women I want to meet, in the locations I am traveling to.

At no point am I engaging in any external third-party messaging apps such as Skype or Viber.

It's a waste of my time on Filipino women I don't want to meet - I don't know the ones I want meet yet.

I change the rating down to a 1 Star for the Filipino women I don't want to meet - this makes it easier for sorting at a later time.

Once you've used this system then scheduling up new girls with a firm booking takes only a few days and your experience with these girls will be so much better.

Filipino women and Retirement in the Philippines

Retirment with a Filipino Woman image

I'm nowhere near ready for much for retirement.

My Uncle Fabio retired five years ago to the Philippines.

That was one of the reasons the Philippines has always been on my travel list of countries to visit.

I'm glad I did.

Uncle Fabio retired to the Philippines before online dating.

He did all his research the old fashion way :)

What I can say is, he is one lucky boy.

He is happily married to a Filipino woman 25 years his junior.

They also have a gorgeous daughter.

I've visited them on many an occasion.

His Filipino wife is genuinely 'over the moon' to have an older man in her life, and to have a happy stable family with him.

If you're a older guy looking for younger Asian women (in particular a pinay girl) then there is no other place to look than South-East Asia.

The majority of pinay are simply looking for a better life.

They look on all western men is almost their saviours. An older western guy with a younger Filipino girl should treat her as a princess.

Where else in the world is an old expat dude going to find young women genuinely wanting to be with him, both sexually and in a relationship?

It's a two way street though.

Like any short term or long term relationship, you get out what you put in.

Having a sexy young Filipino woman as your partner is a golden lifestyle for any red blooded male.

If you're over 40 or 50 and approaching your retirement then this is the place to look.

Have a look around at the girls on this site and get started.

  • The cost to travel to the Philippines is small.
  • The cost of traveling within the Philippines is minor.
  • The cost of becoming a member of a dating site is trivial.
  • The cost of living in and raising a family in the Philippines is a fraction of what you're likely to spend in any 1st world country.

My Uncle is a testament to living a full and rich life in his late 60s.


Why would I want a Filipina woman?

  • Pinay girls know their physical attributes dominate a man's thinking
    • and those features are stunning
  • They are exceptional cooks and homemakers
  • They love sex with their man
  • They desire good stable foreign guys
  • Pinay girls are happy to start as a holiday girlfriend
  • Filipino women are more happy with older foreign men

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