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Philippine Singles - now

Most western guys searching for women from the Philippines do it online.

It's easy, quick and can be done from anywhere in the world.

You only need Internet access.

It helps if the website is fully mobile friendly such as Pinay Romances.

Gone are the days of being tied to a desktop computer.

  • Pinay dating websites need to be easy to use.
  • Provide quick messaging.
  • Likes and Un-liking (so you can keep track of all those filipino single girls that you're interested in).
  • Have their online profile information easily accessible.
  • A list of 'Featured' single filipino women also helps.
Modern websites like offer you greater choice and better protection.

Growing number of Philippine singles

Filipina or single 'girls from the Philippines' are very active on online dating websites.

While many Filipina do not own a desktop computer, the widespread use of smartphones and mobile access, in the Philippines, gives them easy access to online dating and a potentially better life with a foreign man.

The Philippines has always been a popular holiday and retirement destination the western men.

It is a stunningly beautiful country with its' fair share of stunningly beautiful girls.

A Poor Country Means More Opportunity for YOU

While the Philippines has a rich culture, it is an economically poor country.

The Philippines has a higher unemployment for females.

More filipina are going online in search of a better life and that usually means a life with a western guy.

These filipino women are mainly Catholics.

So prepare yourself for any conflicts their religious beliefs might have with your own.

Personally I wouldn't think too much about it.

If you are a devout Mormon then maybe you might but that is up to you.

Forget the Dating Agency Rubbish

There is a lot of talk in the online dating space about in using Philippine dating agencies as an alternative to dating sites.

Dating agencies are suppose to align a western guy with a variety of philippine singles to find a good match.

They also ease any problems in language translation.

That is what they are meant to do anyway.

Could not be further from the truth.

The cost of using Philippines dating agencies is enormous as compared to a philippine online dating site.

With access to the wide range of online translation websites and smartphone apps, language is not the problem you might think it is.

From my experience, the stumbling blocks of different languages is fun.

Starting a new relationship needs differences.

Tagalog or the filipino language is one of them.

Remember, it's FREE TO JOIN so start today and enjoy life more. is one of the fastest growing online dating Philippines websites for matching Filipina and western men. We are based in the Philippines. We aren’t a Filipino dating agency. We specialise in online matching for Pinay ladies from many locations in the Philippines.

We make it easy to find a Filipino girlfriend or western boyfriend.

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