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Samsont018 Single guy from Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

Samsont018In search for a long term relationship LDR is fine

Jason383 Divorced guy from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Jason383I am looking for love and a committed relationship but just not a traditional one so PLEASE READ before responding. I am a kind, good looking and good natured guy and I look much younger than my age (most people think late 30’s to early 40’s). I have been divorced 8 years now and I am ready to get on with the next chapter of my life. Now, I am a bisexual guy and have been in committed relationships with both women and transgender women; so regardless of who you are or how you identify, please feel free and comfortable to contact me. But if my sexuality is a problem for you then please don’t waste either your time nor mine by contacting me in the belief I will change to suit your expectations. I am very comfortable with who I am, I am not ashamed of who I am and will not be changing myself to suit someone else’s image f what they would like me to be. Ok, so now that’s out of the way (haha), let’s get on with this profile. About Me: * I am very open minded, * I am bisexual (more pansexual actually), * I am not a jealous person at all, * I do not judge anybody … ever! * I am polyamorous (yes, it is possible to love two or more people equally in a poly relationship), * I hate conflict and arguaments (there is nothing that cannot be discussed calmly), * I don’t smoke or use drugs, * I have a good sense of humour, * I am supportive and will always try to bring the best out in us all, * I am happy to move and relocate to be with you. About You (what am I looking for in you): * Yes, you must be bisexual too, * Looking for or open to a polyamorous relationship, * Non smoker and no illegal drugs, * Other similar personality traits to myself above. * I don’t care about your age, it’s just a number. * I don’t care if you come from rich or poor. * I don’t care if you consider yourself beautiful or ugly. Those things don’t define if people love each other in any way and I don’t care about your past, I only care about the future. What sort of relationship am I looking for? There are many types of polyamorous relationships. I am open to partners being female, ladyboy or even another male if that is what we decide. I just want to build a life together where we all love and respect each other and our thoughts and opinions equally. We are a family just like any other, except we are just bigger with more love to go around. Obviously the opinion of whoever I meet first will mean everything in choosing who else joins our family, but there will not be any type of seniority, we are one family and all equal. The only requirement I have is that you are open to any sexuality (female, ladyboy or male) joining our family. I know this isn’t a relationship style for everyone, but if this is of interest to you, please say hello and let’s see if we can build something wonderful together. Finally, please let’s just start with being completely honest with each other from the start :) Thank you.

Retiredsailor400 Single man from Dubbo Municipality, New South Wales, Australia

Retiredsailor400I recently took retirement, I’m buying a old sailing boat and am going to fix it up to live on. My plan is to travel through the South Pacific and to enjoy life. Ideally I seek a wife/partner that is more submissive to her man. That she understands that as a man I have physical needs and she would never deny me when i want her in bed. I’m extra interested if you have a sister or best friend who is also interested, two partners would be my dream relationship.

Gordon914 Single guy from Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

Gordon914I' m 23 and single. I haven't been in a relationship in a long time.

Gazillion Separated man from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

GazillionSincere guy looking for sincere woman