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Glance0416 Widowed woman from Province of Palawan, Mimaropa, Philippines

Glance0416Welcome on board once again! Hello Everyone, how nice is to be back here with full of excitement as I knew a lot of new members has joined since then.Life is beautiful and I am looking forward to having a good chat with someone good. Who knows we might established a good friendship online where it might lead to more deeper intimacy if it would just work out harder investing effort together. a two way giving I would say. I was born and raised from a decent family with a strong family values. I am a widow for long time now with a single son at 16. I love the outdoor activities whether on a beach or on a mountain hiking and a lot more that is exciting and full of adventures. I love to go out for a walk. Love to dine at the finest restaurant while having stimulating conversation. I am happy with what I am and being able to be supportive. I value humor and being able to share sense of fun. I am longing in my heart in search for someone who has a strong commitment for life. will you be my best friend, my partner, my team mate my lover spend time together. Will you excite my heart with the softness of your thought, whisper and more ? Will you joined me in my laughter or support me in times of darkness that sometimes life may bring. " As I will to You " Should you require a response, I would very much appreciate your photo. Thank You "Happy Searching Everyone "

Orientpearl Widowed beauty from Province of Palawan, Mimaropa, Philippines

Orientpearl******** Cheating on a good person is like throwing a diamond and picking up rocks********** Hello everyone, welcome back myself to this unending online dating search once again.very frustrating and disappointing at times. So hard to trust anyone and very difficult to connect with anybody here. However as always, hoping to meet a true human being ,with high morals, values and self respect. I would like someone who can venture himself to a deep meaningful conversation in knowing each other's heart and willing to keep in touch all the way as the days goes by. Someone who is willing to invest his "Time and Effort " hard work shared together in building a lasting relationship constantly and progressingly every single day. To someone who choose to cease his communication without genuine reason that means you are not with therefore my door will be close to you....probably we do not belong to each other....... I am in search of a lifetime partner, lifetime companion, best friend, team mate and a lover spend time together until the end of our lives. I was born in Manila but later years my parents move to the place called Palawan such a beautiful island an hour flight from Manila. I was raised from a decent family with a strong family values and strong family bonding. I am a widow for such a long time now, thus entering into a new relationship was not easy at all...sometime being alone is not a disaster I believed but being with a wrong guy probably is..vice versa as it could happen to men as well. I am openminded kind of person, very honest with utmost sincerity. Straighforward....however I also value sense of humor and being able to share sense of fun.. I love the outdoor activities of any kind as long as it brings total enjoyment .. I love to travel as well discovering new fascinating places and admiring the beauty in it. Love to go for a long walk and enjoy every single dinner out while having fun enjoyable moment having such stimulating conversation.... I choose to have my Age Preference so....therefore to someone so much younger than I am I apologized for not responding....and likewise to someone Who did not UPLOAD his PHOTO I am sorry I only correspond to those who have it uploaded...Anyway wish you best of luck in your search though... BEST OF LUCK TO US ALL ! Happy Searching Everyone !

Loida Single girl from Province of Palawan, Mimaropa, Philippines

Loida"A woman who looks and finds inspiration through life experiences" Hi,My Name is Loida,27 years old.I'm not really good when it comes to describing myself.But im simple,kind,and hardworking woman,not that religious but have fear in God.One of my principles in life is i will only give my virginity to the man whom i loved under the boundaries of marriages,it is my precious gift to my future husband whoever he will be.sidenote:(Im sorry to tell you this but i know most of foreign men don't like virgin because they prefer women that is very good in bed.)But that doesn't mean im boring i prefer to be passionate and naughty in my future husband only.I didn't wrote this just to catch the attention of yours, but to remained true to myself and to avoid wasting your time.(I know i will standout to the serious man who can handle me)so if your just looking for past time, sex,and asking me to send you a sexy photo,then pardoned me,cos im not the right woman you are looking for. Anyway,i'm not looking into your money,A good man with a money is just a bonus.If you are responsible,kind,and knows how to respect women,and if you might think you can handle me,then don't hesitate to send me a messages in my fb,I will response you politely.Actually im not in a rush,it's better also to know each other first and let see where it goes.God bless and thank you for reading my long profile.Good luck for searching.

Winheart Other beauty from Province of Palawan, Mimaropa, Philippines

WinheartI am single mother.of two.14 y/o and 6..I was born in Palawan.Relocated in Tondo Manila

Yurriqueen23 Single girl from Province of Palawan, Mimaropa, Philippines

Yurriqueen23Just a simple woman looking for genuine love. Message me